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Mar 14 1997 (SC)

Sri Adi Visheshwara of Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi and ors. Vs. ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Mar-14-1997

Reported in : JT1997(4)SC124; 1997(3)SCALE1; (1997)4SCC606; [1997]2SCR1086

..... source and authority of all those held sacred by hindus. in course of its development, the hindu religion did undergo several changes, which reacted on the social system and introduced corresponding changes in the social and religious institution. but whatever changes were brought about by time it cannot be disputed that they were sometimes of a revolutionary character the fundamental, moral ..... of right conduct are the forms which singly or in combination all be the progress of law. which of these forces shall dominate in any case depends largely upon the comparative importance or value of the social interest that will be, thereby, impaired. there shall be symmetrical development with history or custom when history or custom has been the motive force ..... may be determined in accordance with the rules made in this behalf and shall not be entitled to any other perquisites or emoluments, save as permitted by or under this act.18. section 24 gives power to the chief executive officer to prepare, within three months from the appointed date, the scale of expenditure in the temple and the amounts which should ..... initially challenged the ordinance, pending proceedings, the u.p. act no. 29/1983 came into force after receiving the assent of the president on october 12, 1983 and was notified in the state gazette on october 13, 1983.3. by operation of sub-section (2) of section 1, the act came into force w.e.f. january 28, 1983, i.e., on the 'appointed date' under the first .....

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Jul 11 1997 (SC)

S.S. Bola and Others Vs. B.D. Sardana and Others

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jul-11-1997

Reported in : AIR1997SC3127; JT1997(6)SC637; 1997(5)SCALE90; (1997)8SCC522; [1997]Supp2SCR507

..... already been considered and needs no reiteration. it was held that until they are duly appointed substantively to the service in accordance with sub-section (9) of section 8 of the act or corresponding repealed rules, they do not become members of the service, though they are confirmed probationers. availability of the cadre post within quota was a precondition to become a substantive member ..... ) 1 scr 288 31 (1976) 4 scc 750 : 1976 scc (l&s;) 36 : (1976) 3 scr 237 32 (1984) 3 scc 281 : 1984 scc (l&s;) 520 33 (1983) 2 scc 33 : 1983 scc (l&s;) 231 34 (1993) 2 scc 363 35 1993 supp (1) scc 96 (2) : air 1992 sc 522 36 (1995) 6 scc 16 : 1995 scc (l&s ..... rules framed by the governor in exercise of power under the proviso to article 309 of the constitution and 1995 act passed by the haryana legislature indicate the following changes which have been brought about by the ..... enactment clearly indicates that it is an act for consolidation of rules relating to different branches. it reads thus: to regulate the recruitment and conditions of service of persons appointed to the haryana service of engineers, class i, public works department (buildings and roads branch), (public health branch) and (irrigation branch) respectively. 183. a comparative study of the provisions of the 1961 .....

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Jun 19 1997 (FN)

United States Vs. Alaska

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Jun-19-1997

..... the convention on the territorial sea and the contiguous zone (convention) is overruled. the coastline from which a state measures its submerged lands act grant corresponds to the baseline from which the united states measures its territorial sea under the convention. according to the convention's normal baseline approach, ..... be based on 19 years of readings. second, an engineering firm measured dinkum sands' highest points in march, june, and august 1981. comparing the feature's highest elevation measurements to the mean high-water level, the master found that dinkum sands was not above mean high water at ..... in this case, including tidelands and lands beneath the territorial sea. b the master examined the legal effect of the 1957 application in one section of his report and applied the analysis of montana and utah div. of state lands in another. these inquiries overlap significantly, as the ..... that dinkum sands is "frequently below mean high water," report 39, alaska relies on three cartographic sources. first, two nau- 28 tical charts produced following a 1949-1950 survey of the beaufort sea by a united states coast and geodetic survey party depict dinkum sands as an island ..... claimed ownership of submerged lands beneath certain coastal features within the reserve's boundaries. order of special master in united states v. alaska, o. t. 1983, no. 84 orig. (jan. 4, 1984). a separate proceeding concerning ownership of submerged lands beneath inland navigable waters is pending in 33 federal .....

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