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Oct 28 1996 (HC)

National Insurance Co. Ltd. Vs. Smt. Santro Devi and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Oct-28-1996

Reported in : I(1997)ACC211; 1997ACJ111; (1996)114PLR667

..... is in a position to control the conduct of the insured or insurer in the use of vehicles in public place. there is no gain-saying that the contract of indemnity is not a personal contract in that sense with the third person. it is the third party's right against the insured undertaken by the insurer to re-imburse the insured under ..... of loss too. insurer cannot be antagonised because its participation in carrying out the welfare activities of government which is the governmental functions.34. the contract of motor insurance in essence is one of the indemnity for consideration which guarantees the insured, compensation for the loss or risk in case of an accident or loss or damage suffered totally or partially stipulated ..... the holder of a fake driving licence renewed by a competent authority, would not amount to violation of the conditions of contract or of insurance policy. it would not be violating either conditions of indemnity or the insurance policy or the contract or violation of any statutory provisions. under these circumstances, merely employing a driver with a forged driving licence would not absolve ..... insured. the insurer is entitled to all the rights and remedies against third person with respect to the subject matter of insurance. the contract of motor insurance is an essence for all intents and purposes of the indemnity and particularly to the third person. the insurer is liable to reimburse the third party on account of the loss caused by him. the .....

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Jan 03 1996 (HC)

Jagdish and ors. Vs. Financial Commissioner and anr.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Jan-03-1996

Reported in : (1996)113PLR88

..... landowner if they fulfill certain conditions (it reads) as follows :-'18. rights of certain tenants to purchase land.-(1) notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any law, usage or contract, a tenant of a landowner other than a small landowner:-(i) who has been in continuous occupation of the land comprised in his tenancy for a minimum period of six .....

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Jan 23 1996 (HC)

Ravinder Singh Dhillon Vs. Mukhtiar Singh

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Jan-23-1996

Reported in : II(1996)DMC120

..... of the indian penal code on the allegations that his daughter amarjit kaur was married to the petitioner and while the marriage was still subsisting, the petitioner had once again contracted a second marriage with karamjit kaur on 11th december, 1988. judicial magistrate 1st class after recording preliminary evidence, came to the conclusion that there were sufficient grounds to proceed against ..... 494 deals with marrying again during lifetime of husband or wife. section 495 deals with the same offence with concealment of former marriage from person with whom subsequent marriage is contracted and section 496 is with regard to marriage ceremony fraudulently gone through without lawful marriage. section 497 deals with adultery whereas section 498 deals with enticing or taking away or .....

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Feb 02 1996 (HC)

M/S. Bharat Wools, Ludhiana Vs. State of Punjab and Others

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Feb-02-1996

Reported in : AIR1996P& H215; (1996)113PLR230

..... letters dated 8-6-1995 do not contain detailed reasons so as to be categorised as a speaking order but such administrative decisions which pertain to the realm of contract or quasi contract, the absence of reasons cannot ordinarily be made the sole ground for nullifying the same. the allegation of violation of principles of natural justice in these types of ..... the decision. all these factors will have to be considered for deciding whether the absence of reasons in the order vitiated the final decision. in the present case, no concluded contract had come in existence between the parties. what was-done by the director, industries-cum-chairman, allotment committee-cum-managing director of the corporation, was nothing more than to ..... decorating, maintaining, furnishing, fitting up and improving buildings and by planting, paving, draining, farming, cultivating, letting building on leave or building agreement and by advancing money to and entering into contracts and arrangements of all kinds with builders, tenants and others; in connection with the business of the company. the share capital of the company was initially indicated to be rs ..... the mere fact that one or two partners are common in the new units cannot furnish a ground for withdrawal/cancellation of the offer of allotment; (f) once the concluded contract had come into existence between the parties, it was not open to the respondent-government or the corporation to withdraw/cancel the allotment; (g) the general manager was not .....

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Feb 05 1996 (HC)

M/S. Om Prakash Satish Kumar Thapar Vs. Union of India Through Its Sec ...

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Feb-05-1996

Reported in : AIR1996P& H250; (1996)113PLR42

..... the approval of the terms and the work could have been started only in april, 1966. the representation was not entertained and refused. clause 25 of the terms of the contract executed between the parties provided an arbitration clause. the writ petitioner asked for arbitration in terms of the arbitration clause in respect of his claim for enhanced rates as sanctioned ..... april, 1966 but had not yet been completed. the writ petitioner having been awarded the work of construction expected to get advantage of the said enhancement as sanctioned. as the contract has been accepted and the work order was issued after 1-4-1966, he was not allowed the said enhancement as sanctioned. he represented to the authority for the acceptance ..... get the dispute referred to arbitration was a contractual right for which the remedy was provided under the arbitration act and that the person aggrieved of the violation of a contract cannot invoke the jurisdiction of the court under article 226 of the constitution of india. in that case, the writ petitioners submitted a tender in the name of a company ..... proceeding in accordance with the relevant provisions of the arbitration act. in this situation, if the high court declined to entertain the writ petitions, no indenture of lease constitutes a contract between the parties. right to excavate lime stone from leased area and obligation to pay royalty under the relevant minor mineral rules arise from the contracl. the .....

