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Mar 02 1932 (PC)

Jagadish NaraIn Tewary Vs. Emperor

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Mar-02-1932

Reported in : AIR1933Cal36,140Ind.Cas.550

..... by the code for the punishment of such abetment. section 62-a (1), calcutta police act, 1866, reads as follows:the commissioner of police and, subject to the orders o the commissioner of police, every police officer of a rank not inferior to that of sub-inspector, may, with a view to securing ..... 1. in this case jagadish narain tewary was convicted by one of the honorary, presidency magistrates, calcutta, on 2nd december 1931, under section 109, i.p. c, read.with section 62-a, sub-section (1), clause (e), calcutta police act, 1866, and sentenced to pay a fine of rs. 75 or in default, to undergo seven days ..... ' simple imprisonment. section 109, i.p.c, provides for punishment of abetment where an offence is committed in consequence of the act of abetment and no express provision is made ..... section 62-a (i), it is not necessary to act under any orders or to prove that the officer concerned was acting under any orders. the section says: the commissioner of police, and subject to the orders of the commissioner of police, every police officer of a rank, etc., may with a view ..... .n. mukherji requested the man sounding the bugle not to do so and in making that request he was apparently acting under the powers conferred on police officers under section 62-a(1). it was proved in the course of the hearing before the learned presidency magistrate .....

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Aug 04 1932 (PC)

Saligram Khetry Vs. Emperor

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Aug-04-1932

Reported in : AIR1933Cal8

..... j.1. in this case three accused persons saligram khetry, n.h. balakani and r.n. swinton were charged under section 44, calcutta police act (bengal act 4 of 1866). khetry was the proprietor of a show known as the grand variety show and balakani and swinton were his assistants who helped him ..... chief presidency magistrate was whether or not the accused could avail themselves of the exception provided in section 50-a, calcutta police act. that section was inserted into the calcutta. police act by the bengal public gambling (amending) act no. 4 of 1913. section 50-a reads as follows: 'nothing in section 44 to section 50 shall apply ..... reasons the learned magistrate came to the finding that this dart game was not a game of mere skill', the words used in section 50-a, calcutta police act, and therefore constituted an illegal game so as to bring the persons running it within the purview of section 44. the only point i have to ..... a game in which skill preponderates over chance and therefore it is not gaming. it is also urged that the game was allowed by the police and therefore no offence was committed.6. the finding of the learned magistrate was in these terms:on a careful consideration of the nature of ..... in running that show. on 14th january 1932 an application was made to the police authorities by the manager of that show for permission to carry it .....

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May 13 1932 (PC)

Sham Lal Khettry Vs. Emperor

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : May-13-1932

Reported in : AIR1932Cal655

panckridge, j.1. rule 74 has been obtained by the petitioner who has been convicted by the learned additional chief presidency magistrate, calcutta, under section 54-a, calcutta police act and sentenced to a term of rigorous imprisonment for two months. the ground on which the rule was issued is that the learned magistrate has not given any reason for ..... two accused persons, one of whom is the petitioner here. the record of the learned magistrate however ends as follows:case proved against both accused under section 544-a, act 4 of 1866; both accused sentenced to two months' rigorous imprisonment under that section. property to malikana.3. in our opinion this is not a compliance with section 370, criminal p. c ..... evidence worthy of the name against the petitioner who had been arrested at an early stage and discharged by the police. he was afterwards re-arrested and convicted by the additional presidency magistrate, although in the interval between discharge by the police and his re-arrest nothing further had been discovered against him. the circumstances of that case differ widely from those .....

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Feb 11 1932 (PC)

In Re: Syamo Maha Patro and anr.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Feb-11-1932

