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Jan 30 1883 (PC)

Subramania Ayyan and anr. Vs. Venkata Rayar and anr.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Jan-30-1883

Reported in : (1883)ILR6Mad254

..... dismissed. the suit was brought to set aside certain documents on the ground that they had been obtained by coercion. but upon the trial it was found that there had been no such coercion as would justify the avoidance of the contracts under the indian contract act, section 15; and in appeal, and second appeal, the plaintiff has taken up new ground, and has pleaded, ..... not so much coercion as fraud, and want of consideration. these grounds having been taken for the first time on appeal, ..... section 2973 of the indian penal code, and, if it could be shown that these unlawful acts were done with the intention of inducing the plaintiffs to enter into the documents now sought to be cancelled and that the documents were in consequence executed, the acts of the defendants would amount to coercion under section 15 of the contract act, and the contract would be voidable. ..... the house was sold.26. therefore no ground has been shown for avoiding the contracts, or for setting aside the documents in question.27. the second appeal must be dismissed with costs.1' coercion' defined.[section 15 : coercion is the committing, or threatening to commit, any act forbidden by the indian penal code, or the unlawful detaining, or threatening to detain, any property, to .....

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Mar 05 1883 (FN)

Antoni Vs. Greenhow

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Mar-05-1883

..... against the state under page 107 u. s. 800 the same rules and regulations that govern actions between private parties. in 1865, this act was repealed. the creditor, when the contract was made, acquired therefore no right to the writ of mandamus, for it was not then an existing remedy, and so mr. justice ..... the constitution of the united states against the state itself, and a suit to compel the officers of a state to do the acts which constitute a performance of its contract by the state is a suit against the state itself. if the state furnishes a remedy by process against itself or its officers, ..... on which it is placed in its opinion. page 107 u. s. 783 i agree that the state of virginia, by the act of 1871, entered into a valid contract with the holders of its bonds to receive their coupons in payment of taxes, and that any subsequent statute which denies this right is ..... a part of it. this embraces alike those which affect its validity, construction, discharge, and enforcement. nothing is more material to the obligation of a contract than the means of its enforcement. the ideas of validity and remedy are inseparable, and both are parts of the obligation which is guaranteed by the constitution ..... may be used to give full effect to what the state has, by its act of submission, allowed to be done, and if the law permits coercion of the public officers to enforce any judgment that may be rendered, then such coercion may be employed for that purpose. but this is very far from authorizing the .....

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