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Dec 12 2003 (SC)

In Re: News Item Published in Hindustan Times Titled and Quit Flow Mai ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : 108(2003)DLT592(SC); 2003(10)SCALE618; (2004)9SCC569

..... effect of the working of the press note can be demonstrated by reference to the following comparative statement:schedulelist of enactments repealed (see section 9)number and year(1)short title(2)extent of repeal(3)1.xxxxxx2.orissa act iv of 1950 orissa merged states' laws act 1950the words 'subject to the restrictions that no transfer of a holding from a member ..... plan of delhi-2001 was made on july 23, 1998 which is the subject matter of the present proceedings. it is noticed that increase of far and increased density without corresponding increase in provision of services like water, power, circulation, park, etc. would lead to making urban areas in delhi uninhabitable and lead to ecological degradation and urban degeneration. hence ..... will not cause further problems out help those who are already residing in those units to have little mere accommodation. bearing that aspect in view and after having studied the comparative chart set out earlier which clearly indicates that all that will happen is to give a little more accommodation without adding to the burden of the infrastructure facilities.11. hence ..... provided for compounding of excess coverage beyond the sanctioned or permissible limit and also compounding of infringement set-backs which were not provided for in the unified building bye-laws, 1983. in addition, the committee bearing in mind the present scenario in delhi recommended increase in ground coverage, floor area ratio, dwelling units according to size of the plot. .....

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May 07 2004 (HC)

D.S. Ahluwalia Vs. Union of India (Uoi) and ors.

Court : Jammu and Kashmir

Reported in : 2004(2)JKJ503

..... . bhardwaj, learned senior counsel for the petitioner has invited my attention to the recruitment rules of bsf law officers dated 13th april 1999 (annexure 'd'), comparative chart of bsf recruitment rules (old and new) and coast guard (annexure 'e'), duties and responsibilities of bsf law officers vis--vis their counterparts in the ..... guard and nsg without submitting any objection to this court inspite of the liberty having been granted to the mha in this regard.12. the comparative chart of recruitment rules of law officers in the bsf vis--vis their counterparts in coast guard reveals that for the post of chief law officer ..... officers in the bsf. however, in para 63.104 of the report, the pay commission has observed 'pay scales of coast guard personnel broadly correspond to pay scales of personnel in central police organisation, like bsf and certain allowances are also paid on the pattern of bsf because of their similar ..... f 1.1.96 based upon the recommendation of 5th central pay commission. the law officers of bsf also have got the replacement pay scales corresponding to their pre-revised pay scale as the vth cpc relating to up gradation of posts of bsf law officers to bring them at par ..... in a gazetted post in legal department of the state/central government, is essential. on the other hand, in the coast guard, section 115 of the coast guard act, 1978, which regulates the appointments of chief law officer and other law officers, provides an experience of 10 years in judicial service as .....

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Feb 04 2009 (HC)

Pawanjay Steel and Power Ltd. Vs. State of Jharkhand and ors.

Court : Jharkhand

Reported in : AIR2009Jhar105; 2009(57)BLJR1437

..... iron ore and manganese ore to the respondent no. 7 under the provisions of section 5(1) and section 11(5) of the m.m.d. & r. act, 1957. the chart containing the comparative merits of each of the applicants was also enclosed with the forwarding letter. correspondences were exchanged by and between the state and the central governments giving the details of ..... such claim, the state government had allowed all the applicants including the petitioner, opportunity of being heard and a comparative chart was prepared on the basis of the criteria as laid down under the provisions of section 11(3) of the act. such exercise was undertaken to enable the petitioner and the other rival claimants to establish their superior claims which, ..... 's representation, vide its letter dated 13.09.2005, alongwith the other informations sought for under a comparative chart specifying the details concerning each of the items as per criteria laid down under the provisions of section 11(3) of the act.learned counsel explains that after going through all the relevant informations including the clarifications submitted by the state ..... grounds and arguments, learned counsel would refer to the comparative chart prepared by the concerned authorities of the state government based on the informations supplied by the individual applicants. learned counsel would explain that undisputedly the respondent no. 7 was the first applicant in terms of section 11(2) of the act, who had a preferential right of consideration over .....

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Jan 29 2007 (HC)

K. Sathya Murthy Vs. the Secretary Ministry for Industry and Commerce ...

Court : Karnataka

Reported in : 2007(4)KarLJ686; 2007(4)KCCRSN260; 2007(3)AIRKarR40.

