Upper and Lower Age Limit for the issue of Drivers License in India

New Driving norms in the country  – 16 year old may not get the Drivers License also those over 75 years of age

New Delhi: The Government is putting final touches to a major overhaul of driving norms in the country which includes putting an upper age limit on people eligible to drive and making training from recognized driving schools mandatory for applicants wanting a drivers license.

 Officials said the new norms will transform the drivers license from being a proof of identity to a proof of skill. The exercise is aimed at reducing road accidents in the country by making sure that only qualified people take to the wheel. Around 1.14 lakh people die on the roads in India, more than anywhere else in the world.

The government has proposed to fix an upper age limit for people eligible to drive. The proposed changes to the Motor Vehicle Act will also include defining the maximum speed limit on highways. The changes are expected to be finalized by March.

The new norms, being devised by an expert committee set up by the ministry of road transport and highways, is weighing the option of barring people who are over 72-75 years old from getting a driving license. The move, which is still under consideration, is likely to impact many active senior citizens who drive their own vehicles.
The committee has also proposed not giving licenses to 16 and 17 year old, who, under the current rules, are eligible to ride mopeds.

Another major impact of the proposals would be on small-time driving schools, which could become a thing of the past. Officials said that state transport departments could be bifurcated to ensure that only people with proper training get the licenses. One agency will be responsible for training of drivers and the other will deal with issuing licenses. We are looking into the suggestion of experts in this field to have recognized driving institutes with infrastructure in every state. In small states, there can be one training school and in bigger ones, there can be two such training schools, an official said. These model training schools will strictly train all aspiring drivers in the region.

My thoughts : Life of the common man should not be made so complicated with unnecessary imposition of new rules of this nature. Because biologically each individual physical/reflex capacity is different. It can be monitored by periodical tests and renewal of licenses.

These rules may be made mandatory to HTV vehicles, Public transport buses and Hire Cars/Vans /Goods vehicles etc. But an average citizen who rides a moped or his own car will be very badly affected by all these stringent rules and regulations.

Instead of making all these foolish and troublesome changes, solution would be making periodical checks/renewals of riders license mandatory and thereby cancelling a particular individuals license if he is not physically/mentally or habit wise[drunkard] not qualified to drive a vehicle.

Due to these rules, old people who are fit/ hale and hearty even after 75 will forcibly become dependents and college-goers attending colleges/tuition’s and other skill development classes will find it difficult to manage time and will be badly affected by this.

Definitely, this is not at all a right move from the point of view of an average citizen as an independent individual.

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18 thoughts on “Upper and Lower Age Limit for the issue of Drivers License in India

  1. I think that its better to allow 16 year olds to drive a car as in all developed countires of the world, eg. USA, UK, etc. have got 16 as the age limit and if not allow 16yrs old to drive, its better that the government gives 17 year olds to drive with a learner’s permit as it is better as these people will be used to indian roads as they will have 1 entire year to practice which will make them more familiar to the indian roads and possibly safer roads for drivers as well. Take a decision not only based on adult view but also from the view of youngsters!!!!!

  2. re for their lives also but by drunken / careless drivers. let the driving rules are strictly observed and the authorities maintain the law. This will bring down the accidents, not the age alone. Don’t make a useful citizen a dependent.

  3. There can be no hard and fast rule. A hundred year old man participated in a marathon. A 82 year old Japanese lady ascended the mount Everest. The move simply makes the senior citizens unnecessarily disabled.

  4. It is a very wrong move to not allow people over 75 years age, to have a driving licence. Older people are increasingly living longer and remaining active. Why make them dependent on others. There are no age limits in most countries. The senior citizens undergo medical test every 5 years or when very old, every 2 years, for driving licence renewal. India should follow countries like USA, UK etc. One sees newspaper reports of even people over 100 years, still driving, as they have passed required periodic tests. Please make a petition to not have a maximum age but renewal of licence with periodic test as in USA etc.

    1. I believe the same not allowing 75+ to have a driving license. As they rqd. more for visiting doctor/nursing home etc. not relying on other when they themselves can drive and active. Yes periodically test is good idea.


