Upper and Lower Age Limit for the issue of Drivers License in India

New Driving norms in the country – 16 year old may not get the Drivers License also those over 75 years of age

New Delhi: The Government is putting final touches to a major overhaul of driving norms in the country which includes putting an upper age limit on people eligible to drive and making training from recognized driving schools mandatory for applicants wanting a drivers license.

Officials said the new norms will transform the drivers license from being a proof of identity to a proof of skill. The exercise is aimed at reducing road accidents in the country by making sure that only qualified people take to the wheel. Around 1.14 lakh people die on the roads in India, more than anywhere else in the world.

The government has proposed to fix an upper age limit for people eligible to drive. The proposed changes to the Motor Vehicle Act will also include defining the maximum speed limit on highways. The changes are expected to be finalized by March.

The new norms, being devised by an expert committee set up by the ministry of road transport and highways, is weighing the option of barring people who are over 72-75 years old from getting a driving license. The move, which is still under consideration, is likely to impact many active senior citizens who drive their own vehicles.
The committee has also proposed not giving licenses to 16 and 17 year old, who, under the current rules, are eligible to ride mopeds.

Another major impact of the proposals would be on small-time driving schools, which could become a thing of the past. Officials said that state transport departments could be bifurcated to ensure that only people with proper training get the licenses. One agency will be responsible for training of drivers and the other will deal with issuing licenses. We are looking into the suggestion of experts in this field to have recognized driving institutes with infrastructure in every state. In small states, there can be one training school and in bigger ones, there can be two such training schools, an official said. These model training schools will strictly train all aspiring drivers in the region.

My thoughts : Life of the common man should not be made so complicated with unnecessary imposition of new rules of this nature. Because biologically each individual physical/reflex capacity is different. It can be monitored by periodical tests and renewal of licenses.

These rules may be made mandatory to HTV vehicles, Public transport buses and Hire Cars/Vans /Goods vehicles etc. But an average citizen who rides a moped or his own car will be very badly affected by all these stringent rules and regulations.

Instead of making all these foolish and troublesome changes, solution would be making periodical checks/renewals of riders license mandatory and thereby cancelling a particular individuals license if he is not physically/mentally or habit wise[drunkard] not qualified to drive a vehicle.

Due to these rules, old people who are fit/ hale and hearty even after 75 will forcibly become dependents and college-goers attending colleges/tuition’s and other skill development classes will find it difficult to manage time and will be badly affected by this.

Definitely, this is not at all a right move from the point of view of an average citizen as an independent individual.

49 thoughts on “Upper and Lower Age Limit for the issue of Drivers License in India

  1. It is hard ship for old people as they are help less this government making there life more difficult by not allowing to use there vehicles to use after 75 yat of age

    1. I do support the comments of Mr. Rn Yadav Yelder people should not be separated from other people They are also capable of driving a car or bike as it enables them to maintain their mental health


  3. No doubt old person will be in trouble after 75 age of they are not allowed to drive ,they should be medically checked up if found fit ,issue DL Medical should be by senior&responsible doctor

  4. It is totally ridiculous to limit the age for senior citizens who are healthy and still active in their day today work..Two wheelers or four wheelers are convenient to bring groceries from a grocery shop on the nukkad..mny senior citizens live alone as their children are working out side the city or outside the country..they will have to depend on some body to bring grocery all the time..In foreign countries like USA the people of the age of 80 / ,85 years drive the vehicles as there is no public transport..govt should reconsider the upper limit of senior citizen ..

    1. I am a retired non pensioner 76 of age. I can’t engage a casual call driver for payment of Rs.Rs.350/- for 4 hrs. When I am not In a position appoint a permanent driver for monthly salary due my financial status.
      I am physically fit and fond of driving my four wheeler. I wish Indian Government should relax the rule of maximum age limit upto 80-85 yrs like in USA.

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  7. It is totally unfair to limit the age for senior citizens who are healthy and still active in their day to day work. Two or four wheelers are convenient to commute for various destinations/daily chore works where senior citizens perform as their children are working outside the city or country. The government should reconsider the upper limit of the senior citizens 80 to 85 if found medically fit by authorities.
    I am a senior citizen ( 1947 born ) healthy and hearty without NO medical issues.
    Thank you.

  8. There should not be upper age limit for getting driving license. If you take statistics, you may find that senior citizens hardly drive haphazardly themselves. Comparatively younger generations are more prone to accident. Yes over 75 years of age, the people who are confident only would apply for driving license and they should be allowed to hold driving license showing some respect to their age and it is certain that there will hardly be any risk in doing this.

