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Jan 18 1886 (FN)

Walling Vs. Michigan

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Jan-18-1886

..... solicit or take orders for liquors to be shipped from without this state to any person within this state furnished or supplied by a person, co-partnership, association, or corporation not resident in, or having his, their, or its principal place of business within this state without the tax herein provided ..... states. we have so often held that the power given to congress to regulate commerce with foreign nations, among the several states, and with the indian tribes is exclusive in all matters which require or only admit of general and uniform rules, and especially as regards any impediment or restriction upon such ..... in this state and against goods manufactured in other states violates the federal constitution." in state v. north & scott, 27 mo. 464, where an act of missouri imposed a tax upon merchants for all goods purchased by them except such as might be the growth, produce, or manufacture of that state ..... , the jury should find the respondent not guilty. these applications were severally refused, and exceptions taken. the court then charged the jury that the act in question must be regarded as within the power of the legislature and as being a valid statute, and that if they should find that the ..... liquors to such person liable to pay a tax under this act, which order is to be filled, and such liquors are to be shipped from without this state to a person within this state, furnished or supplied by a person, co-partnership, association, or corporation, not resident in or having his, .....

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Mar 01 1886 (FN)

Tua Vs. Carriere

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Mar-01-1886

..... had in the thing sold." in shipman v. hickman, 9 rob. 149, it was held that after the death of a member of a partnership, the partnership property was owned in common by the representatives of the deceased partner and the surviving partner, and that the interest of the representatives of the ..... . upon the case thus stated, the court said: "however irregular the proceedings in insolvency may have been, and however fraudulently the debtor may have acted, the plaintiffs could not on that account disregard the decree of the court which stayed all judicial proceedings against the insolvent and his property. they were ..... vivified the state laws, in the meantime dormant." a reference to the statutes of louisiana shows that the insolvent law was first enacted in 1817 ( see acts of the first session of the third legislature of louisiana, begun november 18, 1816, p. 126); it was carried into the revision of 1855 ( see ..... revised statutes of 1870, p. 353), and still remains upon the statute book ( see voorhies' revised laws of louisiana, 1884, pp. 279-288). the act, as it appears in the revision of 1855, is substantially the same as in voorhies' revised laws of 1884. the circumstance alleged by the plaintiff that in ..... tantamount to a provision that the former should take effect on the repeal of the latter. it follows that, since the repeal of the bankrupt act, all the provisions of the insolvent law of louisiana have been valid and operative. although, as appears from what we have said, the charge .....

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Oct 25 1886 (FN)

Wabash, St. Louis and Pacific Railway Company Vs. Illinois

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Oct-25-1886

..... that subject because that case presented the question of a private citizen or unincorporated partnership engaged in the warehousing business in chicago, free from any claim of right or contract under an act of incorporation of any state whatever, and free from the question of continuous transportation ..... to punish the same, and prescribe a mode of procedure and rules of evidence in relation thereto, and to repeal an act entitled 'an act to prevent unjust discrimination and extortion in the rates to be charged by the different railroads in the state for the transportation ..... the power was constitutionally exercised. commerce was affected; commerce was even incidentally regulated; but the jurisdiction of the state, and of the city acting under state authority, was unhesitatingly recognized by the court. mr. justice field, delivering the opinion of the court, said: "the chicago river ..... or evasion, shall be deemed and taken against any such railroad corporation as prima facie evidence of unjust discrimination prohibited by the provisions of this act, . . . provided however that nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to prevent railroad corporations from issuing commutation, excursion, or ..... in any manner connected with 'commerce with foreign nations, or among the several states, or with the indian tribes.' it may, of consequence, pass the jurisdictional line of new york, and act upon the very waters [the hudson river] to which the prohibition now under consideration applies." p. 22 .....

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Nov 08 1886 (FN)

Harkness Vs. Russell

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Nov-08-1886

..... for the plaintiff, russell & co. the plaintiff is an ohio corporation, and by its agent in idaho, on the 2d of october, 1882, agreed with a partnership firm by the name of phelan & ferguson, residents of idaho, to sell to them the said engines, boilers, and saw mills for the price of $4,988 ..... creating an interest in another to whom it is delivered, if desirous of preserving a lien on it, must comply with the provisions of the chattel mortgage act. rev.stat.ill. 1874, 711, 712." the illinois cases are then referred to by the learned justice to show the precise condition of the law of ..... delivery, and gave no title which the vendee could transfer to an assignee for the benefit of creditors, and he said that the cases under the english bankrupt act did not apply here. the chancellor remarked, however, that "if the goods had been fairly sold by p. [the conditional vendee] or if the proceeds ..... , there is no general principle of law to prevent their purpose from having effect. in this country, in states where no such statute as the english act referred to is in force, many decisions have been rendered sustaining conditional sales accompanied by delivery of possession, both as between the parties themselves and as to ..... of j. & s. the question then arose whether the page 118 u. s. 670 utensils passed to the assignees of j. & s. under the bankrupt act as being in their possession, order, and disposition as reputed owners, and the court held that they did, but that if there had been a usage in the .....

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