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Dr Ramesh Sharan and Ors Vs. Human Resources Department - Court Judgment

LegalCrystal Citation
CourtJharkhand High Court
Decided On
AppellantDr Ramesh Sharan and Ors
RespondentHuman Resources Department
.....dhurwa, po&ps­dhurwa, district­ranchi 3. ranchi university, ranchi through its vice­chancellor, office at  main road, r.u. campus, po­gpo, ps­kotwali, district­ranchi 4. registrar, ranchi university, ranchi, main road, r.u. campus,  po­gpo, ps­kotwali, district­ranchi 5. university grants commission, new delhi, bahadur shah  zafar marg, new delhi, through its deputy secretary, university  grants commissioner, new delhi           ... ... respondents ----------------- coram: hon'ble mr. justice shree chandrashekhar for the petitioners    : mr. prabhash kumar, advocate for the resp. nos. 1&2  : ms. shruti shrestha, j.c. to a.g......

1 IN THE HIGH COURT OF JHARKHAND AT RANCHI W.P.(S) No. 4829 of 2015 1. Dr. Ramesh Sharan, son of Late Sri Sita Ram Sharan, resident  of   Qr.   No.   C/252,   New   AG   Colony,   Kadru,   PO­Doranda,  PS­Argora, District­Ranchi 2.   Dr.   Uday   Kumar,   son   of   Late   Raghubans   Sahay,   resident   of  Kusum   Vihar,   Morhabadi   Road   no.   7,   PO­Ranchi   University,  PS­Bariatu, District­Ranchi 3. Dr. Prakash Kumar Verma, son of Late K.P. Verma, resident of  Mohalla­Sadhanapuri,   behind   Shirdi   Sai   Hospital,   Bariatu,  PO­RMCH, PS­Bariatu, Ranchi  ...   ...  Petitioners Versus 1. State of Jharkhand through Principal Secretary, Human  Resources Development Department, Govt. of Jharkhand,  Ranchi, Project Building, PO&PS­Dhurwa, District­Ranchi 2. Director, Higher Education, Human Resources Development  Department, Govt. of Jharkhand, Ranchi, Project Building,  Dhurwa, PO&PS­Dhurwa, District­Ranchi 3. Ranchi University, Ranchi through its Vice­Chancellor, office at  Main Road, R.U. Campus, PO­GPO, PS­Kotwali, District­Ranchi 4. Registrar, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Main Road, R.U. Campus,  PO­GPO, PS­Kotwali, District­Ranchi 5. University Grants Commission, New Delhi, Bahadur Shah  Zafar Marg, New Delhi, through its Deputy Secretary, University  Grants Commissioner, New Delhi           ... ... Respondents ----------------- CORAM: HON'BLE MR. JUSTICE SHREE CHANDRASHEKHAR For the Petitioners    : Mr. Prabhash Kumar, Advocate For the Resp. nos. 1&2  : Ms. Shruti Shrestha, J.C. to A.G. For the Resp. Nos. 3&4 : Mr. Anoop Kumar Mehta, Advocate For the Resp. No. 5 : Mr. Prasenjit Mahak, Advocate ------------------- 06/26.10.2016 Challenging   Clause   6.1.0   in   Gazette   notification  dated   26.06.2008,   on   the   ground   that   the   said   stipulation   is  contrary   to   the   minimum   qualification   for   appointment   to   the  post of Professor under UGC Regulations, 2000, the instant writ  petition has been filed. 2.  Heard. 3.  UGC Regulations, 2000 under Clause 2.4.0 deals with  promotion   to   the   post   of   Reader.   The   essential   eligibility   for  2 promotion   to   the   post   of   Reader   under   Clause   2.4.1   reads   as  under:            2.4.1   A Lecturer in the Senior Scale will be eligible for   promotion to the post of Reader if she/he has : (i) Completed 5 years of service in the Senior Scale; (ii) Obtained a Ph.D. degree or has equivalent published   work; (iii)   Made   some   mark   in   the   areas   of   scholarship   and   research   as   evidenced   e.g.   by   self­assessment,   reports   of   referees,   quality   of   publications,   contribution   to   educational   innovation,   design   of   new   courses   and   curricula and extension activities. (iv)   After  placement  in the  Senior  Scale  participated in   two   refresher   courses/summer   institutes   of   approved   duration,   or   engaged   in   other   appropriate   continuing   education programmes of comparable quality as may be   specified   or   approved   by   the   University   Grants   Commission, and  (v)   Possesses   consistently   good   performance   appraisal   report.

4. Under Clause 2.5.0 the position of Professor has to be  filled   through   direct   recruitment   by   issuing   all   India  advertisement,   and   promotion   may   be   made   from   the   post   of  Reader to that of Professor after eight years of service as Reader.  The learned counsel for the petitioner has contended that once  the petitioner has been promoted in the rank of Reader and the  essential eligibility under Clause 2.5.0 only refers to eight years  of   service   as   Reader,   exclusion   of   the   persons   who   were  promoted in the rank of Reader under Time­Bound Promotion  Scheme   would   amount   to   creating   a   class   within   the   class   of  Readers   and   thus,   the   stipulation   under   Clause   6.1.0   of   the  notification dated 26.06.2008 is in breach of Article 14 of the  Constitution   of   India.   The   learned   counsel,   referring   to   the  3 Gazette   Notification   dated   28.06.2010,   UGC   Regulations   on  minimum   qualification   for   appointment   of   teachers   and   other  academic staffs in universities and colleges and communication  dated 24.12.1998, contends that a person having eight years of  service   as   Reader   is   eligible   for   appointment   to   the   post   of  Professor.

