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Apr 14 1916 (PC)

T. Kr. Ct. Chidambaram Chetty and ors. and K.A. Ct. Chidambaram Chetty ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Apr-14-1916

Reported in : 34Ind.Cas.543

..... between them and 1st plaintiff. this is not, in my opinion, sustainable. there is nothing regarding the relations between the sub-partners and partners in the indian contract act. section 31, however, of the english partnership act provides that the assignee of a share in a partnership is entitled 'only to receive the share of profits to which the assigning partner would otherwise be ..... rule must receive effect and it has not been shown how the right to relief alleged is in respect of or arises from the same act or transaction. what is the act or tranasaction? it is not the formation and dissolution of the sub-partnership, since they afforded no right of relief against the 1st defendant to 7th defendants; nor is it the ..... the dissolution and there was nothing to support the assignee's right or duty to take part in any accounting for the period prior to it. lastly in the only indian case cited, harrison v. delhi and london bank (1882) a.w.n. 87, the bank claiming as assignee was no doubt impleaded in proceedings for a dissolution and account. but .....

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Feb 17 1916 (PC)

Seshachala Chetty and ors. Vs. Para Chinnasami and ors.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Feb-17-1916

Reported in : (1917)32MLJ1

..... whole property of which was corporate except probably the actual house site and its backyard in the possession of each villager. on the first formation of a village the rights of occupancy of the whole land comprised in its boundaries seem to have been divided into a number of equal ..... transferred from this head to that of yarapet.'108. as regards the forfeiture of rights, he was of opinion that the mirasidar was, by implied contract, bound to cultivate his full proportion of the varapet lands, according to the share he held in the village and 'that the government could arrange ..... , ryotwari and mirasi alike, and consists of unassessed land set apart for the erection of houses and for the adjoining backyards. in dr. hultzsch's south indian inscriptions, vol. ii, pt. 1, no. 4, we find the ur-nattam and paracheri, or pariahs' quarters, enumerated with tanks and burying grounds ..... at the instance of the mirasidars, have not been noticed. though the judgment is perfectly intelligible on the facts found that the shrotriemdars exercised acts of ownership over the land and the mirasidars admitted their rights, i am unable to follow it where the broad proposition was laid down that ..... opinion that the only question was whether as mirasidars they were entitled to compensation for immemorial waste lands taken up under the land acquisition act and observed that there was no allegation or evidence that such a right had ever been claimed or established against government in villages where government .....

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