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Sep 08 1995 (TRI)

In Re: No. P/6 of 1995

Court : Authority for Advance Rulings

Reported in : (1998)234ITR371AAR

..... ; air 1963 sc 1811.the question before the supreme court in that case was whether the corporation could be considered to be a "citizen" of india for purposes of article 19 of the constitution and the constitution bench answered this question in the negative. the arguments on behalf of the petitioner started with the citation of a rule of english law "that a ..... that this did not conclude the issue of citizenship. it is not possible, particularly in view of hidayatullah j.'s observation cited above, to regard the decision as conclusively establishing that a corporation should be treated as a national ..... to say that even if it be established that a corporation possesses indian nationality this has not the result which is contended for namely that all or any of the citizenship rights arise." 48. shah j. (as he then was) also refers to the english rule on the issue as a starting point (para. 90) and then proceeds to point out ..... a nationality and the nationality is determined by the law of the country in which it is corporated" and this rule was sought to be extended to the concept of citizenship as well but this attempt did not succeed as the court was of the view that the two concepts were totally different. though the court cited the rule of english .....

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Oct 14 1997 (SC)

Mahesh Kumar Saharia Vs. State of Nagaland and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : AIR1998SC1561; [1998]92CompCas96(SC); JT1997(8)SC401; 1997(6)SCALE367; (1997)8SCC176; [1997]Supp4SCR458; 1997(2)LC792(SC)

..... depend upon whether a particular argument was considered therein or not provided that the point with reference to which an argument was subsequently advanced was actually decided.15. again another constitution bench in mohd. ayub khan v. commissioner of police, madras and anr. : [1965]2scr884 , held thus:this court has pronounced upon the legislative competence of the parliament to enact section ..... exercise of legislative power is not within the inhibition of section 20. therefore, the contention that the impugned legislation violates section 20 has no merit.12. this judgment of the constitution bench has been followed and applied recently in orissa cement ltd. and ors. v. slate of orissa and ors. : [1991]2scr105 ; indian aluminum company limited and anr. v. karnataka electricity ..... conflict with entries 52 or 7 list i.6. undoubtedly, mr. sunil gupta, learned counsel for the appellant elaborately argued the matter and ultimately contended that the ruling of a constitution bench of this court in ishwari khetan sugar mills (p.) ltd and ors. v. state of uttar pradesh and ors. : [1980]3scr331 requires reconsideration as certain aspects were not ..... 9 of the citizenship act. 1955 in izhar ahmad khan v. union of india. in the same case challenge to the validity of rule 3 of schedule iii to the rules framed under the .....

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Dec 15 1975 (HC)

Smt. Pushpaben Kantilal Shah Vs. K.N. Zutshi and ors.

Court : Gujarat

Reported in : 1976CriLJ1419

..... a court of law is void is normally part of the judicial function and is not a legislative function. although there is in the constitution of india no rigid separation of powers, by and large the spheres of judicial function and legislative function have been demarcated and it is not permissible ..... of separation of powers as recognised in america is not applicable to our country.... the rigid separation of powers as under the american constitution or under the australian constitution does not apply to our country. many powers which are strictly judicial have been excluded from the purview of the courts.similarly ..... become necessary to enquire whether obtaining a passport from a foreign government is or is not inherently relevant in proving the voluntary acquisition of the citizenship of that foreign state ' applying the test for determining whether a particular rule is a rule of evidence or not as indicated in the ..... of any other country shall be conclusive proof of his having voluntarily acquired the citizenship of the country before that date. in paragraph 29, after examining all ..... with the validity of rule 3 of schedule 3 of citizenship rules, 1956, made by the government under the citizenship act, 1955. under rule 3 which was the impugned rule, it was provided that the fact that a citizen of india has obtained on any date a passport from the government .....

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Sep 10 1952 (HC)

Mrs. Rosetta Evelyn Attaullah Vs. JustIn Attaullah and anr.

