Jury Fury – Open Court Hall – Judge has arrived – What will happen next ?

Its 10.30 a.m. ‘OPEN COURT HALL’! Judge arrived, the bench clerk started calling out all the cases listed one by one.

In the first court – cases that were represented got favorable orders in some cases and ideal adjourned dates for the rest.

In the second court – there were some urgent evidence matters to be lead, in which the party had to be present without fail. Even when the case was called for second and third time the party did not turn up for which the Advocate had to face the ‘Jury Fury’.

In the third court – some compromise had to be reported in Landlord-tenant case. Petition kept ready , Landlord ready to receive the key from the tenant as per the terms of petition, already the advocate for the tenant had taken 3-4 adjournments, the tenant who had to be present did not turn up without any intimation, again the advocate subject to ‘Jury Fury’

In the fourth Court – It was one Motor Accident Claim case where the Advocate had to defend his client (owner of vehicle) who had to pay huge amount of compensation to a House Wife who suffered severe damage to her waist bone in the Accident. Its not a cake walk to save the client in such a blatant situation, at the same time some justification had to be made. In such cases it is common the advocate will have to face the ‘jury fury’ and beg for some concession.

In the fifth court – The judge was of a very critical bent of mind – The Advocate had to obtain an urgent injunction order to save his client a businessman whose business was at peril without obtaining an order of injunction immediately to run his day to day business. With great difficulty and prolonged arguments, convincing the Court, the ‘jury-fury’, the advocate could get an order of injunction to restrain the opposite party.

In the sixth Court – a Labour/Service matter, the candidate was rejected by the selection committee because he had not carried the original certificates to produce before the committee as he had to obtain it from his far off native place. And by the time he could produce it selections were over and he was rejected on the ground of non production of originals. In this case the court ‘jury-fury’ did not believe the reasons sworn in the affidavit of the candidate. It was a Herculean task to convince the Court that the reasons were honest and bonafide.

In the seventh Court – it was about admissibility of the insufficiently stamped document in evidence by the lower court. The ‘jury-fury’ was in two minds to order the fine amount to be paid to the Collector or to hold the document as inadmissible in evidence. Advocate wanted further time to convince the court, the Advocate was subject to jury-fury and entitled for a day’s time.

In the eighth court – it was about claiming the schedule property exactly but mentioning the wrong boundaries intentionally. It was a big task to convince the court with all the documentary evidence available and get the second appeal allowed.

In the ninth Court – it was the owner’s appeal in an accident claim case. As Claim was not covered by a valid insurance, the owner wanted some concession in the exorbitant compensation awarded by the lower court. But unfortunately in the lower court he had just filed the vakalath, objection not filed, no evidence lead, nothing! But he produced a copy of the order passed in the connected (with the accident) criminal case acquitting him. The Advocate tried to convince the court about the ignorance and the ill health in not filing the objection and evidence, inspite of it, ‘jury-fury’ dismissed the appeal.

In the tenth court – it was a writ filed by the poor agriculturist whose land was acquired by the Airport authority who, not believing that his saguvali chit and that was in possession and cultivating the land since 1960 paid no compensation to him. As he belonged to a backward community, poor and illiterate, he was made to run pillar to post from Tahsildar to successive A/C D/C/ Courts with no avail. The jury-fury made an order giving direction to the lower authorities to make fresh disposal after considering the document produced by the party and directing the Airport authority to await the order of the authority.

I do agree “Its All in a Days Work” for the JURY-FURY – Varieties of Advocates, Parties, peculiar Situations/Circumstances that are challenging , each minute with the listed cases called for the day.

Advocates are free to share their court experiences too.

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