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Mar 01 2013 (FN)

Nishithkumar Arvindbhai Gajjar Vs. Minister for Immigration and Citize ...

Court : Australia High Court

Decided on : Mar-01-2013

..... provided the means by which the results could be obtained rather than the results themselves. 26. the facts of this case are unusual. the plaintiff knew the first test results constituted information which did not support his application, but he was obliged to identify them, as the only evidence he had on the question of competency, in order that the application ..... visa; and (b) is specifically about the applicant ...; and (c) was not given by the applicant for the purpose of the application." 11. in saeed v minister for immigration and citizenship[4] ("saeed"), it was said that certain requirements of section 57(1) and (2) are similar to those arising under the general law. as stated by mason j in kioa ..... 1. kiefel j. the plaintiff is a citizen of india who is currently in australia on a bridging visa. on 9 january 2011, he lodged an application with the department of immigration and citizenship ("the department") for a skilled (provisional) (class vc) subclass 485 (skilled graduate) visa. a requirement for such a visa is that a visa applicant have "competent english"[1]. at .....

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Mar 14 2013 (FN)

Assistant Commissioner Michael James Condon Vs. Pompano Pty Ltd and An ...

Court : Australia High Court

Decided on : Mar-14-2013

..... courts of those countries have in recent years been called on to consider the compatibility of various forms of novel court procedures with constitutional or quasi-constitutional norms requiring that the determination of rights and obligations occur in a fair and public hearing before an independent and impartial tribunal[279]. ..... of the convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms (1950); s 7 of the canadian charter of rights and freedoms. [280] charkaoui v canada (citizenship and immigration) [2007] 1 scr 350. [281] home secretary v mb [2008] ac 440; home secretary v af (no 3) [2010] 2 ac 269 ..... ] hca 50; (2005) 224 clr 44 at 61 [51] per mchugh, gummow and hayne jj; [2005] hca 50; saeed v minister for immigration and citizenship [2010] hca 23; (2010) 241 clr 252 at 258 [11]; [2010] hca 23. [34] a diminution which was described in the explanatory notes to ..... on national security grounds[85]. the history of the sirc is set out in the judgment of mclachlin cj in charkaoui v canada (citizenship and immigration)[86]. the non-citizen applying for review would be represented by the special advocate during parts of a hearing from which the ..... or territory courts functions which substantially impair their defining or essential characteristics as courts. the queensland law, which is said to exceed those constitutional limits, is directed to the disruption and restriction of the activities of criminal organisations and their members and associates. it imposes upon the .....

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Feb 27 2013 (FN)

Man Haron Monis Vs. the Queen and Another

Court : Australia High Court

Decided on : Feb-27-2013

..... identified as protecting recipients of, or those who handle, postal articles from legally cognisable harm. none of the reactions described significant anger, significant resentment, outrage, disgust or hatred constitutes a form of legally cognisable harm. anger, resentment, outrage, disgust and hatred, however intense, are transient emotional responses which may, and more often than not will, leave no mark ..... at 329 [21]; [2004] hca 40. [369] potter v minahan [1908] hca 63; (1908) 7 clr 277 at 304; [1908] hca 63; see also saeed v minister for immigration and citizenship [2010] hca 23; (2010) 241 clr 252 at 259 [15]; [2010] hca 23. [370] as to which see pidoto v victoria [1943] hca 37; (1943) 68 clr 87. [ ..... services was foreshadowed long before federation. earl grey's privy council committee in 1849 designated the "conveyance of letters" as a matter of federal power. in 1853 wentworth's constitutional committee identified "postage between the said colonies" as a matter of federal responsibility. his memorial in 1857 conferred on a proposed federal assembly legislative power with respect to " ..... statutory language[368]. it presumes that the legislature would not infringe rights without expressing such an intention with "irresistible clearness"[369]. the same approach may be applied to constitutionally protected freedoms. in such a circumstance it may not be necessary to find a positive warrant for preferring a restricted meaning[370], save where an intention to restrict political .....

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