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May 01 2012 (SC)

General Officer Commanding Vs. Cbi and anr.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : May-01-2012

..... government, against any person in respect of anything done or purported to be done in exercise of the powers conferred by this act.thus, it is evident from the aforesaid comparative chart that under the provisions of cr.p.c. and prevention of corruption act, it is the court which is restrained to take cognizance without previous sanction of the competent authority. under the ..... arms and ammunition allegedly recovered from the terrorists killed in the encounter, which tant amounts to causing of disappearance of the evidence, constituting an offence under section 201 rpc. in this regard, there had been correspondence and a special situation report dated 25.3.2000 was sent by major amit saxena, the then adjutant, to head quarter-i, sector rr stating that ..... the face of it or is apparent even though in law it may not be so." (emphasis added) (see also: haji siddik haji umar & ors. v. union of india, air 1983 sc 259). (iii) good faith:44. a public servant is under a moral and legal obligation to perform his duty with truth, honesty, honour, loyality and faith etc. he is ..... subject to the control of the central govt. such matter is being governed by the provisions of section 475 cr.p.c. read with the provisions of the j & k criminal courts and court-martial (adjustment of jurisdiction) rules, 1983. rule 6 of the said rules, 1983, provides that in case the accused has been handed over to the army authorities to be .....

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Jan 20 2012 (SC)

Vodafone International Holdings B.V. Vs. Union of India and anr.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jan-20-2012

..... ultimately omega) with right to acquire share capital of omega were also contractual rights between the parties. on transfer of cgp share to vodafone corresponding rearrangement were made in the shas and fwas and term sheet agreements in which vodafone was not a party. 142. spa, through the transfer ..... transactional documents, while examining the offshore transaction of the nature involved in this case, in that light. scope and applicability of sections 195 and 163 of it act 89. section 195 casts an obligation on the payer to deduct tax at source (tas for short) from payments made to non- residents ..... is to confer rights and impose obligations over and above those provided by the company law. sha is a private contract between the shareholders compared to articles of association of the company, which is a public document. being a private document it binds parties thereof and not the ..... tax obligations. on 09.04.2007 htil submitted fwas, shas, loan agreement, share-pledge agreements, guarantees, hypothecations, press announcements, regulatory filing etc., charts of tii and omega shareholding, note on terms of agreement relating to acquisition by as, ag and idfc, presentation by goldman sachs on fair ..... ever have intended to make such a person subject to particular english legislation. in clark (inspector of taxes) v. oceanic contractors inc. (1983) 1 all er 133, the house of lords had to consider the question whether chargeability has ipso facto sufficient nexus to attract tds provisions. .....

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Aug 29 2012 (SC)

Mohammed Ajmal Mohammad Amir Kasab Alias Abu Mujahid and Others Vs. St ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Aug-29-2012

Reported in : (2012)9SCC1; JT2012(8)SC4; 2012(4)KCCR271(SN); 2012AIRSCW4942; AIR2012SC3565; 2012(7)SCALE553

..... them through email and had told them that he was a reseller of voip services. kharak singh had contacted them on october 20, 2008, by email. after correspondence with kharak singh on email they had provided him fifteen (15) pc2phone accounts, ten (10) common client accounts and five (5) did austrian phone numbers. ..... to contend that, in any event, after the enactment of the very comprehensive provisions in chapter iv of the unlawful activities (prevention) act, 1967, the provisions of section 121 of the penal code would cease to apply to terrorist attack on the indian state on principles analogous to those governing the implied repeal ..... the rarest of rare cases came up for consideration and elaboration in machhi singh v. state of punjab [(1983) 3 scc 470]. it was a case of extraordinary brutality (from normal standards but nothing compared to this case!). on account of a family feud machhi singh, the main accused in the case along with ..... appellants dna matched the dna profile from a sweat stain detected on one of the jackets (see report ext. no. 205-f). a chart showing the matching of the dna of the different accused with dna profiles from stains on different articles found and recovered from the kuber is annexed at ..... mean that the counsel for the appellant was not given sufficient time to prepare for the case.501. mr. subramanium gave us a chart showing not only the day-to-day developments in the trial but also giving details of the hours of the court proceedings on each day, .....

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May 08 2012 (SC)

State of Kerala and ors. Vs. Ms. Mar Appraem Kuri Co.Ltd. and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : May-08-2012

..... that there is repugnancy between some of the provisions of those legislations. the expression "discount" in section 2(g) of the chit funds act gives a different definition compared to sub-section (4) of section 2 of the kerala chitties act, 1975. so also section 4(1) of the chit funds act deals with registration of chits, commencement and conduct of chit business. provisions of the kerala chitties ..... act, section 3(1) are also contextually different. section 6(3) of the central act states that the amount of discount ..... must be some law authorising the government to bring the act into force.where is that law to be found unless it were in section 1(3)? in answer, shri nambiyar referred us to the principle embodied in section 37 of the english interpretation act which corresponds to section 22 of our general clauses act. that section does not help the petitioner at all. all that it does ..... to test repugnancy one has to go by the making of law and not by its commencement. case law 18(i) in t. barai v. henry ah hoe reported in (1983) 1 scc 177, this court has laid down the following principles on repugnancy."15. there is no doubt or difficulty as to the law applicable. article 254 of the constitution .....

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Oct 24 2012 (FN)

Birmingham City Council Vs. Abdulla and Others

Court : UK Supreme Court

Decided on : Oct-24-2012

..... the claimants or, if so, that their work was rated as equivalent with that of the male comparators and whether it will seek to prove pursuant to section 1(3) of the act, as substituted by regulation 2(2) of the equal pay (amendment) regulations 1983 (si 1983/1794), that any variation between the contracts was genuinely due to a material factor other than the ..... treated as so modified as not to be less favourable, and (ii) if (apart from the equality clause) at any time the woman's contract does not include a term corresponding to a term benefiting that man included in the contract under which he is employed and determined by the rating of the work, the woman's contract shall be treated ..... attached to the time-bar. at the time when the equal pay act was passed, section 26 of the limitation act 1939 (now section 32 of the limitation act 1980) provided for the deferral of the running of a limitation period under the general law in cases of fraud and concealment. there was, however, no corresponding provision applicable to equal treatment claims under the equal pay ..... act, even in cases of concealment. over the years parliament has introduced other grounds of deferral .....

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