Reading List – October 2014

The LegalCrystal Reading List is a monthly selection of thought-provoking articles/cases on a wide range of legal topics. Past issues are archived on  Twitter & Facebook. Enjoy! Dipanwita Roy Vs. Ronobroto Roy – Supreme Court (Oct-15-2014) – DNA test the most legitimate and scientifically perfect means for husband to establish his assertion of infidelity – Para 11…. Read More »

Does Muta marriage amount to legalization of prostitution?

This research talks about various questions that arise under Muta marriage. And mainly it answers to the question “Is Muta marriage a legalized form of prostitution?” Muta Marriage” is a short term contractual relationship, lasting hours or a few days, where the man gives something of value to a woman and they “marry” and engage… Read More »

Does Democracy Promote or Reduce Transnational Terrorist Incidents ?

ABSTRACT The question of the linkage of democratic forms of government with the incidence of terrorist violence is explored. Distinguishing the presence of terrorist groups in a nation and violent terrorist events, and using multiple indicators of democratic development, evidence is presented clearly linking democracy with the presence of terrorist groups. Terrorist groups are less… Read More »