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Sachidanand Singh and Ors Vs. Education - Court Judgment

LegalCrystal Citation
CourtJharkhand High Court
Decided On
AppellantSachidanand Singh and Ors
.....jharkhand at ranchi w.p. (s) no. 4956 of 2016 ------- 1. sachidanand singh son of late kameshwar singh resident of village sima, p.o. hafuwa, p.s. chatra district chatra 2. birendra kumar son of gupteshwar prasad resident of village hariharganj, p.o. and p.s. hariharganj, district palamu 3. naresh tiwari son of late mathura tiwari resident of village barisakhi, p.o. barisakhi, p.o. gidour, district chatra 4. shashikant pandey son of suresh pandey resident of village amona, p.o. badauli, p.s. imamganj, district gaya, bihar 5. shyam bihari prasad son of ram swaurp prasad resident of village hatpokhar, p.o. masauri,, p.s. jagdishpur, district bhojpur, bihar 6. ahmad hussain son of late md. ishaqe resident of dargi bigha, p.o. and p.s. chatra, district chatra 7. mudrika prasad son of late.....

IN THE HIGH COURT OF JHARKHAND AT RANCHI W.P. (S) No. 4956 of 2016 ------- 1. Sachidanand Singh son of Late Kameshwar Singh resident of village Sima, P.O. Hafuwa, P.S. Chatra District Chatra 2. Birendra Kumar son of Gupteshwar Prasad resident of village Hariharganj, P.O. And P.S. Hariharganj, District Palamu 3. Naresh Tiwari son of Late Mathura Tiwari resident of village Barisakhi, P.O. Barisakhi, P.O. Gidour, District Chatra 4. Shashikant Pandey son of Suresh Pandey resident of village Amona, P.O. Badauli, P.S. Imamganj, District Gaya, Bihar 5. Shyam Bihari Prasad son of Ram Swaurp Prasad resident of village Hatpokhar, P.O. Masauri,, P.S. Jagdishpur, District Bhojpur, Bihar 6. Ahmad Hussain son of Late Md. Ishaqe resident of Dargi Bigha, P.O. And P.S. Chatra, District Chatra 7. Mudrika Prasad son of Late Shivnath Prasad resident of Barwadih, P.O. Parsawa, P.S. Gaya, District Gaya, Bihar, 8. Ahmad Shamim son of Abdul Baki resident of Noornagar (Piparpato) Mohalla, P.O. And P.S. Chatra, District Chatra 9. Jayant Kumat Tiwari son of Ram Naresh Tiwari resident of Dumbi, P.O. Pathalgara, P.S. Pathalgara, District Chatra 10. Bipin Kumar son of Bhola Prasad Sinha resident of Mafi, P.O. And P.S. Barisaliganj, District Nawada, Bihar 11. Kishore Kumar son of Nandi Pati Das resident of Ramkhetari, P.O. Santnagar, P.S. Jhanjharpur, District Madhubani, Bihar 12. Arun Kumar Mishra son of Chunchun Mishra resident of Pipra, P.O. And P.S. Shambhuganj, District Banka, Bihar 13. Mukesh Prasad sonof Brajnandan Prasad resident of Andi, P.O. Andi P.S. Asthawa District Nalanda, Bihar 14. Rajiv Ranjan Son of Bishwanath Tiwari resident of Surgapur, P.O. Korra, P.S. Sandesh, District Bhojpur, Bihar 15. Jitendra Kumar son of Suryadeo Singh resident of Fathepur, P.O. And P.S. Fathepur District Patna, Bihar 16. Mritunjey Kumar Son of Dinesh Kumar Singh resident of Bela, P.O. And P.S. Govindpur, District Nawada, Bihar 17. Shambhu Prasad Singh, son of Sharda Prasad resident of Auru Garuwa P.O. Auru Garuwa P.S. Hunterganj, District Chatra 18. Umesh Kumar Son of Ram Kishore Singh resident of Role, P.O. Bhangarha, P.S. Tandwa, District Chatra 19. Umesh Kumar Tiwari Son of Jadgeo Tiwrai resident of Piparhiya, P.O. Aruwa, P.S. Panditpur, District Siwan, Bihar 20. Vinod Prasad Chaturvedi Son of Raghunath Prasad Chaturvedi resident of Gara, P.O. And P.S. Jhara, District Rohtas, Bihar 21. Sanjay Kumar Sinha Son of Madan Mohan Prasad Sinha, resident of Sayal P.O. And P.S. Patratu District Ramgarh 22. Mahesh Kumar son of Jiwan Kumar resident of Katharatand, P.O. Nawagarh Chatti, District Dhanwar, District Giridih 23. Uday Kumar Singh Son of Late Kamta Prasad Singh resident of Panchlakh, P.O. Aiyachauti, P.S. Khijarsaraiya, District Gaya, Bihar, 24. Jageshwar Nayak son of Ganesh Sao resident of Datu P.O. Datu, P.S. Kasmar District Bokaro.

