Never dare to drive a vehicle without a valid license and insurance

Consequences of not having License/Vehicle Insurance :
Owner Driving/ owner allowing others to drive a Motor Vehicle without valid license and Vehicle Insurance is a punishable Offense. Likewise Registration of the Vehicle is also mandatory.
In case any Motor vehicle Accident takes place – and the vehicle without Insurance – and the Driver without valid license – result will be the Insurance Company is not liable to pay the Compensation to the injured or the dead for the damages/loss caused! consequently owner and the driver will be held liable to pay – usually compensation will be lakhs together – it will be a financial ruin for the owner of the vehicle in many cases!

Following are the types of Vehicles to which licenses are issued :
1. Motor Cycle without Gear
2. Motor Cycle with Gear
3. Handicap – Vehicle
4. Light Motor Vehicle – (vehicle having a total weight-below 7,500 kgs )
i.e. Car,Jeep,Tractor,Omnibus etc.
5. Transport Vehicle
6. Road Rollers

A person is only entitled to drive the type of Vehicle to which he/she has got the License.

Persons between 16 years and 18 years – eligible only to drive Motor Cycle without gear after obtaining a Learning License – which will be issued in the Regional Transport Office of concerned Area – with the permission/consent of the parent.
Persons Above 18 years are eligible to drive Light Motor Vehicles like Car,Jeep,Tractor etc.
Persons Above 20 years are eligible to take License even for driving Transport Vehicles.

How to Apply for Learning License :
Need to fill in the Application( format available) and submit the Application for L.L. before the R.T.O. concerned. And also the application need to be accompanied with the following documents:
1. Address Proof – Ex. Ration Card/Voters List/Voter ID/letter from Tahsildar (any one of these).
2. Date of Birth Proof – Date of Birth Certificate/Pass Port/Affidavit/In case of Transport Vehicle -Doctor’s Certificate. (any one of these)
3. Pass Port size Photographs – 4 Nos

The candidate should be thorough with the Traffic Rules- Signals etc. – After conducting a Test and if the performance is satisfactory the RTO will issue L.L. which will be valid up to six months from the date of issue.

If you need to apply for Transport Vehicle (HTV) License the precondition is that you need to have at least one year valid Light Motor Vehicle License prior to the date of application.

How to get a Permanent License?
After the expiry of (six months) Learning License- Candidate need to submit application in a (format available) for issue of Permanent License – Need to take written examination – for this one need know the Motor Vehicle Traffic Rules & Regulation/Signals etc.

License Validity :
Transport Vehicles License – Need to be Renewed once in 3 years
Other than Transport Vehicles – After the expiry of 20 years from the date of issue or when the License holder attains 50 years whichever is early – There after once in five years License has to be Renewed.
All types of Permanent License will be valid up to 30 days after the expiry.


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