Court : Kolkata

Reported in : AIR1953Cal530,57CWN778

..... effect:'mr. j. ataullah is free to come to india and settle down here if he so desires. his citizenship of the dominion of india will, however, be determined according to the provisions of the draft constitution of india, recently published which are yet to be adopted by the constituent assembly of india with or without any modifications. as regards employment under the ..... government of india, there is none which could fee offered to ..... 17. under the provisions of the indian independence act, 1947, all rights, authority and jurisdiction exercisable fay the king of england over the territories constituting british india under section 2, read with section 311(1), government of india act, 1935 (25 and 28 geo. v. c. 42) came to an end. this will become abundantly clear if we refer to ..... examination of the provisions contained in the indian independence act it ban already been pointed out that british india bad ceased to exist after two new independent states having sovereign authority over particular portions of the original territory which constituted british india had been brought into this case therefore there was no possibility of a british indian subject .....

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Aug 23 2011 (HC)

Asha Chawla and Others Vs. Union of India and Others

Court : Punjab and Haryana

..... fall under entries 17 to 19 of list-i, as contended. in pith and substance, the subject matter does not deal with the issue of citizenship, extradition or admission into and emigration and expulsion from india, passports and visas which are subjects in list-i. the amendment deals with rights of non-resident indians in tenanted premises in relation to right ..... co-exist without any conflict. 9. the classification of non-resident indians, as a separate class of landlords, cannot be held to be violative of article 14 of the constitution. right to seek eviction on the ground of bonafide need is available to all landlords. only difference in the case of nris and certain other specified landlords is that ..... eviction on non-residents, including foreigners was arbitrary and discriminatory qua the residents and thus, violative of article 14 of the constitution; (iv) the impugned notification, extending the amending act to chandigarh, is exercise of essential legislative functions by the executive which was not permissible under section 87 of the reorganisation ..... the subject matter of the legislation is covered by existing law namely the citizenship act, 1955 and foreign exchange management act, 1999 and the impugned amendment being repugnant to the statutory provisions of central law, the field being occupied, the state legislation is void under article 254 of the constitution; (iii) the act to the extent of conferring preferential right of .....

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Oct 19 2005 (HC)

Welham Boys' School Society Vs. Central Board of Direct Taxes and Anr. ...

Court : Uttaranchal

Reported in : (2006)206CTR(Uttranchal)56; [2006]285ITR74(Uttaranchal)

..... the high court under article 226 of the constitution of india without exhausting the alternate remedy. the order impugned in this petition is an order passed by the second respondent without power and jurisdiction ..... and therefore, the petitioner was entitled to approach this court under article 226 of the constitution of india for quashing the said order without exhausting any alternate remedy of filing appeal. hence, we reject the contention of learned counsel for the ..... order. the availability of an alternate remedy does not operate as a bar against the exercise of jurisdiction under article 226 of the constitution of india. moreover, if the impugned order is an order passed without power and jurisdiction, the aggrieved person is entitled to invoke the jurisdiction of ..... ble supreme court, the orders mentioned in section 21 of the general clauses act are not orders of the kind contemplated in section 5 of the citizenship act. in mukand iron and steel works limited v. v. g. deshpande reported in [1986] 69 fjr 280 ; [1986] lab ic 1612 ..... rajasthan reported in air 1967 sc 107, a constitution bench of the hon'ble supreme court considered whether apart from the power under section 10(2) of the citizenship act, the collector having power to grant the registration certificate under the citizenship act, had the power to cancel it by .....

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Apr 13 2006 (HC)

Biram Majhi Vs. Pramila Giri Alias Nayak

Court : Orissa

Reported in : AIR2006Ori124

..... a foreign country, ceased to be a citizen of india. the supreme court, no doubt held that whatever may be the proceeding in which he question of loss of citizenship of a person arised for consideration, the decision in that proceeding on the said question should depend upon the decision of the authority constituted for determining the said question under section 9(2 ..... ) of the citizenship act, 1955. but, however, the supreme court presuming that the high court has jurisdiction to decide the said question held that the allegation made in the election ..... petition regarding acquisition of citizenship of a foreign country by the respondent were wholly inadequate to record any finding in favour of the appellant since it is not shown that there is any provision in ..... our law which provides that a person would automatically lose his indian citizenship on his marriage with a person who is a citizen of a foreign country or by acquiring property in a foreign country.however, in the present case, the primary question .....

