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United States Vs. California - Court Judgment

LegalCrystal Citation
CourtUS Supreme Court
Decided On
Case Number449 U.S. 408
AppellantUnited States
.....boundary line under the submerged lands act, 43 u.s.c.§ 1301 et seq.: a. the sharp beach pier (nos chart 18685, 37Ą38'00" n., 122Ą29'41" w.); b. the morro strand pier (nos chart 18703, 35Ą24'38.4" n. . 120Ą52'31.9" w.); c. the port orford pier (nos chart 18721, 34Ą28'09.6" n., 120Ą13'38.8" w.); d. the ellwood pier (nos chart 18721, 34Ą25'39" n., 119Ą55'20" w.); e. the santa barbara biltmore hotel pier (nos chart 18725, 34Ą24'59.4" n., 119Ą38'30" w.); f. the carpinteria pier (nos chart 18725, 34Ą23'06" n., 119Ą30'4.6" w.); g. the punta gorda causeway and rincon island (nos chart 18725, 34Ą20'48.1" n., 119Ą26'39" w.); h. the venice pier (nos chart 18744, 30Ą59'06" n., 118Ą28'35" w.); i. the manhattan beach pier (nos chart.....
United States v. California - 449 U.S. 408 (1947)
U.S. Supreme Court United States v. California, 449 U.S. 408 (1981)

United States v. California

No. 5, Orig.

Decided June 23, 1947, May 17, 1965, May 15, 1978, and June 9, 1980

Order and decree entered October 27, 1947

Supplemental decree entered January 31, 1966

Second supplemental decree entered June 13, 1977

Third supplemental decree entered November 27, 1978

Fourth supplemental decree entered January 19, 1981

449 U.S. 408


Fourth supplemental decree is entered.

Opinions reported: 332 U. S. 332 U.S. 19, 381 U. S. 381 U.S. 139, 436 U. S. 436 U.S. 32, 447 U. S. 447 U.S. 1; order and decree reported: 332 U. S. 332 U.S. 804; supplemental decree reported: 382 U. S. 382 U.S. 448; second supplemental decree reported: 432 U. S. 432 U.S. 40; third supplemental decree reported: 439 U. S. 439 U.S. 30.


IT IS ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED that the Decree of October 27, 1947 ( 332 U. S. 332 U.S. 804), and the Supplemental Decrees heretofore entered in this cause on January 31, 1966 ( 382 U. S. 382 U.S. 448), June 13, 1977 ( 432 U. S. 432 U.S. 40), and November 27, 1978 ( 439 U. S. 439 U.S. 30), be, and the same hereby are further supplemented as follows:

1. The inland waters of the Port of San Pedro include those waters enclosed by a straight line from the eastern end of the Long Beach breakwater (NOS Chart 18749, 33Ą43'23" N., 118Ą08'10" W.) to the seaward end of the east jetty of Anaheim Bay (NOS Chart 18749, 33Ą43'36" N., 118Ą05'57" W.).

2. The inland waters of San Diego Bay are those enclosed by a straight line from the seaward end of Point Loma (NOS Chart 18772, 32Ą39'46" N., 117Ą14'29" W.) to the point at which the line of mean lower low water intersects with the southern seaward end of the entire Zuniga jetty (NOS Chart 18772, 32Ą40'00.5" N., 117Ą13'19" W.).

3. The following artificial structures do not form part of the coastline of California for purposes of establishing the

Page 449 U. S. 409

federal-state boundary line under the Submerged Lands Act, 43 U.S.C.§ 1301 et seq.:

a. The Sharp Beach pier (NOS Chart 18685, 37Ą38'00" N., 122Ą29'41" W.);

b. The Morro Strand pier (NOS Chart 18703, 35Ą24'38.4" N. . 120Ą52'31.9" W.);

c. The Port Orford pier (NOS Chart 18721, 34Ą28'09.6" N., 120Ą13'38.8" W.);

d. The Ellwood pier (NOS Chart 18721, 34Ą25'39" N., 119Ą55'20" W.);

e. The Santa Barbara Biltmore Hotel pier (NOS Chart 18725, 34Ą24'59.4" N., 119Ą38'30" W.);

f. The Carpinteria pier (NOS Chart 18725, 34Ą23'06" N., 119Ą30'4.6" W.);

g. The Punta Gorda causeway and Rincon Island (NOS Chart 18725, 34Ą20'48.1" N., 119Ą26'39" W.);

h. The Venice pier (NOS Chart 18744, 30Ą59'06" N., 118Ą28'35" W.);

i. The Manhattan Beach pier (NOS Chart 18744, 33Ą53'00" N., 118Ą24'48.2" W.);

j. The Hermosa Beach pier (NOS Chart 18744, 33Ą51'40.2" N., 118Ą24'16.9" W.);

k. The Huntington Beach pier (NOS Chart 18740, 33Ą09'14" N., 118Ą00'21" W.);

1. The Newport Beach pier (NOS Chart 18754, 33Ą36'22.0" N., 117Ą55'49.6" W.);

m. The Balboa Beach pier (NOS Chart 18754, 33Ą35'54.4" N., 117Ą54'01.1" W.);

n. The Oceanside pier (NOS Chart 18740, 33Ą11'29.4" N., 117Ą23'18" W.);

o. The Ocean Beach pier (NOS Chart 18754, 32Ą44'58.5" N., 117Ą15'30.5" W.); and

p. The Imperial Beach pier (NOS Chart 18772, 32Ą34'46.6" N., 117Ą08'08.0" W.).

Page 449 U. S. 410

4. The parties having paid their own costs and having contributed equally to a fund for expenses of the Special Master, any amounts remaining in said fund after deduction of all expenses by the Special Master shall be divided equally and returned to each party by the Special Master.

5. The Court retains jurisdiction to entertain further proceedings, enter such orders, and issue such writs as may from time to time be deemed necessary or advisable to give proper force and effect to this decree or to effectuate the rights of the parties in the premises.

JUSTICE MARSHALL took no part in the consideration or decision of this order.

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