Surrogacy – Playing God with Science

The draft ‘Assisted Reproductive Technologies (Regulation) Bill 2010, which intends to legalize surrogacy, has upset the Catholic church which says it will lead to a decline in the family system in India as it has in the West!

This Bill is going to radically alter our society and family structure and its values. What is possible in science is neither in itself human nor moral. We shall not play God and opt for fabrications of humans at our own designs. Its legalizing something which will radically alter our social structure and moral living. Major Archbishop of the Syre Malbar Church Cardinal Marvarkey Vithayathil said in a statement.

Sex is reduced to irresponsible Eros without any reference of generation and begetting. One can have a child without any relation with sex and one can have sex without any relation to procreation. This separation will play havoc with human biological system and create a permissive society.

We live in India with its time immemorial value system and strong family structure. Surrogacy and sperm/ova banks will alter the basic concepts and definitions of marriage, family, blood relation, father, mother etc.

The Cardinal further said that while it may be true that 15% couples around the world are infertile, it could not be said that every couple has the right to have a child.

“To have a child one cannot take recourse to any means and technology possible.” And called on elected representatives and citizens to become aware of the serious issued involved and refrain from enactment of laws which will lead to practices that will destroy our family system.” These laws he concluded are ‘already in deep trouble in Western societies which went the way of sexual permissiveness and playing God with Science’.

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