..... patents act, 1970 by the amending act of 2005; that the present procedure for processing the applications is now streamlined comparable to similar processing procedures undertaken elsewhere in other developed countries such as european countries, japan as also in united states of america, comparative charts indicating the present procedure and the duration for completing the processing is indicated in annexure-ii while corresponding procedures ..... hearing on 25-8-2006.'dvskj: 19-09-2006learned counsel for the petitioner as well as respondents are to be furnished with copies of newspaper article published in panorama section of the deccan herald daily dated 13-7-2006 in the heading 'medicines out of the commoners reach .copies of the article are given to sri thimmanna, learned ..... office, chennai2. the affidavit inter alia, points out that sweeping changes have been brought about by the amendment act of 2005 to the parent patent act of 1970 and some major changes such as omission of section 5 of the principal act, having taken place and changed statutory position substantially alters the grounds on which the persons can either claim to be ..... effect from the 20th may, 2003 and certain provisions have been made in respect of pending applications as indicated in section 11b of the act. it is submitted that all pending applications are required to be processed under the act only on a specific request made by the applicants by continuing their applications on payment of certain fees within a .....

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Jul 28 2017 (HC)

Dr Kalipada Mohanta Vs. The State of Jharkhand Through Cbi

Court : Jharkhand

..... to be fake and forged and m/s jayant agencies is not an authorized dealer of lg company. he further mentioned in the note that as per the comparative chart, m/s jayant agencies was l-1 for lg acs and even though m/s. jayant agencies was not an authorized dealer of split a.cs of ..... . 7,38,000/- to the central university of jharkhand. the firm has thus caused total loss of rs. 7,92,420/- to central university of jharkhand and corresponding wrongful gain. so far as petitioner, shri shyam narayan, petitioner in a.b.a. no. 3421 of 2016 is concerned while functioning as registrar and chairman of ..... and criminal misconduct and pursuance thereof, by abusing his official position, caused a wrongful gain of rs. 7,38,414.00/- to the above mentioned private firm and corresponding wrongful loss to the central university of jharkhand, brambe, ranchi in the matter of procurement of 217 nos. of split air conditioners of lg company alongwith accessories, ..... e. 7 acs of 2 tons and 10 a.cs of 1.5 tons at higher rates of rs. 29,990 and rs. 24,9990/- respectively as compared to the rates of the authorized dealer m/s maruti sales. thus cuj was put to a wrongful loss of rs. 3490 per split a.c of 2 ..... the c.b.i petitioners are apprehending their arrest in connection with the case registered under sections 120b read with 420, 467, 468 & 471 of the indian penal code and section 13(2) r/w 13(1)9d) of the prevention of corruption act, 1988.. the case of the prosecution is that information has been received from a .....

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Oct 05 1988 (HC)

Ashok Kumar Bhatnagar Vs. Shabnam Bhatnagar

Court : Delhi

Reported in : AIR1989Delhi122; 1989(16)DRJ105

..... thenceforth, taken up by their respective fathers. both of them seem to be fond of indulging in high verbosity but on a comparative reading of the correspondence, it becomes apparent that respondent's father was still reflecting a conciliatory approach, by giving his own solutions like swearing before god ..... be complied with; and that to that extent he should be held debarred from taking advantage of 'his own wrong within the meaning of section 23(l)(a) of the act; was repelled with the . observation that no such intention of the legislature could be read into the expression; 'his own wrong' as ..... the awarding by court, a reasonable maintenance.' this could be nothing but a divorce through court by mutual consent as now provided by section 13-b of the hindu marriage act, with some alimony. there is also a suggestion in one of his earlier letters, that in case she was not prepared to ..... thakar dass 1977 hlr 391, wherein it was held that uncorroborated testimony of the wife, who was the petitioner in a petition under section 10 of the hindu marriage act, in face of failure to examine material witnesses could not be taken as sufficient, and her sole evidence was too meager to ..... been disclosed, not only in the written statement filed by the respondent at the earliest opportunity, but also in the application moved under section 24 of the hindu marriage act for seeking maintenance pendente lite for herself and her child, the petitioner did not take any steps to make amends for the lapse, .....

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Mar 13 2015 (HC)

Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (Publ) Vs. Intex Technologies (India) ...

