Life interest will not become absolute interest

Female Hindu rights over property – only life interest – life estate in the property – cannot claim absolute right — if the property is acquired by way of gift or under a will or any other instrument or under a decree or order of a civil court or under an award where the terms of the gift, will or other instrument or the decree, order or award prescribe a restricted estate in such property

Can a female Hindu claim ‘absolute ownership’ over the ‘life estate’ she got by virtue of a Will? In view of [Hindu Succession Act, 1956 – Sections 14, 14(2), 30]?
Where a woman succeeded some property on the strength of a Will, she cannot claim any right in those properties over and above what was given to her under that Will. The life estate given to her under the Will would not become an absolute estate under the provisions of the Act 1956 and, thus, such a Hindu female cannot claim any title to the suit property on the basis of the Will executed in her favour.
For more details refer: Shivdev Kaur (D) By Lrs. And Ors. Vs. R.S. Grewal.’ [Court : Supreme][Dated:March 20, 2013]

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