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Dec 01 1960 (HC)

inder Lall Yugal Kishore Vs. Lal Singh Mukund Singh and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Reported in : AIR1961Raj122

..... candidature of the respondent no. 2; but the contention of the learned counsel for the appellant is that the allegations made in the petition constitute statements of fact which are false statements made in relation to the personal character or conduct of the maharawal of dungarpur. there is of ..... for consideration is whether the documents in question fall within the purview of section 123, clause (4) of the act, so that their publication may constitute corrupt practice under the act. as we have said the contents of the documents are identical. we may, therefore, reproduce the relevant portions thereof to ..... an indian national, whether the passport is legal evidence or not cannot lead to any irresistible inference that the said person had voluntarily acquired the citizenship of a foreign state; for such a passport could also be issued to a citizen by birth or descent. that being so, we find ..... have been married there to lal mohammed and returned with him under a pakistani passport to india. lal mohammed is admittedly an indian national residing in india. it appears that later kulsum obtained a certificate of indian citizenship; but on the day when the general elections took place she had not obtained any ..... whether living or dead or nonexistent, or whose names appeared in the same ward for two different houses or persons who were not citizens of india but whose names all the same appeared in the electoral rolls; or even in name of fictitious persons. secondly, it was alleged that the .....

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Feb 22 2010 (HC)

Mini Vs. Jwala Sajikumar

Court : Kerala

Reported in : 2010(1)KLT1000

..... filed for a declaration that he is a member of a community which come under the scheduled tribes. adverting to the declaration of the president of india under articles 341 and 342 of the constitution, with respect to the lists of the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes in a state, it was held by the apex court that such notification is ..... or admission or at any stage thereafter (section 7), constitution of scrutiny committee for verification of the community certificates (section 8), and enquiry by the expert agency (section 9) to examine and give a final conclusive opinion over the ..... over the question presented has to be adverted to. the scheme of the k (sc & st) ricc act provide for issue of certificate by the competent authority (section 5), constitution of screening committee for verification of community certificate (section 6), further verification by the competent authority or the head of the educational institution at the time of initial appointment, selection ..... not entertainable nor can be adjudicated upon in the petition, by the apex court, since the central government alone has exclusive jurisdiction under the citizenship act, 1955 to decide questions regarding loss of indian citizenship and acquisition of citizenship of a foreign country. so far as the k (sc & st) ricc act is concerned, it regulates the issue of the community .....

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Mar 25 2014 (HC)

Zabeda Khatun Vs. The Union of India and Others

Court : Guwahati

..... the finding being not based on the evidence on record. the writ court exercising extra ordinary jurisdiction under article 226 of the constitution of india cannot sit on appeal over the findings of facts recorded by the tribunal. needless to say that this court exercising its jurisdiction under article ..... of the state of assam from such external aggression and internal disturbance as enjoined in article 355 of the constitution. having regard to this constitutional mandate, the question arises whether the union of india has taken any measures for that purpose. 45. as mentioned earlier, the influx of bangladeshi nationals who have ..... are peculiarly within the knowledge of a person should prove it and not the party who avers the negative. ? 7. the issue relating to citizenship, particularly in assam, will have to be considered keeping in mind that there is large scale illegal migration of bangladeshi nationals to assam. in this ..... reason for placing the burden of proof upon the person concerned who asserts to be a citizen of a particular country. in order to establish ones citizenship, normally he may be required to give evidence of (i) his date of birth, (ii) place of birth, (iii) name of his parents, ..... (iv) their place of birth and citizenship. sometimes the place of birth of his grand parents may also be relevant like under section 6-a (1)(d) of the citizenship act. all these facts would necessarily be within the personal knowledge of the person concerned and .....

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