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Aug 29 2000 (HC)

Jagar Singh and ors. Vs. Baldev Kaur

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Aug-29-2000

Reported in : (2000)126PLR831

..... as the order of the trial court was not a decree. the plaintiff then preferred this second appeal. it was heard by a learned single judge, who found that the law was not certain because the authorities were not uniform or consistent on the question whether the court has power to extend time for depositing costs in spite of the order .....

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Nov 06 2000 (HC)

Resham Kaur Vs. Ramesh Kumar

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Nov-06-2000

Reported in : 2001ACJ1976

r.l. anand, j.1. this is an appeal and has been directed against the award dated 3.3.1997 passed by motor accident claims tribunal, hoshiarpur, which dismissed the claim petition of the petitioner-appellants resham kaur, tilak raj, gurbaksh kaur, sheela devi, dharam chand and kartari against ramesh ku-mar, driver of truck no. puh 5446, hari mitter, owner of truck no. puh 5446, new india insurance company, which insured the said truck, suhash chander, driver of car no. ch-01-c 9502, owner of the car and the insurance company, with which the car was insured.2. the case pleaded by the appellants before the tribunal was that resham kaur is the widow of deceasedroop lal. she also filed the petition as natural guardian of tilak raj, her son. gurbaksh kaur and sheela devi are the daughters of deceased and dharam chand and kartari are the parents of deceased roop lal, who, according to the appellant-claimants, was a young person of 48 years and was a skilled-mason and was earning rs. 2,500/- approximately per month. the accident took place on 1.4.1993 near the gurudwara of village kotlagonspur within the jurisdiction of police station sadar hoshiarpur. the deceased was allegdly travel-ting in truck no. puh 5446 driven by respondent no. i ramesh kumar and was returning after attending satsang at dera beas of radha soami. the deceased survived for six days only and, according to the claimants, they have spent a sum of rs. 35,000/- on his medical treatment. two vehicles were involved. .....

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Nov 10 2000 (HC)

Hari Singh Nalwa Vs. Kartar Singh Bhadana

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Nov-10-2000

Reported in : AIR2001P& H86

..... section 9a of the act.42. even according to the definition of contract under indian contract act, 1872, a contract is an agreement enforceable by law, which is made of two elements, namely, an agreement and an obligation. according tosection 25 of the contract act an agreement without consideration is void ..... was no propaganda by the petitioner regarding the disqualification of respondent no. 1.24. after having made a reference to the evidence on record, the law cited by the learned counsel shall be referred to. mr. r.k.. malik, learned counsel for the petitioner has referred to the authority of apex ..... aforesaid pamphlets and told the voters that respondent no. 1 was not a competent person who could be a candidatein the said election according to law. he also claimed that he had himself complied with all the legal requirements to contest the election in a fair manner. he got all ..... the following issues were envisaged :(1) whether the present election petition does not disclose the material facts and circumstances required to be disclosed under the law if so, the election petition is liable to be dismissed/rejected as not maintainable opr(2) whether the contracts entered into by respondent no. 1 ..... of deriving of benefits as such did not come within the four corners of the statute and that the petitioner was wrongly interpreting the said provisions of law and on merits too the petition was liable to be dismissed.12. respondent no. 9, charan singh and respondent no. 12, surender, who also .....

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Oct 31 2000 (HC)

Gurbachan Kaur Vs. Union of India

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Oct-31-2000

Reported in : I(2002)ACC666; 2002ACJ666

..... (chint kaur and another v. union of india and others), both of 1985 as both the appeals have arisen from the award dated 18.5.1985 and common questions of law and facts are involved. one claim petition has been filed on behalf of gurbachan kaur widow of santokh singh, deceased and the other has been filed by chint kaur, mother ..... disputed that the act of driving the vehicle in bringing back the officers from the place of exercise to the college of combat is not an act which cannot be lawfully exercised except by a sovereign or a person by virtue of delegation of sovereign rights. there is no dispute with the proposition of ..... law laid down in the d.b. decision. another authority cited was that of a decision of rajasthan high court, wherein a truck driver engaged in the famine relief work was .....

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Aug 24 2000 (HC)

Mulakh Raj Vs. State of Haryana and Others

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Aug-24-2000

Reported in : AIR2001P& H61

..... thai these guidelines completely run contrary to the plain language and intendment of sub-sections (1) and (2) of section 47-a. ...................................... further, these run counter to the mandate of law contained in the last lines of the explanation, 'if sold in the open market on the date of execution of the instrument relating to the transfer of such property.' ......................................'10 ..... are not consistent with sub-section (1) of section 47-a. it would, therefore, be open to the state government to revise its guidelines and issue proper directions consistent with law.' 11. a perusal of section 47-a, as inserted by the amendments made by the legislatures of two states, shows that sub-sections (1) and (2) and first part of .....

