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Jul 27 1887 (PC)

Hormasji Motabhai Vs. Pestanji Dhanjibhai

Court : Mumbai

Decided on : Jul-27-1887

Reported in : (1888)ILR12Bom422

..... . howden 12 clause and finnelly, 237 is identical in principle with the one before us, and in that case the house of lords refused to give effect to a secret partnership for pawnbroking contrary to the terms of the statute 39 and 40, geo. iii, cap. 99 .3. we, therefore, confirm the decree of the subordinate judge. each party is to ..... purpose, or with the necessary effect, of defeating a statute will not be enforced or recognized by the courts, at any rate where both parties stand in pari delicto. the indian contract act, sections 23, 24, involves the same principle, which may be indeed gathered also from the judgment of sir r. couch in joseph v. solano 9 b l.r., 441 ..... west, j.1. in this case the plaintiff sued the defendants for an account of partnership transactions. the defence is that the partnership having been entered into in violation of the law, no obligation was constituted by it. the defendants nos. 3 and 4 took a liquor contract from the government, and, by ..... act v of 1878). the plaintiff has himself been a licensee, and must be familiar with the terms embodied in the usual form, which was made use of in the present case. in entering into partnership with the defendants, therefore, he was consciously taking part in a breach of the law prohibited by a penalty. the case of sykes v. beadon l .....

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Oct 31 1887 (FN)

Davis Vs. Key

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Oct-31-1887

..... bill, and the plaintiff has appealed to this court. it appears that fouke never complied with the terms of the agreement of september 24, 1869. the co-partnership was to continue until the twenty-fourth of september, 1871, unless dissolved by mutual consent. from april 2, 1870, until after the latter date, fouke ..... office of public administrator there, did not practice law in the city of washington, and did not give his undivided attention to the business of the co-partnership. he returned to washington in 1872 or 1873, and died there october 3, 1876, without having attempted to enforce the agreement of september 24, 1869 ..... november 5, 1875, executed by fouke and key, and by hays and de castro, and by the clients interested in claims successfully prosecuted under the co-partnership articles of august 10, 1869, all matters between fouke and key in respect to such claims were settled and adjusted. a replication was filed to the ..... case, either at washington, new york, or new orleans, as he may be directed from time to time by either hays, fouke, or de castro, acting as the special agent of the claimant, whose power as such in all cases sent by them is, to all intents and purposes, recognized by the parties ..... due and coming to them." "that said key shall retain all fees, as agreed on by said parties, and shall pay over to said parties, acting in the capacity of special attorneys, for that purpose, of the claimant, the amount due to them as such special attorneys, both for the amount awarded .....

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Apr 04 1887 (FN)

Fargo Vs. Michigan

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Apr-04-1887

..... receipts as computed by the said commissioner of railroads, and derived from loaning, renting, or hiring of cars to any railroad or other corporation, association, co-partnership, or party. it was also provided in said act that for the said taxes, and interest thereon, and the penalty imposed for delay in the payment thereof, the said state should have a lien upon ..... established in crandall v. nevada, 6 wall. 35. the statute of the state of michigan of 1883, under which this tax is imposed, is entitled "an act to provide for the taxation of persons, co-partnerships, associations, car-loaning companies, corporations, and fast freight lines engaged in the business of running cars over any of the railroads of this state, and not ..... freely exercised this power so far as relates to commerce with foreign nations and with the indian tribes, but in regard to commerce among the several states it has, until this act, refrained from the passage page 121 u. s. 240 of any very important regulation upon this subject except perhaps the statutes regulating steamboats and their occupation upon the ..... , 1887, entitled "an act to regulate commerce," passed after many years of effort in that body, is evidence that congress has at last undertaken a duty imposed upon it by the constitution of the united states in the declaration that it shall have power "to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the indian tribes." congress has .....

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Nov 16 1887 (PC)

Cassumbhoy Ahmedbhoy Vs. Ahmedbhoy Hubibhoy and Rahimbhoy Alladinbhoy

Court : Mumbai

Decided on : Nov-16-1887

Reported in : (1888)ILR12Bom280

..... to them, as he is contradicted by plaintiff's witness 78, and as it is likely enough that what may have occurred were only dissolutions of partnerships. ex. 88 is a formal registered document of 1879, in marathi, whereby abdula, the son of the witness 53, a khoja of malad, in ..... the present time, khoja communities are to be found in almost all the large trading communities of western india and on the sea-board of the indian ocean. the khojas are all, as a rule, engaged either in retail trade or commerce and frequently prosecute both with considerable success.'7. the ..... produce variations in dealings with family property, independent of the special contracts where convenience often varies the general rule. the evidence also relates to the acts of several generations. but it discloses, speaking generally, the existence of old institutions; even to this day the khojas dwelling under the darbars of ..... a custom in a community, such as this, pieced midway between muhammadans and hindus. we think that, under such circumstances, the court ought to act upon satisfactory proof that the custom has existed for a considerable time, and has been generally accepted by the great majority of the khoja community.' in ..... in the father's hands whether ancestral or self-acquired, the distinction between these kinds of property at hindu law never having been recognised or acted upon by any khoja's in bombay. mr. starling, as counsel for the defendant, argues that these variations from the ordinary hindu law of .....

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Dec 05 1887 (FN)

Smith Vs. Craft

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Dec-05-1887

..... ,000, to set aside as fraudulent a sale made by their debtor, craft, a dealer in watches and jewelry, of his whole stock in trade to fletcher & churchman, a banking partnership known as fletcher's bank. the first question certified is whether the understanding page 123 u. s. 441 between the bank and craft that if the bank would lend him .....

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Dec 06 1887 (FN)

Jewell Vs. Knight

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Dec-06-1887

..... per week for his services." "the business was carried on by fletcher & churchman and mrs. knight in this way until august 12, 1879, when fletcher & churchman became dissatisfied and the partnership was dissolved. the goods and proceeds of sales were divided between fletcher & churchman and mrs. knight equally, and page 123 u. s. 430 fletcher & churchman's share of the goods ..... questions were ruled the one way or the other." 10 how. 51 u. s. 55 . as the chief justice there observed, in some earlier instances, questions irregularly certified had been acted upon and decided. but the later decisions already referred to show that this court has since been careful not to exceed its lawful jurisdiction in this class of cases, and ..... pet. 348; bean v. patterson, 122 u. s. 496 . many of the cases cited in the learned arguments at the bar were of voluntary conveyances, or arose under a bankrupt act, or presented the question whether there was sufficient evidence of fraudulent intent to be submitted to a jury, or were decided by a court authorized to pass upon the facts .....

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