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May 21 1985 (HC)

immanuel Paul Chakkola Vs. Catholic Syrian Bank and ors.

Court : Kerala

Decided on : May-21-1985

Reported in : [1988]64CompCas399(Ker); [1986(52)FLR5]; (1987)IILLJ198Ker

..... other aiding agencies of the government. the moment money is borrowed, control is exercised by the lending authorities. they too are quite often deep and pervasive. the income derived by the activities is again taxed and in connection therewith, the entity is subject to very many constraints and controls. but then, for these reasons, and for those draconian and drastic controls, ..... time any reckonable activity is contemplated, governmental control and regulation will come into play. the establishment of a factory will have necessarily to conform to the provisions of the factories act. it has to satisfy municipal regulations. restrictions imposed by the developmental authority, if any, may also have to be taken into account. in short, the birth of a ..... . even about the mode of giving loans, there are restrictions. the control over advances as exercised by the reserve bank is indeed rigorous, particularly after the amendment of the act in 1969. a bank cannot open branches as and when it likes ; that too is dependent upon the permission accorded by the reserve bank, in relation to the maintenance ..... governmental control. they virtually have a monopoly character. the reserve bank and various governmental agencies give massive aid in relation to their functioning. (the provisions of the banking regulation act, 1949, as amended from time to time, were referred to while elaborating the aspect of deep and pervasive governmental control over the banks). every facet of its activity, starting .....

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Feb 01 1985 (HC)

Fatima Sarohini Suresh and ors. Vs. K. Saraswathi Amma and ors.

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Feb-01-1985

Reported in : AIR1986Ker56

..... in respect of the a-schedule items, and that those rights were not transferable. emphasis is placed on the clause authorising suresh only to take the income from the items during his lifetime, and requiring him to leave them unencumbered for the benefit of his descendants. with regard to the properties allotted to ..... cents with a building) was also to be retained by the mother during her lifetime, suresh getting it only after her death, with a right to take income during his lifetime. he could not encumber or alienate items (1) and (2) at any time, and after his death, they were to devolve successively on ..... to the eldest son suresh consisted of two items. the first (13 cents) was to be retained by mabel, with a right to take its income, till the marriage of the youngest daughter jamila; and after her marriage, suresh was to step into his mother's shoes with a right to enjoy ..... arrangements which do not really involve transfers. a number of decisions were cited in support of the provisions that section 10 of the t.p. act could not apply to partitions or settlements; but there are also decisions which hold that though not in terms, the principle underlying the sectioncould apply to ..... jamila with absolute powers of disposition, and a further provision that all the four could obtain separate mutation in their names. mabel was responsible for payment of tax in respect of item (1) of a-schedule so long as she was in possession; asregards item (2), the liability throughout was that of suresh. .....

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Jun 17 1985 (HC)

K. Daniel Vs. T. Hymavathy Amma

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Jun-17-1985

Reported in : AIR1985Ker233

..... having free access to the office of the munsiffs court where the defendant was working as examiner. appellant is in affluent circumstances, even though his income from his profession is not substantial. his three sons who are well placed in life and his daughter employed abroad have been supplying him with funds ..... court under section 148. section 149 enacts a wholesome statutory caution against asking question covered by section 148 without reasonable grounds. section 150 of the act empowers the court to report the circumstances of case, where any question is asked without reasonable grounds, to the high court or other authority to ..... it must always be borne in mind that it is not intended to protect malicious and untruthful persons, but that it is intended to protect persons acting bona fide, who under a different rule, would be liable, not perhaps to verdicts and judgment against them, but to the vexation of defending actions ..... must be able to conduct themselves without any apprehension of being called upon to answer a claim for damages for defamation. they must be able to act uninfluenced by any such fear. freedom of speech on such occasions has to be totally safeguarded. hence it is necessary to protect the maker of ..... examination and cross-examination. one may with advantage notice the scope of cross-examination as laid down in section 146 of the evidence act. the court has a duty to decide whether a witness is to be compelled to answer a question not relevant to the proceeding but .....

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Jul 17 1985 (HC)

Ramachandran Vs. State of Kerala

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Jul-17-1985

Reported in : 1986CriLJ1222

..... a defect of reason which had been caused by unsoundness of mind resulting in the incapability of knowing the nature of the act he cannot escape from the culpability.16. learned counsel for the appellant argued that the trial was not valid as the court did not ascertain whether ..... science is not legal insanity, appellant (accused) can succeed only if there is evidence to hold that at the time of committing the act he was mentally unsound. so long as there is evidence to hold that at the time of committing the offence the appellant was not labouring under ..... present in many persons. so also there may be persons who may become violent on slight provocations. such persons cannot obviously escape from culpability of their acts on the ground that they were not aware of what they had done or about its consequences. as any and every type of insanity recognised in medical ..... effect that the faculty of mind was destroyed as a result of unsoundness to that magnitude as to make him incapable of knowing the nature of his acts. we have necessarily to consider whether the congenitive faculty of mind of the accused was not there when he committed the crime. p.w. 6' ..... from the circumstances from the evidence adduced by him or at least from the prosecution evidence that he was not aware of the consequences of the act done by him due to insanity or mental disorder. unless that has been done the prosecution case cannot be thrown out merely because accused made a .....

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Mar 06 1985 (HC)

E.V. Kunhimariam Vs. Ooramveettil Mammu

Court : Kerala

Decided on : Mar-06-1985

Reported in : AIR1985Ker239

..... not be made thereby inducing him not to make any provision for it, especially as maintenance is a provision to be made out of the current income of the estate or of the person liable.' umamaheswaran, j. emphasised that the conduct of the widow must be such as to estop her from ..... of the arrears not being claimed promptly, the opposite party would have been induced not to make any provision for meeting it out of his annual income and therefore it would not be proper to saddle him with such heavy unexpected liability as would result in the liquidation of the joint family assets.' ..... that he would not be claimed upon to meet suddenly a claim for a large sum of money which he ought to have found from the current income, is a matter to be considered.' 25. the bombay high court itself noted in a later decision that its earlier view in ilr 43 bom ..... shafi sect of the muslim community mahar is not fixed at 11 miscal gold units, he only pleaded ignorance. in such circumstances, the appellate court acted perversely in interfering with a well reasoned out finding of the trial court on the question of mahar. i have therefore no hesitation whatever to ..... his landed property and his varied business activities could be rightly acted upon in the circumstances. his fairly lucrative trade and business and attractive agricultural income are established by acceptable evidence. his plea about his entitlement to the benefits of the debt reliefs act (which permits payment in intelements and other benefits) was as .....

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