25. Rajendra Ram Son of Timal Ram resident of Chapo Japla, P.O. And P.S. Hussainabad, District Palamau.

26. Hare Ram Singh Son of Bhuneshwar Singh resident of Osaiganj, P.O. Osai, P.S. Bhiya, Distrist Bhojpur, Bihar.

27. Kumar vikash Prasad kaushik Son of Late Kailash Singh, resident of Darna, Shyamnagar Nima, P.O. And P.S. amas, District Gaya, Bihar.

28. Deepak Kumar Singh Son of Raghubansh Narayan Singh resident of Hunterganj P.O. And P.S. Hunterganj District Chatra.

29. Abdul Mannan Son of Md. Jamaluddin resident of Nawadih, P.O. And P.S. Hunterganj, District Chatra.

30. Jageshwar Badhai, son of Teklal Badhai resident of Chopnadih, P.O. Chopnadih, P.S. Markacho, District Koderma.

31. Chandradeep Sharma son of Satyadeo Singh resident of Kewta, P.O. Adla, P.S. simaria, District Chatra.

32. Amar Kumar son of Chatardhari Prasad Sharma resident of Banshi Lal Chowk, P.O. And P.S. Hazaribag, District Hazaribag.

33. Aditya Baitha Son of Rameshwar Baitha resident of simaria, P.O. And P.S. simaria, District Chatra.

34. Sahdeo Sahu Son of Ramtahal Sahu resident of Banasandi, P.O. And P.S. Simaria, District Chatra.

35. Shambhu Rajak Son of Rameshwar Rajak resident of Simaria, P.O. And P.S. Simaria, District Chatra.s 36. Aftab Alam Son of Mansur Alam resident of Main Road, Chatra P.O. And P.S. Chatra, District Chantra.

37. Pawan Kumar Singh son of Jaikaran Singh resident of Aguwani P.O. Aguwani, P.S. Parwata, District Khagaria Bihar.

38. Vinod Kumar Keshri son of Late Narayan Sao resident or Jatrahi Bagh, P.O. And P.S, Chatra, District Chatra.

39. Manoj Kumar Son of Late Ram Bilash Ram resident of Jatrahi Bagh, P.O. P.S. Chatra, District Chatra.

40. Devendra Kumar Son of Baleshwar Prasad resident of Balipur, P.O. Bhagwanpur, P.S. Hulashganj District Jahanabad, Bihar.

41. Nandu Prasad Son of Lakhan Sahu resident of Jori P.O. And P.S. Jori District Chatra.

42. Md. Sallauddin Son of Abdul Rasid Ansari resident of Muraul, P.S. Baajpati, District Sitamarhi, Bihar.

43. Abdul Hafiz son of Md. Samsuddin resident of Jori P.O. And P.S. Jori District Chatra.

44. Ramesh Prasad Son of Badri Narayan Singh resident of Nagwa,, P.O. And P.S. Chatra, District Chatra.

45. Kapildeo Prasad Son of Indrajit Prasad, resident of Thalibazar, P.O. Sughari, P.S. Govindpur District Nawada, Bihar.

46. Yougal Kishore Upadhyay Son of Rambachan Upadhayay resident of Tarari P.O. Tarari, P.S. Daudnagar, District Aurangabad, Bihar.

47. Ishwari Ram Son of Kuneshwar Ram resident of Dhangartoli, P.O. And P.S. Chatra, District Chatra.

48. Santosh Kumar Son of Puneshwar Yadav resident of Aarsel, P.O. Jabra, P.S. Simaria, District Chatra.

49. Rohit Prasad Son of Ramashish Prasad resident of Pansalwa, P.O. And P.S. Chatra, District Chatra.

50. August Prasad Sah Son of Jagalal Prasad, resident of Usdhi, P.O. Bakhri, P.S. Siswan District-Siwan, Bihar.

51. Md. Ali Mangar Son of Son of Ahmad Ali resident of Bind Mohalla, P.O. And P.S. Chatra, District Chatra.

52. Basant Narayan Singh Late Moktar Singh resident of Bagra, P.O. Bagra, P.S. Simaria, District Chatra.

53. Dwarika Prasad Son of Late Girdhari Ram (Saw) resident of Bavanway, P.O. Bavanway, P.S. Muffasil, District Hazaribag.

54. Anil Kumar Sinha Son of Late Ramkeshwar Sinha resident of Shivpuri, P.O. And P.S. Sadar, District Hazaribag.

55. Sachidanand Singh Son of Birendra Pratap Singh resident of Ashoknagar, P.O. And P.S. Jalalpur, District Chapra, Bihar.

56. Manjar Imam Son of Md. Wali Imam Mallick resident of Pagmal, P.O. And P.S. Sadar, District Hazaribag.

57. Dayanand Das Son of Triveni Das resident of Ambajit P.O. And P.S. Barkagaon, District Hazaribag.

58. Sayeed Gulamul Hasnain Son of S.G. Sayeden resident of Romi, P.O. And P.S. Pelwal District Hazaribag.

59. Anil Kumar Son of Ramlakhan Prasad resident of Sarwa P.O. Sarwa P.S. Bigha District Munger, Bihar.

60. Jorom Bakhla Son of Nicolas Bakhla resident of Sos P.O. Shila, P.S. Simaria, District Chatra.

61. Sujit Kumar Son of Ramsharan Prasad resident of Sigriywa, P.O. And P.S. Sahjahapur, District Patna, Bihar.

62. Kamlesh Kumar Son of Nandipati Das resident of Ramkhetari, P.O. Sant Nagar Anchal, P.S. Jhanjharpur, District Madhubani, Bihar, 63. Md. Seraj Ansari Son of Sharif Ansari resident of Muruwar, P.O. Kudri, P.S. Lesliganj, District Palamu.