    1. Nowadays,people’s life span has been extended ,so peoples even after 75 remains fit for driving two wheelers the age limit should be extended joto 85 orso

  9. Lower age limit is o k. There must be a minimum age when one can get a driving license and I think 18 year is o k for that. But upper age limit can not be fixed as physical and mental fitness varies from person to person. It can not be generalised age wise.So, it will not be fair to restrict active and fit senoir citizens and compel them to be dependents for their movements. There is a need to develop a mechanism to check the defaulters and cancel the DLs of those who are not found fit for the job. But a blanket ban on every 75 year old is not a welcome move.I thoroughly oppose it.

  10. Active senior citizens upto the age of 75 years of age should be allowed. After all such senior citizens are careful drivers unlike some young drivers go after high speed.

  11. I am a retired non pensioner 76 of age. I can’t engage a casual call driver for payment of Rs.Rs.350/- for 4 hrs. When I am not In a position appoint a permanent driver for monthly salary due my financial status.
    I am physically fit and fond of driving my four wheeler. I wish Indian Government should relax the rule of maximum age limit upto 80-85 yrs like in USA.

    1. He is right, those who are fit to drive what ever the age,doesn’t matter, old is gold, their driving is good with responsibility, they need be honored by traffic department.

  12. Hello Everyone, My father is 68 years old, he is not holding driving license, is there a rule where mention that senior citizen do not require license ?

  13. Senior citizens above 70years who are fit n active should not be denied of their freedom to drive.The poor n the lower middle class people will be badly affected by this laws as their only means of transport in two wheelers to meet their day to day activities will be levied ending paying unwanted fines if caught at checkpoints by the police with mental harassment.Laws should be flexible for every common individual citizens which should keep them happy n healthy.Too much imposition of fines in the new driving laws will really be the biggest burden on common people.

  14. As I am a sibling of a person run over by a senior citizen. I am still waiting for justice for the death of my mother who has been mauled by an elderly driver who for godly reason doesn’t really know if that person was allowed to drive. Do we have to wait for this situation ? Can our government think of something about this problem and figure out a better way for our citizens to be safe on their day to day transfort and travel whatever it may be. God watch over those seniors who has problems mentally or physically whose trying to survive their stay in these world just to do what they have to. I hope and pray they find a solution for these problems for the safety of all the seniors.

  15. It is easy for the Govt to ban one thing or the other. What would the person do once their mobility is lost? In most towns, due to brain drain, the majority of the population are above 70 and the person who has a car and can drive, takes the others to hospital, does shopping for others etc. This is a draconic move by the Government that should be opposed tooth and nail.

  16. A person having the age of 20years if gets a two Wheeler’s driving licence, at what age, it will be renewed further?

  17. ROAG MHASHILAA, DAAG PAKHALILA.! Buffalos were used to carry water in the leather bags strapped on them. These bags were called PAKHAL. Those days, they used to burn skin of bufalo with iron rods, to cure its diseases. When fools burned the Pakhal instead of the skin of the bufalo, its disease would not go. Such is the remedy of the Govt on traffic problems. Have they analyzed the causes of accidents. How many are due to driver being senior, weak. Probably, able bodied reckless drivers,sleepless drivers, drunkards and negligent pedestrians are more responsible for mishaps. They are going for personal gratification of doing some ostensibly benevolent act. They do not have the courage and foresight to solve the actual problem. ANDHER NAGARI CHOUPAT RAJA

  18. DL should be issued to Senior citizens aged 75 plus based on medical reports of a Government Doctor for his or her fitness. There are so many lakhs of citizens fit to drive better than youngsters.

  19. I A. Madhavarao aged about 54 years need driving licence for two Wheeler without
    gear can I applied it please send your reply.

  20. Anyone who is physically fit of whatever age should be allowed to drive. There should be testing preferably without human interference because it may lead to corruption.

  21. The proposal to fix the upper limit for issue of driving license will be very harsh on senior citizens. Most of them live alone as their children have moved away. They have drive short distances for daily requirements like milk, bread and other groceries. Most of them like to go to Temples, Gurdwaras, Church, Mosque etc. Most of them cannot afford to engage full time drivers as they are not required and just idle. Driving license should be issued till a person is fit to drive. In the absence of reliable public transport they will be put to great hardship and will be just cruel. Their past history should be seen if they made any accidents.
    Most of the accidents are made by younger group who drive rash and donot follow traffic rules.
    Govt must keep the plight of senior citizens in view before amending any rules.

  22. Upper age limit should not be fixed hard but may be physical check based. Don’t make olds dependent, let them be free to move.

  23. Upper age limit should not be fixed. In its place periodical physical, mental, and reflex ability test should be made to find out whether a senior citizen is fit to drive his own vehicle. A Senior citizen fit in every respect must not be made dependent on others for his movement.

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