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Mar 10 2011 (HC)

The New India Assurance Co. Ltd. by Its Divisional Manager Vs. Kum. Ge ...

Court : Karnataka

Decided on : Mar-10-2011

..... that is the cause of action for the appellant-insurance company. 9. general insurance was nationalized in the year 1972 and simultaneously were introduced the provisions in the motor vehicles act, 1939, providing for constitution of specialized tribunals known as motor accidents claims tribunal, an informal forum before which the victims of motor accidents could go for claiming compensation before an ..... and tribunals and virtually defeating the very purpose of providing expeditious remedy and therefore the business of general insurance was nationalized and it was expected that the insurance company would act in a fair manner, being a public and central government owned organization would abide by the laws and procedures, would not give scope for the victims of road accidents ..... a due compensation etc. 12. it is to achieve such laudable twin objects and purpose, the motor accidents claims tribunal are functioning under the provisions of the motor vehicles act and by applying the general principles of law of tort. 13. it is rather unfortunate that the legislature did not take care for providing a codified method of quantification of ..... the passengers traveling in a non-commercial vehicle are left high and dry; are not provided with any solace or succor which again appears to be illogical or one of acting in an irrational manner of dealing with same situation i.e., meting out differential treatment to like persons who are victims without any effort or contribution on their part whether .....

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May 11 2011 (HC)

The Commissioner of Income Tax Vs. Itc Ltd.

Court : Delhi

Decided on : May-11-2011

..... be sufficient being adequate, reliable and sound. based on this reasoning, we cannot make them liable for levy of penalty as envisaged under section 201 of the act. {see cit v. majestic hotel ltd. [2006] 155 taxman 447 (delhi). however, levy of interest under section 201(1a) is neither treated as ..... form an opinion about the tax liability of his employee in respect of the salary income. while forming this opinion, the employer is undoubtedly expected to act honestly and fairly. but if it is found that the estimate made by the employer is incorrect, this fact alone, without anything more, would ..... regarding inter alia treatment of any amount/receipt, then the employer/assessee cannot be held liable as assessee-in-default under section 201 of the act and subjected to the penal consequences of the alleged failure. they submit that the assessees bonafide believed that the tips are paid by the customers and ..... by the learned counsels for assesses is also distinguishable. it was in the context of wages under section 2(22) of the employees state insurance act, 1948 that it was held by the apex court that amount of service charges collected from the customers and disbursed among the employees does not amount ..... deduct tax at source, it would be essential to see, as to whether tips form part of the salary within the meanings scribed to it under the act. for the purpose of income to be chargeable under the head salary, section 15 defines salary as under: "15. salaries. - the following income .....

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Mar 01 2011 (SC)

Ashok Kumar Todi Vs. Kishwar Jahan and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Mar-01-2011

..... no fair investigation by the cid is possible in a manner where the allegation is against the highest brass of the calcutta police. in those circumstances and by placing reliance on various materials/instances about the interference by the police authorities on various occasions in the marital life of rizwanur rahman and priyanka todi, the writ petitioners prayed for a ..... . the objection that hotly disputed facts are involved which necessarily cannot be adjudicated by the writ court is equally unmeritorious.(iii) the third respondent therein - commissioner of police, kolkata, acted irresponsibly and instead of diffusing tension, he added fuel to fire.(iv) by summoning rizwanur rahman without registering any cognizable case against him on the basis of the ..... whether the high court, in exercise of its jurisdiction under article 226 of the constitution of india, can direct the cbi established under the delhi special police establishment act, 1946 (for short "the special police act") to investigate a cognizable offence, which is alleged to have taken place within the territorial jurisdiction of a state, without the consent of the state ..... married him on her own without pressure exerted from any quarter, respondents 5, 7, 8 and 9 therein jointly and severally are guilty of exceeding police powers conferred on them and thereby have acted ultra vires the constitution.(v) (vi) while passing the interim order on 16.10.2007, the learned single judge duly considered the materials presented and .....

