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Nov 30 1905 (PC)

Mulchand Narotam Vs. Maneckchand Harjivan

Court : Mumbai

Decided on : Nov-30-1905

Reported in : (1906)8BOMLR8

..... become apartner, or in other words, had in the circumstances of this case taken an advantage of the liberty reserved in his favour of joining the partnership in the place of the partner dying.8. it appears to us therefore that the case must be sent back for reconsideration.9. in the ..... the deceased partner in respect of obligation incurred after his death.7. for the provision entitling the heirs of the deceased partner to come into the partnership in place of the deceased partner under whom they claim as heirs, does not in our opinion impose an obligation on the estate. if and ..... liabilities of the partners is exhibit no. 74; and there can be no question, nor is it disputed that this agreement contemplates a continuation of the partnership notwithstanding the death of one of the partners. express provision is made for that contingency.6. but, as we have said, to make the estate of ..... in respect of any obligation incurred by the firm after his death. so that under that section, even if the partnership continued after the death of a partner, still his estate is not liable in respect of subsequent obligation in the absence of an express agreement.5. now ..... of these, narottam kanji died on the 30th of january 1895, and morar nichha on the following 12th september.4. prima facie death involves a dissolution of partnership; and by section 261, it is provided that the estate of a partner, who has died, is not, in the absence of an express agreement, liable .....

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Apr 19 1905 (PC)

Harold Clive Johnson and ors. and Porto Novo Cundasamy and ors. Vs. th ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Apr-19-1905

Reported in : (1905)15MLJ363

..... i.l.r. 25 m. 26 is distinguishable on the ground that the right to sue for an account and share of profits of the partnership sought to be enforced by the heirs of the deceased partner was joint and indivisible notwithstanding the several character of their interests inter se in the ..... action shall be brought within 12 calendar months after the death of such deceased persons' in section 2 of act xiii of 1855 were repealed and article 21 of the second schedule to indian limitation act was introduced, there was an intention to make a real change in the law it is not easy to ..... to this question must be in the affirmative with reference to art, 21 of schedule it of the indian limitation act unless the bar is saved by the provisions of sections 7 or 8 of the act.2. before proceeding to consider the applicability of those provisions to the cases, it is necessary to ..... that the word ' representative' in the act is equivalent to, and includes, all the ' heirs' of the deceased. we do not think that either of these views is correct. that the word is ..... contends that in the case of '' europeans and eurasians' the only ' representative' of a deceased man is his executor or administrator, and that in this act the word ' representative' has no application to europeans and eurasians but is used only with reference to hindus and mahomedans. mr. chamier for the plaintiffs contends .....

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May 15 1905 (FN)

Delaware, L. and W. R. Co. Vs. Pennsylvania

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : May-15-1905

..... during the year aforesaid. seventeenth. average price of sales of stock during the year, and in every case any two of the following-named officers of such corporation, limited partnership, or joint-stock association, namely: the president, chairman, secretary, and treasurer, and after being duly sworn or affirmed to do and perform the same with fidelity, and ..... and doing business in and liable to taxation within this commonwealth, or having capital or property employed or used in this commonwealth by or in the name of any limited partnership, joint-stock association, company, or corporation whatsoever, association or associations, copartnership or copartnerships, person or persons, or in any other manner, to make a report in writing ..... of the account by the auditor general and state treasurer: provided, that for the purpose of this act, interests in limited partnership or joint-stock associations shall be deemed to be capital stock, and taxable accordingly; provided, also, that corporations, limited partnerships, and joint-stock associations liable to tax on capital stock under this section, shall not be required ..... other manner, shall return and pay the tax imposed by this act upon all securities so held by them as in the case of individuals: and provided further, that the provisions of this section shall not apply to the taxation of the capital stock of corporations, limited partnerships and joint-stock associations, organized exclusively for manufacturing purposes, and actually .....

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Apr 24 1905 (FN)

Howe Scale Co. Vs. Wyckoff, Seamans and Benedict

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Apr-24-1905

..... any practical distinction between the use of the name in a firm and its use in a corporation. it is dishonesty in the use that is condemned, whether in a partnership or corporate name, and not the use itself. goodyear's india rubber glove manufacturing company v. goodyear rubber company, 128 u. s. 598 , was a suit by a corporation of ..... to which those having a common right are subjected is damnum absque injuria. but although he may thus use his name, he cannot resort to any artifice, or do any act calculated to mislead the public as to the identity of the business, firm, or establishment, or of the article produced by them, and thus produce injury to the other beyond ..... for sale, and sold as the "remington typewriter," and the "remington standard typewriter," and that the words "remington" and "remington standard" had been registered in the patent office under the act of congress, and charging defendant with fraud and unfair competition in making use of the corporate name "remington-sholes company" and the designations "remington-sholes," "rem-sho" and "remington-sholes .....

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