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Feb 01 1897 (FN)

Western Union Tel. Co. Vs. Indiana

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Feb-01-1897

..... corporation shall have refused to pay the whole of the taxes assessed against the same by said state board of tax commissioners, or in case such association, company, co-partnership, or corporation shall have refused to pay the taxes or any portion thereof assessed to it in any particular county or counties, township, or townships, such action may include the ..... u. s. 305 "in case any such association, co-partnership, or corporation as named in this supplemental and amendatory act shall fail or refuse to pay any taxes assessed against it in any county or township in the state, in addition to other remedies provided by law ..... the particular method of effecting collection by means of penalties and suit for recovery of judgment for the delinquent taxes, with penalties added. page 165 u. s. 308 under the act of march 6, 1891, taxpayers and their property were variously classified in respect of the nature of their business and property; as, for instance, associations for banking purposes, not incorporated ..... and of an additional six percent for the second six months. on march 6, 1893, an amendatory act was passed providing for the taxation of telegraph, telephone, palace car, sleeping car, drawing room car, dining car, express, fast-freight, and joint-stock associations, companies, co-partnerships, and corporations transacting business in the state, of which section 11 was as follows: page 165 .....

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Mar 22 1897 (FN)

United States Vs. Trans-Missouri Freight Ass'n

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Mar-22-1897

..... following described territory: commencing at the gulf of mexico, on the 95th meridian; thence north, to the red river; thence, via that river, to the eastern boundary line of the indian territory; thence north, by said boundary line and the eastern line of the state of kansas, to the missouri river at kansas city; thence, via the said missouri river, to ..... tendency to strengthen the association, and to render it more capable of filling the duty it was incorporated to perform. a business partnership could provide that none of its members should attend to any business other than that of the partnership, and that each partner who came in must agree not to do any other business, and must give up all such ..... agreements among carriers, competitive as well as connecting, for the purpose of securing a uniform classification and preventing the undercutting of rates, underbilling, etc., existed prior to the interstate commerce act, were continued thereafter, and were deemed not to be forbidden by law, but, on the contrary, were considered as instruments tending to secure its successful evolution. while it is ..... are monopolized and restrained, hindered, injured, and retarded by the defendants by means and through the instrumentality of such association. the bill further averred that, notwithstanding the passage of the act of congress above mentioned, on the 2d day of july, 1890, the "defendants still continue in and still engage in said unlawful combination and conspiracy, and still maintain said .....

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Apr 19 1897 (FN)

In Re Chapman

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Apr-19-1897

..... citizen; that neither house could, on the allegation that an insolvent debtor of the united states was interested in a private business partnership, investigate the affairs of that partnership, as a mere matter of private concern, and that consequently there was no authority in either house to compel a witness to ..... united states marshal for the district, who now holds and confines him, and deprives him of his liberty. the petition further alleged that the act of congress under which petitioner was prosecuted was unconstitutional, and the imprisonment of petitioner unlawful, on various grounds set forth at length. petitioner attached ..... was without a legitimate object, and so encroach upon the province of that body. indeed, we think it affirmatively appears that the senate was acting within its right, and it was certainly not necessary that the resolutions should declare in advance what the senate meditated doing when the investigation was ..... offense charged against him, said mr. justice story, was an attempt to seduce an american agent among the indians from his duty, and to alienate the affections and confidence of the indians from the public authorities of the united states, and a negotiation for services in behalf of the british government ..... among the indians. it was not a statutable offense, nor was it committed in his official character, nor was it committed during the .....

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