5. The   expression   “Reader”   occurring   in   various  notifications/circulars of UGC must relate to the person who has  been promoted to the post of Reader under Clause 2.4.1. To a  pointed   query,   whether   the   petitioner   was   a   Lecturer   in   the  Senior Scale at the time when he was promoted in the rank of  Reader, the learned counsel for the respondent­University states  that the petitioner was not a Lecturer in Senior Scale.  And, this  is an admitted position. One of the essential eligibility condition  for promotion to the post of Reader under Clause 2.4.1 is that, a  person must be working as Lecturer in the Senior Scale. In view  of   the   fact   that   the   petitioner   lacks   essential   eligibility   for  promotion to the post of Reader, on merits in terms of Clause  2.4.1 under 2000 UGC Regulations, he is excluded from raising a  claim for promotion to the post of Professor on completion of  eight years' service as Reader. The petitioner was promoted on  the   post   of   Reader   under   Time­Bound   Promotion   Scheme   and  thus, he cannot contend that his promotion was on merits.

6. Through the Gazetted Notification dated 26.06.2008,  the Statute for placement of Lecturers to the post of Lecturer in  the senior scale, for promotion of Lecturer in the senior scale to  the   post   of   Lecturer   in   the   Selection   Grade/Reader   and  promotion   of   Reader   to   the   post   of   University   Professor   of  University   Departments   Constituent   Colleges,   affiliated   college  including   religious   and   linguistic   minority   college,   was  published. Clause­5 deals with promotion of Reader to the rank  of Professor.  Clause­5.1.0 also provides that in addition to the  sanctioned posts of University Professors, which must be filled in  4 through all India advertisement, promotions may be made from  the   post   of   Reader   to   that   of   University   Professors   after   eight  years of service as Reader. The Statute of 2008 also deals with  the   Career   Advancement   Scheme.   Under   Clause   6.1.0,   the  scheme   of   promotion   under   this   Statute   has   been   made  applicable only to Senior Lecturer, Selection Grade Lecturer and  Reader   promoted   under   Career   Advancement   Scheme   and/or  Merit Promotion Scheme as well as Lecturer and Reader directly  recruited.   U.G.C.   Regulations   on   minimum   qualifications   for  appointment of teachers and other academic staff in Universities  and Colleges issued on 28.06.2010, under clause 3.1.0, provides  for   direct   recruitment   to   the   posts   of   Assistant   Professors,  Associate   Professors   in   the   Universities   and   Colleges.   Clause  3.1.0, mandates that recruitment shall be on the basis of merit  through all India advertisement. At this stage, provisions under  UGC Act, 1956 needs to be examined. The preamble to the UGC  Act provides for establishment of University Grants Commission  for co­ordination and determination of standards in Universities.  Section 12 of the UGC Act, 1956 deals with the functions of the  Commission. A bare reading of Section 12 would indicate that  the entire thrust is on maintenance of standards of teaching and  promotion and coordination of university education.  7. There   is   a   separate   Statute   for   the   Time­Bound  Promotion of Lecturers to the post of Readers and for Readers to  the post of University Professor. The petitioner has been granted  promotion   to   the   post   of   Reader   under   the   Time­Bound  Promotion Scheme. Clause­2 of the Statute for the Time­Bound  Promotion reads as under:

2.   "A Reader, serving in a University Department or in a   degree   college,   managed   and   maintained   by   the   University, and has completed at least twenty five years   of continuous service as teacher, not below the rank of   lecturer,   in   one   or   more   universities,   shall   on   the   5 recommendation   of   the   Bihar   State   University   (Constituent College) Service commission be promoted on   the   basis   of   time­bound   Scheme   as   to   the   post   of   University   Professor   subject   to   the   conditions   given   in   provisos to clause (1) above".  8.  A person like the petitioner who has been promoted  under   the   Time­Bound   Promotion   Scheme   can   not   claim  promotion   in   the   rank   of   Professor   under   the   Statute   or  Regulations   for   merit   promotion.   In   view   of   lack   of   essential  eligibility qualification as a Lecturer for promotion in the rank of  Reader, on merits, the petitioner obviously could not have been  granted promotion under the  Statute for merit promotion  and  this   itself   excludes   the   petitioner   from   raising   a   claim   for  promotion   to   the   post   of   Professor   under   2008   Notification.  Under the UGC Notification or Regulations, to which the learned  counsel   for   the   petitioner   has   referred   to,   a   Reader   promoted  under the Time­Bound Promotion Scheme is not entitled to be  promoted on the post of Professor on completion of eight years'  service as Reader. The petitioner's case can be considered only  after   completion   of   25   years   of   service   as   Lecturer,   subject   to  other   conditions   mentioned   in   the   Statute   of   Time­Bound  Promotion.   The   stipulation   under   Clause   6.1.0   whereunder   a  person   promoted   to   the   post   of   Reader   under   Time­Bound  Promotion Scheme is excluded from consideration for promotion  to the post of Professor is not contrary to the UGC Regulations,  2000. The stipulation under Clause 6.1.0 vide notification dated  26.06.2008 is, in my view, in consonance with UGC Regulations.

9. In view of the aforesaid discussions, I find no merit in  the writ petition and accordingly, it is dismissed.    (Shree Chandrashekhar, J.) Tanuj/R.K.

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