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Companies establishments, fight against monopoly of trade and have a healthy competition to prosper globally

Competition Act ACT NO. 12 OF 2003 [13th January, 2003.] An Act to provide, keeping in view of the economic development of the country, for the establishment of a Commission to prevent practices having adverse effect on competition, to promote and sustain competition in markets, to protect the interests of consumers and to ensure freedom… Read More »

Powers of central government to remove managerial personnel from office on the recommendation of the company

Companies Act – Powers of Central Government to Remove Managerial Personnel from Office on the Recommendation of the Company [Company Law Board] Section 388B. Reference to Company Law Board of cases against managerial personnel. (1) Where in the opinion of the Central Government there are circumstances suggesting (a) that any person concerned in the conduct… Read More »

Part IV Share capital and Debentures Nature, Numbering and Certificate of Shares

Companies Act – PART IV SHARE CAPITAL AND DEBENTURES Nature, Numbering and Certificate of Shares 82. Nature of shares. The shares or other interest of any member in a company shall be movable property, transferable in the manner provided by the articles of the company. 83.Repealed by the Depositories Act, 1996 (22 of 1996) s.31… Read More »