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Jan 20 2015 (HC)

Borosil Glass Works Limited Vs. Tata Motors Limited

Court : Mumbai

..... on the part of the purchaser to pay off the previous encumbrance on the property sold. under section 124 of the indian contract act "a contract of indemnity" is a contract by which one party promises to save the other from loss caused to him by the conduct of the promisor himself, or ..... rulings of the chancery courts. this has not wiped off the common law cause of action vested in a promisee under an indemnity contract for enforcement of obligation on the indemnity contract itself by seeking a direct decree against the promisee (promisor?). to such decree he was entitled at common law only upon ..... sheodeni singh and venkatanarayaniah v. subramania iyer. . 5. it was then contended by mr. b. c. misra that even if there was a contract of indemnity the cause of action for the plaintiff arose on february 4, 1937, when the final mortgage decree was passed and not on february 25, 1943 when ..... : air1940bom161 , which both cases are referred to in the judgment of the learned judge. in my view, on a true construction of the contracts of indemnity admitted between the parties, it was permissible for the plaintiff to call upon the defendants to pay the amounts claimed in the order dated february 28 ..... no dispute between the parties that in respect of the goods sold and delivered by the plaintiff to the defendants during the above period a contract of indemnity in the terms contained in the above letters existed. 4. in connection with the sales tax relating to the goods sold by the plaintiff .....

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Jan 08 2015 (HC)

Surendran Vs. Shajahan

Court : Kerala

..... with proper notice to him.12. apposite would be a reference to the decision in oriental insurance co. ltd. v. meena variyal [(2007) 5 scc428:- "ordinarily, a contract of insurance is a contract of indemnity. when a car belonging to an owner is insured with the insurance company and it is being driven by a driver employed by the insured, when it meets .....

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Sep 18 2014 (HC)

The Divisional Manager, New India Assura Vs. Zaheer Ahmed and Ano

Court : Andhra Pradesh

..... the act. it is inter alia held as under: in new india assurance company limited v. lodya shankar and another (2 supra).this court held that the contract of insurance is a contract of indemnity and that the insurer is liable only to the extent of the liability it undertakes. it was further held that when the owner of the vehicle chose to .....

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May 08 2014 (HC)

M/S. Madgavkars Salvage and Towage Company Pvt., Limited Vs. United In ...

Court : Mumbai Goa

..... and tear. there must be some casualty, something which could not be foreseen, as one of the necessary incidents of the adventure. the purpose of the policy (or contract) is to secure an indemnity against accidents which may happen, not against events which must happen. not only losses which are occasioned by extraordinary violence of the winds or waves are losses by ..... . there has to be a casualty, something which could not be foreseen, as one of the necessary incidents of the adventure. the purpose of the policy is to secure an indemnity against events which have occurred by extraordinary violence of the wind or waves. 18. in the law lexicon while dealing with the perils of the sea, it was inter-alia ..... winds and waves, not comprehended in the ordinary wear and tear of the voyage or directly referable to the acts and negligence of the assures as its proximate cause. in contracts of sea carriage, the words perils of the sea? have been defined as sea damage occurring at sea and nobody is at fault?. (lopes l.j. quoted in hamilton v ..... in thames and mersey m.i.c. v. hamilton, (1887) 122 app. cas. 492) the expression has the same meaning in a contract of sea carriage as it has in a marine policy; but in the case of a contract of carriage the court looks to what has been termed the remote as distinguished from the proximate cause of damage, whereas in .....

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May 02 2014 (TRI)

V.K. Gupta Vs. M/S. Icici Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd., Thro ...

Court : Union Territory Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission SCDRC UT Chandigarh

..... opposite parties. it was further stated that the opposite parties, demanded additional documents, such as claim form duly stamped and signed, indemnity form, permit/contract and load challan. the complainant replied to the opposite parties, that the permit/contract licence was required only, in the case of public vehicles and not for private vehicles. 4. however, inspite of all that ..... a state government and used for government purposes unconnected with any commercial enterprise; (b) to any transport vehicle owned by a local authority or by a person acting under contract with a local authority and used solely for road cleansing, road watering or conservancy purposes; (c) to any transport vehicle used solely for police, fire brigade or ambulance ..... the appellant, submitted that, since the vehicle was a transit mixture, being used by the complainant, for private purpose, for carrying on the construction work, in pursuance of the contract, aforesaid, awarded to him, it (transit mixer), did not fall within the definition of a transport vehicle. he further submitted that, under these circumstances, the vehicle, in question ..... it dismissed the complaint, filed by the complainant (now appellant). 2. the facts, in brief, are that the complainant being an engineer and contractor by profession, got a contract from the public works department of the state of uttar pradesh, to construct an inter-state link bridge between saharanpur (uttar pradesh state)/karnal (haryana state), over yamuna river, .....

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Apr 30 2014 (TRI)

The New India Assurance Company Limited Having Its Registered Head Off ...