64. Polus Tirkey Son of Sushil Tirkey resident of Hadiyo P.O. Shila, P.S. Simaria District Chatra.

65. Prahlad Prasad Singh Son of Suryadeo Singh resident of Raghunathpur P.O. And P.S. Dighwara, District Saran, Bihar.

66. Ramlakhan Sahu Son of Late Umrao Sahu resident of Saharjam, P.O. Karni P.S. Itkhori District Chartra.

67. Amod Kumar Choudhary Son of Late Suresh Chadran Choudhary resident of Teghara P.O. and P.S. Teghara District Munger, Bihar 68. Arun Kumar Son of Gobardhan Sharma resident of Bira, P.O. And P.S. Dhawalbigha, District Jahanabad, Bihar.

69. Dayanand Kumar Das Son of Ramlal Ravidas resident of Sewal, P.O. Madhiya, P.S. Itkhori, District Chatra.

70. Jaynendra Kumar Son of Awdhesh Mehta resident of Jamhor, P.O. And P.S. Jamhor District Aurangabad, Bihar.

71. Shailendra Kuar Son of Ram Prasad Sharma resident of Manipur, P.O. And P.S. Belar, District Shekhpura, Bihar.

72. Manoj Kumar Jha Son of Krishna Mohan Jha resident of Gosaigaon, P.O. And P.S. Pandratola, District Bhagalpur, Bihar, 73. Braj Kishore Prasad Gupta, son of Ishwari Prasad Gupta resident of Hurhuru, P.O. And P.S. Mufassil District Chatra.

74. Sidheshwar Pandey Son of Ramcharan Pandey resident of Alargo,P.O. Bhandridah, P.S. Chandrapura District Bokaro.

75. Kapildeo Mistri Son of Late Mahadeo Mistri resident of village Baildhodhar, P.O. And P.S. Binda, District Gaya.

76. Sunder Ram Son of Shyamlal Ram resident of Mishrol , P.O. Khathiya, P.S. Tandwa, District Chatra.

77. Shatrughan Pathak Son of Durga Pathak resident of Soparam P.O. Sarthu, P.S. Tandwa, District Chatra.

78. Manoj Kumar Choubey Son of Late Ram Naresh Choubey resident of Atmapur, P.O. And P.S. Lawalong District Chatra, ... Petitioner s Vs. 1.The State of Jharkhand 2.The Secretary, School Education and Literacy Department, Government of Jharkhand, Office at Project Building, P.O. And P.S. Dhurwa, Ranchi. 3.The Director Primary Education, School Education and Literacy Department, Government of Jharkhand, Office at Project Building, P.O. And P.S. Dhurwa, Ranchi. 4.The District Superintendent of Education Officer, Chatra, P.O. And P.S. Chatra, District Chatra.

5. Secretary, Department of Finance, Jharkhand Ranchi. .… … ... Respondents ------ CORAM: HON’BLE MR. JUSTICE PRAMATH PATNAIK ------ For the Petitioners : Mr. Subha Jha, Advocate. For the Respondents : J.C to G.P. I ------ 03/ Dated:

05. h October, 2016 Per Pramath Patnaik, J.: In the accompanied writ application, the petitioners have inter alia, prayed for quashing letter no. 1745 dated 24.07.2016 issued by District Superintendent of Education-cum-Sub-Divisional Education Officer, Chatra whereby one increment granted on account of promotion in Grade-II by different orders has been cancelled.

2. Learned counsel for the petitioners submitted that petitioners are Assistant Teachers working in the district of Chatra and after rendering considerable years of service granted promotion in Grade II but after granting of the same, it was withdrawn vide letter no. 1745 dated 24.07.2016 issued by District Superintendent of Education-cum-Sub-Divisional Education Officer, Chatra whereby one increment granted on account of promotion in Grade-II by different orders has been cancelled.

3. After some argument, learned counsel for the petitioners submitted that if a direction is issued to respondents, in particular, respondent no. 5-Secretary, Department of Finance, to dispose of the representation of the the petitioners, the grievance of the petitioners shall be redressed.

4. Learned counsel for the respondents-State has no objection to that course of action.

5. In that view of the matter, petitioners are directed to file representation along with relevant documents before respondent no. 5- Secretary, Department of Finance Government of Jharkhand for redressal of his grievances. If such representation is filed, the respondent no. 5 shall consider the same and pass speaking and reasoned order, communicating the copy of the same to the petitioner, as expeditiously as possible and preferably with in a period of twelve weeks from the date of receipt/production of copy of this order.

6. With the aforesaid directions, the writ petitioner stands disposed of. (Pramath Patnaik, J.) Alankar/-

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