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Jan 20 2011 (HC)

S.Ramu Vs. Govt.OfA.P.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Decided on : Jan-20-2011

..... is apt to extract here section 17 of pc act, which reads thus: "17 persons authorized to investigate:- notwithstanding anything contained in the code. of criminal procedure, 1973, no police officer below the rank,-- (a) in the case of the delhi special police establishment, of an inspector of police, (b) in the metropolitan areas of bombay, calcutta, madras and ahmedabad and in any other metropolitan ..... area notified as such under sub-section (1) of s.8 of code of criminal procedure, 1973 of an assistant commissioner of police (c) elsewhere, of a deputy superintendent of police or a police officer of equivalent rank, shall investigate any offence punishable under this act without the order of a ..... crime registered in 1992 was to the effect: "in exercise of powers conferred by the provisions on me, under section 17 of the prevention of corruption act, 1988, i p. k. runwal. superintendent of police, special police establishment, division-1 lokayukt karyalaya, gwalior division gwalior (m. p.) authorised shri d. s. rana insp- (spe) lak-gwl (m. p.) to investigate crime no. ..... warrants.19. in view of the same, i do not see any merit in the contention advanced by the learned senior counsel that the inspector of police is not authorized under section 17 of the pc act to register the crime and investigate into the matter. 20. in m.c.mehta's case (3 supra) the supreme court monitored the investigation, .....

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Apr 15 2011 (TRI)

S. Babu Proprietor (Vaishnavi Travel) Vs. Nainar Pillai and Others

Court : Tamil Nadu State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission SCDRC Chennai

Decided on : Apr-15-2011

..... to kurukshetra and budhgaya. the very fact that there was festival, must be the special reason for taking them to kurukshetra, and being not taken, the organizer has committed negligent act. similarly, it is also admitted, because of the law and order problem, they were unable to go to budhgaya. thus it is seen, the opposite parties have not taken the .....

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Aug 29 2011 (TRI)

The New India Assurance Company Limited Vs. Pramod Kumar Chaturvedi an ...

Court : Andhra Pradesh State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission SCDRC Hyderabad

Decided on : Aug-29-2011

..... having purchased the same under hire purchase agreement from opposite party no.1. while so on 24-8-2005 the vehicle was damaged in an accident. on a report, the police registered the case in crime no.64. when the vehicle was taken to autofin limited, secunderabad, it has given estimate for rs.3,17,848/-. when he made a claim ..... it may be noted that the conditions of a private car policy and commercial vehicle policy are completely different. in view of the provisions of section 64vb of the insurance act, it may not be possible for us to regularize the policy by collecting the premium at this stage. it has been pointed out to you on various occasions that the .....

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Jan 28 2011 (HC)

Ranabir Saha Vs. the State of West Bengal and anr.

Court : Kolkata Appellate

Decided on : Jan-28-2011

..... employment) scheme, 1970 in exercise of the power conferred by sub-section (1) of section 4 of the dock workers (regulation of employment) act, 1948. it also appears that by resolution no. 137 dated 25.03.1965 the calcutta dock labour board has accepted the recommendation of the sub-committee taken at its meeting held on 2nd and 5th february, 1965 in ..... place on record any document before this court to show that at the material point of time the chairman, calcutta port trust was empowered to act as chairman of the calcutta dock labour board and as such was the appointing and disciplinary authority of the calcutta dock labour board. 26. in such sanction order shri roy has not mentioned that such sanction was accorded ..... any authority lower than the appointing authority. 23. thus, from a plain reading of the dock workers (regulations of employment) act, 1948 and the rules and schemes framed by the calcutta dock labour board thereunder it appears to me that the calcutta dock labour board is the appointing authority as well as the disciplinary authority of its executive officer like the present petitioner ..... employee by the appointing authority. therefore, the next relevant question is to decide who is the appointing authority of the calcutta dock labour board. 18. it appears that unlike the major port trusts act, 1963 the dock workers (regulation of employment) act, 1948 was passed for the purpose of constitution and function of dock labour board to be established under section 5a thereof .....

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Jul 04 2011 (HC)

M/S. Kerala State Industrial Enterprises Ltd. Vs. Commissioner of Cent ...