Court : Delhi

..... and delivery up etc.2. alongwith the plaint the plaintiff has filed the interim application being i.a. no.6735/2014 under order xxxix rule 1 and 2 read with section 151 cpc. by this order, i propose to decide the abovementioned application.3. the facts stated in the plaint the plaintiff, m/s telefonaktiebolaget lm ericsson is a company incorporated .....

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Mar 21 2006 (TRI)

Deputy Commissioner of Vs. Delhi Press Samachar Patra (P.)

Court : Income Tax Appellate Tribunal ITAT Delhi

Reported in : (2006)101ITD253(Delhi)

..... the comparative chart expenses booked under different units appearing at page 22 of the compilation of the assessee, with a submission that in each and every head, assessee has booked higher expenses in unit no. i because the unit no, i is no longer eligible for deduction under section 80-i of the act. since ..... instant case the impugned assessment satisfied the said tests? from the discovery of secret accounts in the head office, it does not necessarily follow that a corresponding set of secret accounts were maintained in the branch office, though it is probable that such accounts were maintained. but, as the accounts were secret, ..... but no expenses was shown in unit no. iii. in unit no. i another sum of rs. 48,26,988 was shown under the head 'ink', corresponding to that only rs. 1,04,113 was shown under similar head in unit no. iii. he, accordingly, concluded that expenses on ink in unit no. ..... id. dr further pointed out that the assessee has booked the expenses at rs. 17,32,165 under the head 'subscription deposit scheme' but no corresponding expenses are booked in units no.ii and iii nothing has been placed on record on behalf of the assessee either before the cit(a) or ..... has also noticed that other item such as subscription deposit service expenses amounting to rs. 17,32,165 is shown in unit no. i but no corresponding expenses were shown in unit no. iii. with regard to this subscription deposit service expenses, assessing officer observed that the assessee has not brought out a .....

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Jul 17 2009 (HC)

Brahmi Impex Limited Vs. Union of India (Uoi) and ors.

Court : Jharkhand

Reported in : 2009(57)BLJR2735

..... the petitioner, it has been stated that the petitioner's case was not recommended as per the provisions of section 11(3) a, b, c, d of the m.m.d.r. act, is apparent therefore that though in the first comparative chart, the remarks suggest that the petitioner's application was not considered on account of the pending litigation, but the ..... committee conducted the hearing on 18.01.2008 and heard each of the applicants, including the petitioner on its merits vis--vis the prescribed parameters as laid down under the act and the corresponding rules and upon assessing the superior merit of the respondent no. 8, the committee made its recommendation in favour of the respondent no. 8 under the provisions of ..... information, which the petitioner had already supplied and a comparative examination was made vis--vis, the other applicants. this would only emphasize that in the decision-making process, the concerned authorities of the state government did adhere to the provisions of law as contained both in the m.m.d.r. act and the corresponding rules. the petitioner cannot dispute the authority of ..... section 5(1) of the m.m.d.r. act, 1957 for grant of lease. the proceeding of the committee, the details of which were recorded in annexure-11, filed by the petitioner .....

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Jan 07 2004 (TRI)

Surinder Pal Verma Vs. Asstt. Cit

Court : Income Tax Appellate Tribunal ITAT Chandigarh

Reported in : (2004)83TTJ(Chd.)24

..... commissioner (appeals). the assessee inter alia, contended before the departmental valuation officer that the premium applied by the departmental valuation officer while valuing the various items is excessive as compared to the corresponding ratio of premium applied by the registered valuer. the learned vice president in para 9 of his order has given three illustrations from the report of the departmental valuation ..... officer and the report given by the registered valuer. i have gone through the chart submitted by the assessee placed at pp. 95 to 98 of the paper book in which item-wise difference in the valuation made by the departmental valuation officer as compared to corresponding valuation made by the registered valuer have been given. for instance, the departmental valuation officer ..... lakh surrendered by shri surinder pal verma and smt. neelam verma, respectively in their own hands or not? the impugned additions have been made under section 69 of the income tax act. section 69 refers to the unexplained investments.section 69b refers to the amount of investments, etc. not fully disclosed in the books of accounts. the admitted position is that all the 8 ..... in this case, the income tax officer made the addition of rs. 2,79,000 in asst. yr, 1982-83 and rs. 1,77,000 in respect of assessment year 1983-84 as undisclosed investment in the construction of the house on the basis of report given by the valuation officer. the tribunal held that the assessing officer could not have .....

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