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Mar 02 2012 (HC)

T.Tamilarasi Vs. State Rep. by Sub-inspector of Police.

Court : Chennai

..... fair trial.order1. the petitioner is the wife of accused thandayuthapani, facing trial under section 302 of ipc. a case in crime no.154 of 2011 was registered against the husband of the petitioner under sections 294(b), 452, 506(i) and 307 ipc, which was later on converted to section 302 ipc. the case was registered on the statement of deceased suguna on 26.06.2011 ..... reads as under:government of maharashtranotificationhome department (special)mantralaya, mumbai 400 032dated: 7-2-2008no. mis 0807/cr 276/part-ii/spl-2. in pursuance of the provisions contained in section 6 of the delhi special police establishment act, 1946, (act 25 of 1946), the government of maharashtra is pleased to accord consent to the exercise of the powers and jurisdiction ..... decisions make it clear that if any person is aggrieved by the inaction on part of the police or not getting proper response, there are adequate remedies provided under the code and it is for such person to seek relief with the aid of these provisions. however, we have already adverted to the specific allegation in the complaint of respondent 1 .....

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Mar 08 2012 (HC)

N.Yogaraj Vs. Lakshmi.

Court : Chennai

..... 06.08.2010 itself, he lodged a complaint under ex.p1 alleging commission of offence of causing annoyance of others by using obscene language in a public place punishable under section 294 i.p.c, by the respondents herein(a1 to a4) against p.w.2 an offence of wrongful restraint punishable under ..... of police came to notice the said complaint on 12.08.2010 pursuant to which he registered a case in the above said crime number for offences punishable under the penal provisions cited supra. for registering the case, he prepared ex.p5-first information report. thereafter, p.w.8 conducted investigation and during investigation, he visited the place of occurrence and ..... section 341 i.p.c and an offence of causing simple hurt punishable under section 323 i.p.c. however, p.w.6, who received the complaint did not register any first information report and kept it as a petition assigning petition ..... prayercriminal revision case filed under sections 397 and 401 of cr.p.c., to call for the records and to set aside the order of acquittal made in of 2010 by .....

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Feb 17 1956 (HC)

The Public Prosecutor Vs. Mulugu Jwala Subrahmanyara

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Reported in : 1957CriLJ1389

..... in circumstances constituting the acts of the said mulugu jwala subrahmanyam, an offence punishable inter alia under section 294-a of the indian penal code, 1860 (central act xlv of 1860).2. now, therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred by section 196 of the code of criminal procedure, 1898, (central act v of 1898), the governor of andhra hereby orders that ..... was made after investigation into the cognizable offence which was registered under section 420, indian penal code and the charge-sheet itself relate to both the offences under sections 294-a and 420, indian penal code. it is a report falling under section 173, criminal procedure code, so far as the offence under section 420, indian penal code, is doubt, after the case was taken on file ..... government in this behalf.5. a complaint authorised by the state government is necessary before a court, can take cognizance of an offence punishable under section 294-a, indian penal code. section 230, criminal procedure code, provides for the situation when a new charge is framed which requires previous sanction and runs as follows:if the offence stated in the new ..... the lottery was published to be drawn. it winds up by stating that the accused was liable under the second part of section 294-a, indian penal code, for having unauthorisedly published the lottery and under section 420, indian penal code, for having cheated the contains no reference to any office or place kept by the accused either at door .....

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Jul 30 1928 (PC)