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Jul-04-2011

..... hours, then such charges over the normal rates are certainly attributable for storage and safe custody of goods which squarely falls within the scope of s.65(102) of the act. unfortunately none of the authorities including the tribunal have chosen to find out whether from out of the terminal charges collected by the appellant from the airlines, any portion is ..... net. however, contention of the standing counsel is that the circular is issued specifically clarifying the scope of exemption under cargo handling services provided under s.65(23) of the act. even though circular is issued with reference to another charging section, what is clear from the circular is that the intention of the government is as far as possible to ..... levy service tax only if any part of the charges levied by the appellant falls within the description of storage and warehousing referred to in s.65(102) of the act. storage and warehousing obviously is storing the goods for a duration of time providing safe custody to goods. nobody sends the cargo or passenger baggage to appellants terminal building ..... from various airline companies for the facilities provided in the air cargo terminal attract service tax for storage and warehousing provided under s.65(102) of the finance act, 1994 (hereinafter called the act). we have heard senior counsel sri.joseph kodianthara appearing for the appellant - company and standing counsel sri.thomas mathew nellimoottil appearing for the respondent. 2. appellant is maintaining .....

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Nov 04 2011 (TRI)

Adv. T. Joseph Chairman, Rural Development Centre Vs. the Secretary, K ...

Court : Kerala State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission SCDRC Thiruvananthapuram

Decided on : Nov-04-2011

..... to pay this amount from his own pocket. there is no doubt that it is unfair trade practice and deficiency in service as per the provisions of the consumer protection act. the complainant is only liable to pay rs. 9,240 + rs. 3,85 = (total amount 9,625/-) the opposite parties have no right to collect rs. 27,098/-. as per ..... . b1 and b2 documents. the counsel for the opposite parties submitted that the assessment was done by the opposite parties as per the section 126(5) (6) of electricity amendment act 2007 an assessment at the rate equal to two times the tariff applicable for a period of 12 months immediately proceeding the date of inspection must be imposed. the counsel ..... equal to 2 times with tariff applicable for a period of 12 months immediately proceeding the date of inspection much imposed, as per section 126 (5) (6) of electricity amendment act, 2007. the fora taken a view that the assessment of the opposite party is correct, hence the impugned bill issued by them is also upheld by the forum below. 6 ..... .27,908/- has been issued out of previous enmity is false. on 18.9.09 , a surprise inspection was conducted by the authorized office under section 126 of the electricity act and it is found that consumer no. 7764 has an unauthorized load of 7kw and a mahazer was prepared and copy of the same was given to the employees present .....

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Jan 24 2011 (HC)

Gyanchand Verma Vs. Sudhakar B. Pujari and ors.

Court : Mumbai

Decided on : Jan-24-2011

..... u.k. the power to investigate crime is statutory. a notified officer is entitled to investigate an offence in accordance with the provisions of the criminal procedure code read with the police act or the manual, as the case may. the exercise of statutory power has to be lawful and free of malice or unfairness. the power must be exercised in good ..... of judicature at bombay(criminal appellate jurisdiction)criminal writ petition no.3143 of 2009mr.gyan chand verma703, redwood, marigold premiseskalyani nagar,pune 411 014...petitionerversus1) shri sudhakar b. pujarisenior police inspector,kole kalyan welfare andtraining centre, kalina.2) the state of maharashtra.3) the director generalanti corruption bureau,maharashtra,madhu industrial estate,pandurang budhkar marg,worli, mumbai...respondentsmr. ..... of inquiry and another[air 1989 sc 714]. the committee in that case decided to examine the conduct of the police officers including ms. kiran bedi and jinder singh as falling under section 8b of the commissions of inquiry act, 1952, and they were required to appear in the witness box for cross examination at the very inception of inquiry ..... identification parade of the accused or the articles of crime or recording dying declaration under section 32 of evidence act.15. the focal point of discussion from the above backdrop is as to whether the charge sheets including supplementary police reports are vitiated by the alleged mala fides on the part of either the informant or the investigating officer .....

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