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Nov 27 1974 (HC)

Fathima Beebi Vs. M.K. Ravindranathan and ors.

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Nov-27-1974

Reported in : 1975CriLJ1164

..... years. under our constitution, the only guarantee of personal liberty for a person is that he shall not be deprived of it except in accordance with the procedure established by law. the need today for maintenance of supplies and services essential to the community cannot be over-emphasised. 'there will be no social security without maintenance of adequate supplies and ..... from anti-social activities can never furnish an adequate reason for invading the personal liberty of a citizen except in accordance with the procedure established by the constitution and the laws. the history of personal liberty is largely the history of insistence on observance of procedure. and observance of procedure has been the bastion against wanton assaults on personal liberty ..... article 22 confers valuable rights. they are fundamental rights. they can be suspended by the president under clause (1) of article 359. this power cannot be defeated by a law made under the constitution in compliance with the constitutional provisions. to hold otherwise would mean that a creature of the constitution would destroy a part of the constitution itself. if ..... measure of preventive detention. thus those under preventive detention have been conferred certain rights constitutionally. clause (5) of article 22 insists that when a person is detained under a law providing for preventive detention, the authority making the order shall as soon as may be, communicate to such person the grounds on which the order has been made and shall .....

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Nov 25 1974 (HC)

Kollanchil Padinhakkara Abdulrahiman and anr. Vs. Kunhimohamad and ors ...

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Nov-25-1974

Reported in : AIR1975Ker150

..... the donee that possession was delivered' stating that the donee was a pardanashin lady and a relation ofthe donor, i am of the view that what muslim law reauires is proof of some recognised act by the owner (donor) which will go to show that the donor has parted with possession of the subject-matter ..... put, the donor should transfer or deliver possession of the subject-matter of the gift to the donee. however, . i do not think that the muslim law requires or insists upon any particular mode of delivery of possession. at any rate, nosuch rule was brought to my notice. the decision of the privy council in ..... facts held to be insufficient to support a gift as against the heirs of the donor.'to the same effect is section 421 in tyabji on muslim law (4th edition, page 393):--'from the donor's acknowledgement of having made a gift and delivered pos-session it may be presumed against the donor and ..... the executant. this means that the donor in effect handed over the gift deed to the donees.10. section 150 (4) of mulla's principles of mahomedan law (seventeenth edition at page 143) is as follows:--'a declaration in a deed of sift that possession has been given binds the heirs of the donor. but ..... to make the contract. a false statement, whether innocent or fraudulent, does not per se give rise to a cause of action.' (cheshire and fifpoot on the law of contract. seventh edition, p- 242).the lower courts concurrently held that the donor was on good terms with the defendants 1 to 3. and that it .....

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Jul 23 1974 (HC)

Fodd Inspector Vs. Seetharam Rice and Oil Mils and ors.

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Jul-23-1974

Reported in : 1975CriLJ479

..... food adulteration and providing specific punishment, and section 108 of the indian penal code dealing with abetment read along with section 40 of that code applies to offences under special laws also.47. from manufacture up-till consumption there is a thread binding the entire transaction for every article of food. warranty problems connected with it are consumer problems regarding ..... recognised that the fundamental principle of interpretation of any enactment is that all the provisions therein have to be harmoniously construed so as to achieve the object for which the law is enacted. a full bench of this court in kungu govindan v. parakkat kuzhileksmi amma 0065/1966 : air1966ker244 following a decision of the supreme court in regional ip. f. ..... anti-national conduct in frauduently selling adulterated articles seems to tend to breed mistrust amongst the citizens and to that extent it adversely affects democracy governed by the rule of law, that it tends to demoralize the nation and grievously obstructs her moral and economic progress and that the administrative and judicial wings of the state have a duty not ..... that he should have, after impleading the additional accused, commenced a fresh proceeding against all the accused and that the acquittal of the manufacturers, who issued warranties, is contrary to law and has to be interfered with.8. the prevention of food adulteration act is a special act enacted with the intention of eradicating the evil of manufacture, distribution and sale .....

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Jul 19 1974 (HC)

Premier Tyres Limited Vs. V.A. Abraham

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Jul-19-1974

Reported in : (1976)ILLJ161Ker

..... granted for one purpose, for a different purpose and seek refuge under a provision which gives you a privilege not to disclose the reason for exercising the power. in industrial law the motive for the exercise of a contractual power can be inquired into notwithstanding the fact that the power under the contract is untrammelled. 16. therefore, an analysis of all ..... decision of the kerala high court in fernandez v. giovanola binny co. ltd. (1971) k.l.t 471. there it. was held it is a well established proposition in industrial law that even if the management has power under the contract of employment or under the standing orders to terminate the services of a worker that power can be exericised only ..... industrial adjudication and the process of collective bargaining. the court cannot ignore the rights the industrial employees have secured through long drawn out and bitter struggles and apply the common law principles of master-servant relationship. in the words of justice gajendragadkar the wide scope of the jurisdiction of the industrial tribunals is now well established. as early as 1949 it .....

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