Emperor Vs. Vazirally

Court : Mumbai

Reported in : (1928)30BOMLR1426

..... 1917) 18 l.j. 768, where it was held that the word 'drawing ' is used in the section in its physical sense and the actual drawing of lots is an essential ingredient of the offence provided for in section 294 a, indian penal code. the learned magistrate held : 'there was certainly no drawing of any ticket of cigarettes. the purchaser when he ..... reverse the conviction and sentence and order the fine, if paid, to be refunded.baker, j.9. the accused was convicted under the 2nd paragraph of section 294a of the indian penal code, of publishing a proposal relating to a lottery. the facts are that the accused, who is a dealer in cigarettes, had caused five rupee notes to ..... lottery, and secondly, that even if it does, it does not amount to publishing a proposal relating to a lottery under section 294a, latter part. there is no definition of lottery in the indian penal code, but in view of the definition which has been laid down by the courts in england there can be no doubt that ..... patkar, j.1. in this case the accused is tried on a charge under section 291 a (second part) of the indian penal code for publishing a proposal for the drawing of a lottery. the accused, who is the proprietor of the british cigarette and tobacco co., published ..... that the act of the accused in publishing the particulars with which he is charged, does not fall within the terms of is, 294a of the indian penal code. i agree, therefore, that the conviction and sentence should be set aside, and the fine, if paid, refunded. .....

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Sep 07 1970 (HC)

Kamal Agency Vs. the State of Maharashtra

Court : Mumbai

Reported in : (1970)72BOMLR928a

..... , because of the far greater weight of the judgment of the supreme court which is to the contrary.25. our attention was also drawn to the provisions of section 294-a of the indian penal code, which provides that whoever keeps any office or place for the purpose of drawing any lottery not being a state lottery or a lottery authorised by the state government ..... was contended that therefore a lottery cannot be considered to be unlawful except to the extent that it is made punishable under section 294-a. in our opinion, this is not a correct appreciation of the provisions of section 294-a of the indian penal code because it would not be correct to say merely from the fact that only a particular activity out of the series ..... shall be punished as provided in that section. it was pointed out that the indian penal code is an all india legislation. it was pointed out that out of the various activities in connection with the organising and conducting of a lottery only the ..... activity of keeping any office or place for the purpose of drawing any lottery is singled out in section 294a and that the section does not make any . other activity .....

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Jul 21 2011 (HC)

Veeralakshmi Vs. Kannapiran and anr.

Court : Chennai

..... of 1860) was committed, such death shall be called harassment death. (2) notwithstanding anything contained in section 4, whoever commits harassment death and if the act by which the death ..... section 4a of the act goes thus: 4-a. harassment death.-(1) where the death of a woman is caused by bodily injury or occurs otherwise than under normal circumstances and if it is shown that soon before her death, she was subjected to harassment or that in respect of her an offence under section 294, 354 or 509 of the indian penal code (central act xlv ..... guilt of the accused. but, as discussed above, their evidence are not sufficient to hold that the accused has committed the crime under section 354 ipc. 13. the learned counsel for the first respondent would submit that in the revision, this court has got limited powers to interfere with ..... in the complaint. the complaint would show that the accused disgraced (khdga;fk;) p.w.2. this would not constitute an offence under section 354 ipc. 9. the occurrence is said to have taken place about 15 days anterior to 10.09.2006 and no particulars with regard to the ..... but p.w.1 has woefully failed to mention those incidents in her complaint and by no stretch of imagination, a charge under section 354 ipc could be made out and that medical evidence in this case would not come to the aid of the prosecution. 7. the learned .....

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Jan 03 1984 (HC)

Ummaida Ram anr. Vs. the State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Reported in : 1984WLN27

..... a gang, habitually commits, or attempts to commit, or abets the commission of, offences, punishable under chapter xvi, chapter xvii or chapter xviii or the indian penal code, 1860 (act xlv of 1860) or under section 290 to 294 of the indian penal code, 1860; or(ii) has been convicted under the suppression of immoral traffic in women and girls act, 1956 (act no. 104 of 1956); or(iii) has ..... before 11-5-82, can not be taken into consideration for initiating actions against them under section 3 of the act. the petitioner were convicted for offences under sections 427 and 352, ipc i.e. for offences punishable under chapter xvi and xvii of the indian penal code on 26-11-80. this could not be taken into consideration as the conviction was made ..... of offence under section 406 ipc and for some other offences relating to the first information ..... prior to six months immediately preceding the commencement of the action under section 3. the allegations relating to the commission .....