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May 30 2000 (HC)

Court on Its Own Motion Vs. Union of India and Others

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : May-30-2000

Reported in : 2001CriLJ225

..... perversely. if it is misused, certainly the court has power to strike down the act. this is well established and does not need further case law confirmation. moreover, it is useful to remember the warning of chandrachud, j. but the electorate lives in the hope that a sacred power will ..... on the man as much as on the great national parchment. secondly, when a high functionary like the commissioner is vested with wide powers the law expects him to act fairly and legally. article 324 is geared to the accomplishment of free and fair elections expeditiously. moreover, as held in ..... power itself has to be exercised, not mindlessly nor mala fide, not arbitrarily nor with partiality but in keeping with the guidelines of the rule of law and not stultifying the presidential notification nor existing legislation. more in not necessary to specify, less is insufficient to leave unsaid. article 324, in ..... are subject to the norms of fairness and he cannot act arbitrarily. unchecked power is alien to our system. even so, situations may arise which enacted law has not provided for. legislators are not prophets, but pragmatists. so, it is that the constitution, has made comprehensive provision in article 324 to take ..... orders. the orders must be written and must be specific and the grounds for such orders must be siafed. this is a basic rule of law. even otherwise, the election commissioner should have sent a confirmation in writing of what he had directed orally on telephone to chief electoral officer. .....

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Nov 27 2000 (HC)

State of Haryana Vs. Amandeep Singh

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Nov-27-2000

Reported in : 2002ACJ906

..... a line of distinction between the two fast going vehicles.9. in the case of amthiben mogan lal v. supdt. geo-physicisl, ongc and others, reported in 1976 (17) gujarat law reporter, 910 it has been observed by the d.b. of the high court as under :-'when a man drives a motor car along the road, lie is bound to .....

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Oct 06 2000 (HC)

Roshan Lal Vs. Kamlesh

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Oct-06-2000

Reported in : I(2001)DMC658

..... averments of the petition are read, it will become clear that the petitioner sought the divorce from his wife under section 13(1)(iii) of the hindu marriage act. he did not stress the ground of divorce due to mental cruelty. be that as it may, i will deal with the evidence ..... for grant of decree. if the mere existence of any degree of mental abnormality could justify dissolution of a marriage few marriages would, indeed, survive in law. 'schizophrenia', it is true, it said to be difficult mental affliction. it is said to be insidious in its onset and has hereditary predisposing factor ..... decree. if the mere existence of any decree of mental abnormality could justify dissolution of a marriage few marriages would, indeed, survive in law.' in view of the law enunciated in these authorities, the petitioner just cannot be permitted to legally 'discard' the respondent by branding her as being of unsound mind ..... for-ward to depose that the respondent had ever behaved in an abnormal, aggressive or even irresponsible way. learned counsel for the respondent referred to 1977 law journal 77, harpreet singh v. smt. surinder kaur, in which also divorce had been sought on the ground of mental disorder of wife. the parents ..... them. about 10- 15 persons were sitting in the last panchayat. this number included 6-7 persons from the family of her in-laws also. her father-in-law and her husband koshan were also silting there. 4-5 ladies were silting in the chowk which was outside the room where panchayat was .....

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Aug 18 2000 (HC)

Satnam Singh Vs. Harjinder Kaur

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : Aug-18-2000

Reported in : I(2001)DMC518

..... has been directed against the judgment and decree dated 15.9.1998 passed by the court of additional district judge, nawanshahr, who dismissed the petition under section 13 of the hindu marriage act of the husband leaving the parties to bear their own costs.2. the brief facts of the case are that the appellant filed a petition under section 13 ..... december, 1989, whereas the case set up by the respondent is that she was turned out from the house in the month of march, 1989.11. as required under the law, the hon'ble d.b. of this court even made efforts for reconciliation between the parties. repeated directions were given to the parties to appear in person. first direction was .....

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May 23 2000 (HC)

Amar Nath and ors. Vs. Kabal Singh and ors.

Court : Punjab and Haryana

Decided on : May-23-2000

Reported in : (2000)126PLR615

..... possession thereof. he executed rent note ex.d1 in favour of sagli ram son of mehar chand qua taur measuring 1 kanal 10 marla. he had been paying rent to dharma pal son of sagli ram who gave him receipts ex.d3, d4, sagli ram gave him receipt ex.d5 in token of the receipt of its rent. he stated that ..... will not be permissible to the high court to reverse the finding of fact recorded by the appellate court in second appeal, the high court can go into question of law alone. learned additional district judge was within his jurisdiction to arrive at a different finding of fact on reappraisal of evidence.for the reasons given above, this appeal fails and ..... of the execution of rent note dated 12.4.54, he was under an implied agreement to pay rent to amar nath under whom he became tenant by operation of law.7. learned counsel for the appellant submitted that the subordinate judge had found, on consideration of evidence, that these receipts do not relate to this khasra number as in these ..... the execution of the sale deed. kabal singh was earlier tenant under sagli ram. on sagli ram's death, he became tenant under his son dharam pal by operation of law. kabal singh was not trespasser. he was not in forcible possession.not satisfied with the judgment and decree of additional district judge, jalandhar, amar nath came to this court through .....

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