Reported in : 137Ind.Cas.9; (1932)62MLJ742

..... open to the prosecution also to get such an incriminating statement admitted in evidence by proving the same. if i may say so with respect, the learned , judge in the calcutta case seems to have overlooked this result. i agree with respect with the observations of jackson, j., in sheik kalesha v. emperor (1931) 62 m.l.j. 71 as to ..... court in the decisions reported in sheik kalesha v. emperor (1931) 62 m.l.j. 71 wherein this question was discussed, referring to the decisions of patna, lahore, rangoon and calcutta high courts which have taken a different view. the learned judges who have made the reference to this full bench express dissent from the view taken in sheik kalesha v ..... as authority for that statement queen-empress v. jadub das (1899) i.l.r. 27 c. 295 in which that point was not decided. i infer that there are other calcutta cases to the effect mewtione'd. next he remarks that both the context of section 162 and its contents point in the same direction, with which i am unable to ..... (f.b.) were right, that section 162, criminal procedure code, does not apply to accused persons and that statements made by an accused person to the police may be proved against him, if not inadmissible under the evidence act. there is no doubt about the conclusions of the learned judge; but with great respect i may perhaps say that i find it difficult to .....

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Sep 30 1932 (PC)

Francis Duke Cobridge Sumner, Offg. Deputy Secretary, Port Commissione ...

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Sep-30-1932

Reported in : AIR1933Cal348

..... , it was quits open to the magistrate to make the order upon the two petitioners in revision case no. 907, notwithstanding anything contained in the calcutta port act, if in point of fact it was found, as it has been found, that they were persons who were aiding in the setting up of the ..... and a lease thereof for a day is said to have been taken from the commissioners for the port of calcutta with the object of holding a haut thereon on that day. the police, on getting information of this intention, submitted a report to the subdivisional magistrate who on the same day made ..... no reliance is any longer placed on this incident. the only other material which has any bearing on the order of 12th september 1932 is the police report of 10th september 1932 which contains no facts beyond a statement of the circumstances which had weighed with the subdivisional magistrate in making his order ..... by somebody interested in the setting up of the new haut. as already stated this matter was referred to the officer in charge of the golabari police station for inquiry and report. this officer submitted his report on 10th september 1910, and his endorsement on the petition forwarded to him shows that he ..... and at their request the order was kept in abeyance and it was decided to hold a local inspection. the subdivisional magistrate, accompanied by the same police officers and the advocates, went to the place where the new haut was being hold. what the subdivisional magistrate saw on the spot may better be .....

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Dec 20 1932 (PC)

S.R. Varma Vs. Emperor

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Dec-20-1932

Reported in : AIR1933Cal243

..... but no license from the municipality having been obtained the appellant had offended against the provisions of section 391, calcutta municipal act. the corporation of calcutta started the prosecution under section 391, calcutta municipal act.2. it is admitted by the accused that the carnival was started without obtaining the license and in such ..... case that the carnival had been started and continued without a license. in this view the municipal magistrate convicted the appellant under section 391, calcutta municipal act, and has sentenced him to pay a fine of rs. 500. the conviction and sentence have been challenged on appeal on several grounds: ..... says that certain places of amusement cannot be kept open without or otherwise than in conformity with a license granted by the corporation of calcutta. can it be said that where a question of public order is involved or where a question is involved that betting and gambling which ..... against the holding of carnivals of late both in the newspapers as well as by some public bodies like the marwari trades association of calcutta and the appellant was informed that no further license would be granted after the expiry of the period; that the appellant thereafter changed the ..... site and name of the show and obtained a police licence for the show under the name of holywood park carnival on plots nos. 21 to 29 of the calcutta improvement trust scheme and intimated to the corporation that he was going to open the .....

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Feb 25 1932 (PC)

Padmamoni Dassi Vs. Emperor

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Feb-25-1932

Reported in : AIR1932Cal457

..... been convicted of an offence punishable under section 6, sub-section (1) of the said act read with section 109, i. p. c.2. the facts of the case are as follows: inspector madan mohan chakravarty of the calcutta police received instructions to watch a certain house numbered 12/6, nilmoni dutt lane, with a ..... (1), she is also incapable of abetting such offence: or in other words, she cannot be convicted under section 6, sub-section (1), calcutta suppression of immoral traffic act, read with section 109, penal code. i was at first inclined to assent to this argument because i thought it possible that there was a ..... there is ample evidence to show that the male appellant has been guilty of an offence punishable under section 6, sub-section (1), calcutta suppression of immoral traffic act 1923, and we do not consider that the sentence passed by the learned magistrate is too severe.6. i now turn to the case ..... , j.1. the appellant braja mohan saha has been convicted of an offence punishable under section 6, sub-section (1), calcutta suppression of immoral traffic act, 1923, and the appellant padmamoni dasi has been convicted of abetment of the offence of which appellant 1 has been convicted, that ..... shall be guilty of misdemeanour. it seems to me clear that parliament when it desired to make both the offence of the commission of the act of gross indecency and also the procuring of such offence punishable in the case of male person only considered it necessary to express its intention in .....

