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Jun 17 1968 (HC)

Mulkh Raj Des Raj Vs. the State

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Jun-17-1968

Reported in : 1969CriLJ94

..... the appellant that the confession of the appellant could not be voluntary or might not have been made at all or might have been made under police pressure. only speculative attack was levelled against the testimony of the witness. no fault was found with his statement. principles to be home in mind ..... deceased by the appellant having taken place. on the other hand, the conduct of the appellant in vanishing from the village and making himself scarce from the police, who had started investigation in the morning on may 18, 1965, and surrendering himself on may 19, 1965 to dhan singh, lambardar, p.w. ..... at the place of occurrence. he repelled the suggestion and stated that although gian chand was not present at the spot at the time of the police arrival and daring the preparation of the inquest report, he was examined soon there after.21. the conduct of gian chand is inconsistent with his ..... absorbed the particulars of the occurrence from gian chnad p.w 2. thus the knowledge of details of the occurrence as given by him to the police at the time of recording of the first information report could not be meticulously precise. it was contended on behalf of the appellant that there was ..... deal of stress was laid on the plea that conviction could not be founded on the testimony of the solitary eye-witness. under section 134, evidence act, there is no restriction or limitation as to the number of witnesses which can be produced. convincing and consistent evidence of a solitary witness, against whose .....

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Jul 05 1968 (HC)

Surjit Singh Sher Singh Vs. the State

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Jul-05-1968

Reported in : 1969CriLJ98

..... with gandasa or with the splinters which upon bursting of the gun could have struck the deceased and caused him injuries.5. the investigation by the police was tainted and dishonest as is clear from the introduction of three false witnesses like natha singh, kehar singh and ghumand singh and also from the ..... dying declaration was made, the prosecution must also fail on the legal objection raised by virtue of the scope of section 32(1) of the evidence act against the relevancy of the dying declaration for purposes of conviction of surjit singh appellant. the dying declaration has thus to be excluded altogether from consideration ..... to the death of her sister. we are, therefore, of the opinion that the statements do not come within section 32(1) of the evidence act.22. the question of relevancy of dying declaration made by one deceased person in respect of the cause of death of another again came up for consideration ..... causing of death and the number and nature of injuries caused with that weapon. in the light of the language of section 82(1) of the act, it is dear that that portion of the dying declaration of hardial singh, which pertains to the causing of death of gurdial singh by surjit ..... on its basis.19. the relevant provision of law under which dying declarations are admissible and treated as evidence is section 82(1) of the evidence act. by excluding the text of the section which is not relevant for the present case, the section may be reproduced as under:statements of relevant facts .....

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