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Mar 06 1996 (HC)

Jagga Singh and ors. Vs. Mal Singh and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Mar-06-1996

Reported in : (1996)113PLR272

..... of the specific relief act deals with the rectification of the instrument. as per section 26(1) of the act when through fraud or mutual mistake of the parties, a contract does not express their real intention then either parly can institute a suit to have the instrument rectified. the court if finds that the instrument does not express the real ..... evidence act procludes a person from adducing oral evidence to contradict, vary or add to the terms of agreement in writing. it says that as and when terms of any contract grant or other disposition of property has been reduced in the form of a document no evidence of any oral agreement or statement shall be admitted between the parties to .....

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Apr 19 1996 (HC)

Hindustan Machines Tools Ltd. (Hmt Ltd.) and anr. Vs. M.S. Kang

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Apr-19-1996

Reported in : (1996)113PLR520

..... technically accepted subsequently.1.2.4 those who resigned after disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against them.1.2.5 resignation without fulfilling the obligation arising out of service bond/contract.covering letter :h.m.t. limited36. cunningham road, bangalore-560052 office order no. 71/88, dated march 31,1989.subject:- voluntary retirement scheme :-it has been decided to introduce a .....

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May 31 1996 (HC)

Ram Sumer Vs. Presiding Officer, Industrial-cum-labour Court-i and ors ...

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : May-31-1996

Reported in : (1998)IIILLJ1151P& H

..... act' saves the rights and privileges of employees in any establishment which are available to such employees under the provisions of any other law, contract, custom or usage applicable to such establishment or under any award, settlement or agreement binding on the employer and employee in such establishments. the ..... rights or privileges to which an employee in any establishment is entitled on the date this act comes into force, under any other law, contract, custom or usage applicable to such establishment or any award, settlement or agreement binding on the employer and the employee in such establishment, ..... the 'act of 1958' and the rules framed thereunder. section 33 contains certain rights and privileges which are admissible to employee under any other law, contract, custom or usage. for the purpose of this case, it will be useful to reproduce sections 12 and 33 of '1958 act':'22. notice ..... that where under the provisions of any other act or rules, orders or notifications issued thereunder or under any standing orders or any award, contract of service or otherwise, a workman is entitled to benefits in respect of any matter which are more favourable to him than those to ..... such as 'reinstatement' of wrongfully dismissed or discharged workmen, which may not be permissible in common law or justified under the terms of contract between the employer and such workmen, the legislature has attempted to frustrate the unfair labour practices and secure the policy of collective bargaining as .....

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Jul 01 1996 (HC)

Lloyd Projects Private Limited Vs. State of Punjab and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Jul-01-1996

Reported in : (1996)114PLR407

..... should be obtained before the lci is issued.e) chief engineer/thermal designs, is authorised to allow a variation upto () 5% of the contract price during execution of the contract.the contract being commercial, the board in the very nature of things was the only proper authority to pick up the best of the two bidders and ..... be taken by a authority vested with such power cannot be treated and examined by the court.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------....... .............. ................ .......... ......... ....... ........ ....... ........ ........ ........ .............the question of awarding licensing and contracts does not depend merely on the competitive rates offered; several factors have to be taken into consideration by an expert body which is more familiar with the intricacies of that ..... no writ petition is not maintainable for quashing the grant of a non-statutory contract to respondent 3. it is further pleaded that the petitioner tried to modify the terms and conditions of its initial offer by addressing the letter dated 24 ..... terms of the aforesaid regulations. the board did not take into consideration the subsequent alteration or clarification as the petitioner puts it and decided to award the contract to respondent 3.3. in the written statement filed on behalf of the board, a number of preliminary objections have been taken it being pleaded that .....

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Jul 18 1996 (HC)

Smt. Chanchlesh and ors. Vs. Land Acquisition Collector, H.S.E.B. Try ...

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Jul-18-1996

Reported in : (1997)115PLR1

n.c. jain, j.1. this judgment of ours would dispose of civil writ petition nos. 15043 of 1992, 16853 and 15196 of 1991 as identical question of law has arisen in all these petitions.2. learned counsel for the parties are agreed that the facts of the case be picked up from civil writ petition no. 15043 of 1992 (smt. chanchlesh and ors. v. land acquisition collector and anr.), although the reference order has been passed in civil writ petition no. 16853 of 1991 (hari ram and ors. v. state of haryana and anr.). we would accordingly pick up the facts of the case from smt. chanchlesh case.3. by virtue of a common notification, land of the petitioners alongwith that of other land-owners was acquired. the land acquisition collector gave an award on 28.5.1983 assessing the market value of the acquired land at the rate of rs. 9600/- per acre. the petitioners as well as the other land owners sought reference under section 18 of the land acquisition act (hereinafter referred to as 'the act'). the additional district judge upheld the award of the collector, but granted certain statutory benefits in the shape of enhanced solatium, interest etc. etc. in accordance with the amendment made in the principal act by act. no. 68 of 1984. the petitioners did not file any appeal against the award of the additional district judge before the high court. however, at the instance of certain landowners enhancement was made by this court. the exact enhanced amount of compensation has not been mentioned .....

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