    1. It is this immature thought of yours and those who share a similar level of maturity that is making so many people dependent. Countries such as UK, USA, etc allow all persons aged 16 and older to drive a four wheeled motor vehicle unaccompanied. This has not impacted the accident rate at all. Youth in fact have better reflexes and can make spontaneous split second decisions, often very responsibly. You underestimate the maturity and ability of youth. People with primitive thoughts such as yourself are harmful for the progress and development of India, which is already behind many countries in terms of development.


  7. I think senior citizens 75 or above should be given driving license after evaluating their medical statement by a qualified Dr. If their health is good enough for car driving and they have reasonable eye sight and hearing and a proper balance of mind and hand which the doctor will confirm, then they are more responsible on road than a young and rash healthy driver.All developed counties have no restriction on age for securing a driving license for personal use.

    1. I feel if a senior citizen who is medically fit including having a good eyesight even after 75 years of age should be given driving licence as they are more responsible and drive their vehicles with care unlike the youngsters of today.

  8. Why bar/restrict a senior citizen to drive his car,as long as he is in control of his faculties, reflexes and is medically fit he be allowed to do so.A commercial Airline pilot can fly an aeroplane with hundreds of people on board as long as he is medically fit,the standard of medical fitness of senior citizen may not be the same as that of the pilot ,the doctor is the right person to decide the fitness of the senior citizen to drive.
    The senior citizen if restricted will be surely blackmailed by the professional drivers.
    Please don’t restrict senior citizen as long as he is FIT.
    BL GHEI,

    1. While I was in civil aviation in Chennai, I remember 80+ years old applied for pilot Training in MFC (Madras Flying Club) and he was allowed to do so then what is wrong with own car!

  9. More accidents happen with young drivers than older ones.

    This is an article from the Internet that I tend to agree with on most counts:

    In most states, when you are 16 years old, you can get behind the wheel of a car and begin training to be a driver. Your instructor goes through the basics of keeping you focused on the road, using turn signals, monitoring your speed, showing you different ways to park, turn around, and what to do in case of an accident. Usually you take a class that encompasses the different laws for your state, how to apply for a license, etc. Your license indicates that you have been trained to the “ways of the road” and are ready to go. You’ve learned how to use your signals, the importance of driving within the speed limit, and the value of keeping your eyes on the road (in front of you and behind you).

    It’s funny how driving accountability changes when a person starts getting older. People tend to assume since someone has been driving for many years are still okay to drive. This may not be the case. Reaction time can be slower in older adults, it may be difficult for them to abide by the speed limit (going too fast or going too slow), distance perception can be skewed, and they may be limited in their ability to maneuver the car.

    Other than checking their eyes and knowledge of signs, there usually isn’t a driving test given to adults. Some states are now thinking that it might be useful to conduct road tests when adults reach a certain age or shorten the time between license renewals. There are some states that have different licensing requirements for older drivers. Some states require people over 60 years old to appear in person to renew their license. Other states are taking a proactive stance and have shortened the period of time between renewals. One state, for example, requires drivers aged 81-86 years to renew every two years and anyone above 87 has to renew every year. Vision testing is also done at the time of renewal.

    According to the National Safety Commission, statistics are showing that 15-24 year old people continue to be the drivers where most fatalities occur. Between 1997-2006, there were more drivers on the road over the age of 70 but the fatality rate was on 21% compared with the other groups of adult drivers. Some of the reasons for the low percentage of fatalities may be that older adults tend to drive newer cars, they aren’t on the road for an extended period of time, and the health of older adults has become better.

    Given the statistics, it’s pretty safe to say that older drivers continue to be better drivers. However, with the adjustments that are being made on the requirements for senior citizens to renew their licenses, hopefully the roads will be safer.

  10. It will be ridiculous if an elder of 77+ with BP 130-140/ 70-80; No cataract; excellent hearing ; brisk walking for total 5 km a day, no joint pain and reflex at top is denied driving license renewal because he has reached 75. As we know elderly are very, rather, over cautious. If they have little doubt they don’t take on wheels. They strictly follow rules. Yes, after certain age limit health check-up should be made compulsory.

  11. The criterion for issuing driving permits should be physical fitness and not age.
    The same applies in case of old vehicles.

  12. If a person is physically fit with a sound mind then there should be no age bar for drlving a vehicle

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