Court : Uttaranchal State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission SCDRC Dehradun

..... the contract of insurance generally belongs to general category of contract of indemnity and that the services may be for any connected commercial activity, yet it would be within purview of consumer protection act, 1986. learned counsel also ..... services of insurance company by complainants who are carrying on commercial activities, can not be held to be a commercial purpose and that the policy is taken for reimbursement or indemnity for loss which may be suffered due to various perils. it was further held that there is no question of trading or carrying on commerce in insurance policy and that .....

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Apr 23 2014 (FN)

Peracomo Inc., Real Vallee Vs. Telus Communications Company

Court : Canada Supreme Court

..... . . . 2. claims set out in paragraph 1 shall be subject to limitation of liability even if brought by way of recourse or for indemnity under a contract or otherwise. however, claims set out under paragraph 1(d), (e) and (f) shall not be subject to limitation of liability to the extent ..... a fact to be proven to justify an insurers decision to deprive its insured of coverage. [97] at common law, since this courts decision in canadian indemnity co. v. walkem machinery and equipment ltd., 1975 canlii 141 (scc), [1976] 1 s.c.r. 309, [a]t least as far as ..... . the federal courts decided in favour of the insurer and the appellants submit they erred. [37] royal issued a policy to the appellants including protection and indemnity coverage during the relevant time. the policy covered liability in consequence of . . . damage to any fixed or movable object? and arising from an ..... 2010), at p. 288; e. gold, a. chircop and h. kindred, maritime law (2003), at p. 728. it is worth noting that the contracting states considered, but expressly rejected, the inclusion of gross negligence? as a sufficient level of fault to break the liability limit: comit maritime international, the travaux pr ..... purpose to establish a virtually unbreakable limit on liability and does not accord with its text. [24] i turn first to the conventions purpose. the contracting states to the convention intended the fault requirement to be a high one the limitation on liability was designed to be difficult to break: margolle .....

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Apr 04 2014 (HC)

Opg Energy Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Gail India Limited

Court : Chennai

..... consumers of such electricity, by supplying the same through the common grid.17. it has been further stated that sufficient warranty is available and there is an indemnity clause in the concluded contracts to offset any loss that may be suffered by the gas authority of india limited. as such, the request of the gas authority of india limited for ..... been supplied, substantially, to the tamilnadu electricity board, during the relevant period. no condition had been imposed on the appellant concerned, by the terms and conditions of the concluded contracts, that the `administered price mechanism price would be applicable, in respect of the natural gas supplied to them only if the electricity produced, by utilising using the gas, is ..... 3. the original applications had been filed by the applicants, who are the appellants herein, during the pendency of the arbitration proceedings, which had been initiated by them. the contracts in question had contained a number of terms and conditions, with regard to various aspects, including the quantities of gas required to be supplied by gas authority of india limited ..... gas, government of india. the natural gas is being supplied by the gas authority of india limited, new delhi, which is a government of india undertaking, based on the contracts concluded amongst the parties concerned. the appellants herein had filed various applications, under section 9 of the arbitration and conciliation act, 1996, seeking interim orders of injunction to restrain the .....

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Apr 03 2014 (HC)

United India Insurance Co. Ltd. Vs. Selvi

Court : Chennai

..... at all responsible and therefore the entire liability fastened on the 1st respondent is not correct. the terms of the insurance policy will certainly bind the 2nd respondent under the contract of indemnity, as the claimant was not a gratituous passenger.10. while explaining the effect of section 147(1)(b)(i) of the motor vehicles act, the supreme court in united ..... seat. no other person whether as a passenger or as a owner of the vehicle is supposed to share the seat of the driver. violation of the condition of the contract of insurance, therefore, is approved. the tribunal and the high court, therefore, in our considered opinion, should have held that the owner of the vehicle is guilty of the breach ..... 1st respondent along with the luggages, for consideration has to be held as true.15. in the aforesaid circumstances, the claimant cannot be called as a gratuitous person and the contract of indemnification entered into between the respondents 1 and 2 cannot be kept away for refusing the payment of compensation to the claimant by the 2nd respondent. in the aforesaid .....

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Mar 28 2014 (HC)

The New India Assurance Co. Ltd. Vs. State of Karnataka and Another

Court : Karnataka

..... nandakumar, is a matter of evidence before the mact. admittedly, the owner of the motorcycle has not fiied any petition to quash the proceeding. the contract between the insurance company and trie owner is a contract of indemnity. it is only in case if the award is passed against the owner, the insurance company is liable to satisfy the award. merely because the ..... on account of death of j.v.srinivasa. if, for any reason, the compensation is awarded, it is the insurance company ultimately liable to pay the compensation in view of contract of insurance. that is why, to quash the criminal proceedings, this petition is filed. one tiling is evident that the deceased died in a road traffic accident. whether the accident .....

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