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Mar 16 1905 (PC)

Yethirajulu Naidu Vs. Mukunthu Naidu and ors.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Mar-16-1905

Reported in : (1905)15MLJ299

..... question, for where he wishes them to take as tenants in common he uses apt expressions, as the words' in equal shares' in the paragraph relating to the income and ' according to their respective shares ' in the paragraph relating to the division of the corpus of houses nos. 2 and 3, while with reference to the ..... from that which he makes payable to the three sons. the term ' these properties' in the concluding part of the will refers only to those houses the income whereof was referred to and dealt with in the parts of the will just preceding this passage. the corpus of the property thus indicated is given to the ..... rate of es. 6 per month for ' the teerva of the aforesaid charity land.' in regard to houses nos. 2 and 3 the testator takes the monthly income thereof at rs. 530 and after certain specified deductions therefrom the balance is dealt with as follows :-''the remaining amount whatever it may be shall ' be divided and ..... had not been modified by the provisions of the said act. this view my seem anomalous but it is not really so. for the effectuation of a gift with reference to such an adopted son as the third ..... ; for such an aurasa son could not take any interest in the houses in question according to the decision in the tagore case, and notwithstanding the hindu wills act, having regard to alangamonjori dabee v. sonamoni dabee i.l.r. 8 c. 637 wherein it was held on appeal that the hindu law on the point .....

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Sep 05 1905 (PC)

Roop Laul and ors. Vs. Lakshmi Doss

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Sep-05-1905

Reported in : (1906)ILR29Mad1

..... is valid, and enforceable against the defendant. the instrument purported to vest all the properties in schedule a. in a trustee who is to pay the income thereof, with certain exceptions, to a person called the mooktear or dharmakarta, who is to apply it:(1) in performance of the charities in schedule ..... . he has sold item no. 5 in a - a valuable property. item no. 9 another valuable property has disappeared. this provision, which was acted upon, inclines me to think that easwara doss wanted an enforceable trust to be created and in operation only from the date of his death and not ..... first, ho failed to have it set aside within the period allowed by law to him, viz., three years under article 91 of the limitation act. that period must be taken to have elapsed during the lifetime of easwara doss itself, as the facts entitling the defendant to have the document sot ..... passages and the proviso together, the intention was, apparently, to guard against the charities being treated of as public within the moaning of the religious endowment act (xx of 1863) the provisions of which empower even persons having no direct interest in public institutions to start legal proceedings in their character of mere ..... 6. the first contention on behalf of the defendant was that the instrument was a mere sham or nominal document not intended to be acted upon and not acted upon. with reference to the evidence in the case i find it impossible to accept this contention. the present is altogether unlike the .....

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