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Jun 16 1932 (PC)

Surajmull Shroff Vs. Gopeeram Bhotica and anr.

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Jun-16-1932

Reported in : AIR1932Cal823

..... costs to the appellants in both the courts.bartley, j.6. i agree. the essentials of a mortgage by deposit title deeds, under the transfer of property act are delivery in the town of calcutta, to a creditor or his agent, of documents of title to immovable property with intent to create a security thereon.7. here the specific case made out ..... said to have been signed by tarala has not been produced. even if it could be said that there was a delivery to the attorney, in calcutta, through his assistant, there is no proof that, acting as he was for both parties, that delivery was to him as agent of the creditor. further, in the absence of the letter of deposit, it ..... .5. an equitable charge however is a very different thing from a mortgage by deposit of title deeds created under section 59, t. p. act. in our judgment no delivery to the plaintiff in the town of calcutta has been proved in this case, and we are, on the other hand, inclined to hold that whatever contract there was between the parties ..... relating to the premises mentioned above would remain with mr. a. c. bose who, as stated above, was acting as attorney for both (para 5).3. (his lordship then discussed evidence and concluded that the positive case as regards delivery of title in calcutta pub forward on behalf of the plaintiff was not proved and proceeded). but on plaintiff's behalf reliance .....

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May 24 1932 (PC)

Corporation of Calcutta Vs. Probhat Chandra Barua

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : May-24-1932

Reported in : AIR1933Cal128

..... the amalgamated premises, numbered as no. 22, mullen street.3. on a consideration of the materials placed on the record, and on a construction of the provisions contained in the calcutta municipal act, relating to the valuation, revaluation and assessment of lands and buildings, to the consolidated rate, the method of determination of annual value and the duration of such assessment, we ..... mentioned already.2. the question raised by the court of small causes, and the questions that arise for consideration by us on appeal to this court, by the corporation of calcutta, relate to this: whether the deputy executive officer was right under the law, in holding that the assessment on amalgamation could be higher than the assessment on separate valuation of ..... this appeal, raja probhat chandra barua as owner of the amalgamated premises no. 12, mullen street, calcutta, appealed under section 141, calcutta municipal act, to the court of small causes at sealdah, on being dissatisfied with the order passed by the deputy executive officer of the calcutta municipal corporation, in respect of the valuation made by that officer of the amalgamated premises. the premises .....

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Aug 12 1932 (PC)

i.N. Silas and anr. Vs. Corporation of Calcutta

Court : Kolkata

Decided on : Aug-12-1932

Reported in : AIR1933Cal341

..... held that the corporation failed to prove that chittaranjan avenue had vested in the corporation; fourthly, that upon a proper consideration and construction of section 65, calcutta improvement act, and sch. 16, rule 2(6), calcutta municipal act, the learned magistrate ought to have held that the conditions to the sanction (viz., payment of encroachment fees) imposed by the resolution of the building standing ..... to have held that the condition attached to the sanction, namely, the payment of encroachment fees, was illegal and ultra vires. no doubt under sch. 16, rule 2(6), calcutta municipal act, the corporation was not entitled to demand fees where the road had not vested in the corporation so that they were not entitled to make the initial demand for fees ..... encroachment fees as encroachment was made on improvement trust land and not on corporation land. in may 1929 it was resolved at a meeting of the corporation under section 65, calcutta improvement act, that this particular road should be, on certain conditions, taken over by the corporation and then in june 1929, by ex. 18, a notice was issued by the chief ..... the view that in the present case he had no alternative other than to pass an order of demolition inasmuch as the service of a valid notice under section 299, calcutta municipal act, upon the petitioner had been proved and admitted by the petitioners; thirdly, that upon a proper construction and consideration of exs. 16 and 18, and upon a consideration of .....

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