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UihleIn Vs. State of Wisconsin - Court Judgment

LegalCrystal Citation
CourtUS Supreme Court
Decided On
Case Number273 U.S. 642
RespondentState of Wisconsin
uihlein v. state of wisconsin - 273 u.s. 642 (1926) u.s. supreme court uihlein v. state of wisconsin, 273 u.s. 642 (1926) 273 u.s. 642 herman a. uihlein, august e. uihlein, george uihlein et al., plaintiffs in error, v. the state of wisconsin, neele b. neelen, public administrator of milwaukee county, et al. no. 175. supreme court of the united states november 1, 1926 messrs. george p. miller, edwin s. mack, and arthur w. fairchild, all of milwaukee, wis., for plaintiff in error. mr. herman l. ekern, of madison, wis., for defendants in error. per curiam. reversed on the authority of schlesinger v. wisconsin, 270 u.s. 230 , 46 s. ct. 260, 43 a. l. r. 1224.[ uihlein v. state of wisconsin 273 u.s. 642 (1926) ]
UIHLEIN v. STATE OF WISCONSIN - 273 U.S. 642 (1926)
U.S. Supreme Court UIHLEIN v. STATE OF WISCONSIN, 273 U.S. 642 (1926)

273 U.S. 642

Herman A. UIHLEIN, August E. Uihlein, George Uihlein et al., plaintiffs in error,
The STATE OF WISCONSIN, Neele B. Neelen, Public Administrator of Milwaukee County, et al.
No. 175.

Supreme Court of the United States

November 1, 1926

Messrs. George P. Miller, Edwin S. Mack, and Arthur W. Fairchild, all of Milwaukee, Wis., for plaintiff in error.

Mr. Herman L. Ekern, of Madison, Wis., for defendants in error.


Reversed on the authority of Schlesinger v. Wisconsin, 270 U.S. 230 , 46 S. Ct. 260, 43 A. L. R. 1224.[ Uihlein v. State of Wisconsin 273 U.S. 642 (1926) ]

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