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Aug 30 2001 (HC)

Rana Ram Vs. State of Rajasthan and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Reported in : 2002(2)WLN269

..... gang, habitually commits, or attempts to commit, or abets the commission of offence, punishable under chapter xvi or chapter xxii of the indian penal code, 1860 (act xlv of 1860) or under sections 290 to 294 of the indian penal code, 1960; or (ii) has been convicted under the suppression of immoral traffic in women and girls act, 1956 (act no. ..... to have commenced only when the competent authority has applied his mind for issuing a notice under the goondas act. the words employed in sub-section (1) of section 3 are 'where it appears to the district magistrate. the words used, appeared in sub-clause (i) are of great significance. the ..... in relation to a person in this clause means a person, who during a period within six months immediately preceding the commencement of an action under section 3 has been found on not less than three occasions to have committed the offences or acts, as the case may be, referred to in sub ..... according to the appellant the proceedings against him under the goondas act is without jurisdiction as he is not a goonda within the meaning of section 2(b) of the goondas act, inasmuch as he has not been found on not less than three occasions to have committed the offences ..... has preferred this appeal on the ground that he has been granted relief only in part. according to him the entire proceedings against him under section 3 of the rajasthan control of goondas act, 1975 (hereinafter referred to as goondas act) being without jurisdiction ought to have been quashed .....

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Sep 11 1997 (HC)

Dattatraya Manglya Patil and Others Vs. the State of Maharashtra

Court : Mumbai

Reported in : 1998BomCR(Cri)300

..... is true that the arrest panchanama of the appellants, wherein there is a mention of recovery of blood-stained clothes, was admitted by the defence under section 294 of cr.p.c. and consequently, can be used as substantive evidence. however, to our dismay, the circumstance that these appellants were putting on ..... accused. on 5-3-1987, the appellants were arrested, vide panchanama exhibit 62. a perusal of exhibit 62 which is admitted to the defence under section 294 cr.p.c. shows that the appellants had blood-stained clothes, which appeared to be washed, on their person.a perusal of exhibit 62 shows ..... we should not accept the solitary statement of pi. faruqi.apart from the fact that her submission is contrary to the provisions contained in section 134 of the indian evidence act which provides 'no particular number of witnesses shall in any case be required for the proof of any fact' and the ..... deceased, was found on the clothes of appellants dattatraya and prabhakar, because the said circumstance has not been put to them in their statements under section 313 cr.p.c.29. be that as it may, in our view, the circumstances mentioned above, establish beyond any shadow of doubt, the ..... the guilt of these appellants.against these appellants, the circumstantial evidence adduced by the prosecution is as under :-(a) motive;(b) recovery under section 27 of the indian evidence act; of a blood-stained knife on the pointing out of appellant-prabhakar and a blood-stained dagger on the pointing out of .....

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May 17 2001 (HC)

Swaminath Singh Vs. State of M.P.

Court : Madhya Pradesh

Reported in : 2002CriLJ1343; 2001(3)MPHT404

..... where this appellant swaminath was posted as sub-inspector. on the basis of the said report, appellant swaminath registered crime no. 57/84 under sections 294 and 506b of the indian penal code against shiv prasad and in breach of the instructions given by his superiors and without informing them, appellant swaminath went to vidisha on 29-1- ..... found the allegation levelled by sushila bai to be untrue and accordingly submitted the final report. it is also admitted that a case under sections 294 and 506 of the indian penal code was registered against the deceased shiv prasad bhatnagar at t.t. nagar police station on 28-1-1984 on a report given by accused ..... the appellant.34. p.w. 2 constable tej singh and head constable p.w. 15 rajiv lochan have stated in their evidence that at about 5.45 p.m. on 2-2-19s4 one agar singh, a resident of village adampur gave information to the bilkheriya out-post that a dead body in ..... appellant sent shiv prasad along with constables moolchand and man singh to bhopal.27. p.w. 5 moolchand had further stated in his evidence that after 45 minutes when he reached the police station t.t. nagar, appellant sent a message that shiv prasad be brought to the court for production and when ..... dead body of shiv prasad having handcuffs lying by the side of the road. he informed the police post situated at bilkhariya on the same day at 5.45 p.m, receiving the said information, head constable rajiv lochan (p.w. 15) and constable tej singh (p.w. 2) immediately reached the place .....

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