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Nov 13 1992 (HC)

S. Abboy Naidu Vs. R. Sundararajan and Others

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Nov-13-1992

Reported in : 1994CriLJ641

..... hearing her noise, p.w. 3 along with the accused went and put down the fire. beyond that his evidence is of no use. p.w. 5 is only a mediator and his evidence is not in any way incriminating. the court below has given convincing reasonings for not accepting his evidence. 8. the fact that the deceased has committed suicide ..... document or independent evidence has been produced to substantiate this. further, even according to the case of the prosecution, p.w. 5 and others, who are related to the accused, mediated and took the deceased to the house of accused, thereafter, they were living happily and the deceased gave birth to a female child. hence the same cannot be an incriminating ..... also quarrelled on that account. subsequently, the relations of the accused came to the house of the deceased's parents and took the deceased to the accused's house after mediation. thereupon, the deceased was living with her husband, the accused, and she became pregnant and gave birth to a female child. it is stated that the accused insisted that the .....

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Jun 17 1992 (HC)

T.P.S. Lakshmanan and Others Vs. Sree Balraj Paper and Straw Board Mil ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Jun-17-1992

Reported in : [1995]82CompCas760(Mad)

..... the company petition that he was retaining all the account books, records and the documents of the company under his custody as requested by the mediators. this position was admitted by pw-1 in the cross-examination wherein he has stated that the entire books of account for the period from ..... managing director of the company with effect from february 1, 1988. the allegation made in paragraph 6 in regard to the alleged settlement before the mediators has also been denied as false. the respondent submits that the petitioners have not established their case of inability of the respondent-company to pay its ..... account books and records of the company. however, he has failed and neglected to pay and honour his commitments which he has agreed before the mediators. the petitioners issued a notice on march 2, 1989, by registered post with acknowledgment due to the company to its registered office calling upon ..... the said outstandings to the petitioners in spite of repeated requests and reminders. the petitioners further state that as per the mediators' request, the first petitioner is retaining all the account books, records and documents of the company under his custody and as per the understanding, ..... recover the said outstandings earlier since l. k. a. jayaraman, the present director-in-charge of the affairs of the company agreed before the mediators to pay the said sum in the first week of february, 1989, itself. however, he did not make any attempt to pay and settle .....

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Sep 11 1992 (HC)

Selvi Travels and Etc. Vs. Union of India and Another

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Sep-11-1992

Reported in : AIR1993Mad216

..... petitioners for making representations against the said action which runs pounter to the legitimate expectation of the petitioners.30. learned additional central government standing counsel relied on the judgment in mediator company v. state of west bengal, : air1958cal634 . the petitioner, which was a private company registered under the companies act made an application to the visa officer of the government of .....

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Nov 09 1992 (HC)

Leo Francis Xaviour Vs. the Principal, Karunya Institute of Technology ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Nov-09-1992

Reported in : AIR1993Mad233

..... regard.13. it is next contended that in the previous year, no offence was committed by the petitioner and what all he did was only to support mr. selvam and mediate between him arid mr. kuntran. it is not necessary to deal with the contention in detail. suffice it to point out that admittedly there was a detailed enquiry in the .....

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Jun 29 1992 (HC)

Managing Director, Thanthai Periyar Transport Corporation Ltd. Vs. N. ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Jun-29-1992

Reported in : I(1993)ACC399; 1993ACJ1259

v. ratnam, j.1. in this appeal, at the instance of thanthai periyar transport corporation ltd. against the award of the motor accidents claims tribunal (second judge, court of small causes), madras, in m.c.o.p. no. 128 of 1988, the two questions which arise for consideration are:(1) whether the tribunal was right in its conclusion that the rash and negligent driving of the bus no. tml 8630 belonging to the appellant, by its driver, caused the accident on 7.1.1988, in which the respondent sustained injuries, and (2) whether, in respect of the injuries so sustained by the respondent, the tribunal was justified in awarding to him compensation in a sum of rs. 35,750/- together with interest at 12 per cent per annum from the date of claim petition till the date of payment.2. there is no dispute now that in an accident that took place on 7.1.1988, involving the bus no. tml 8630, near the entrance to the broadway bus stand, the respondent, who was a passenger in that bus, sustained certain injuries. according to the case of the respondent, the bus was stopped at the entrance to the broadway bus stand and while the respondent was attempting to get down from the bus, the driver started the bus rashly and negligently, as a result of which he fell down and sustained injuries, in that the front wheel of the bus ran over his right leg. in respect of that, he prayed that compensation in a sum of rs. 75,000/-should be awarded to him.3. this claim was resisted by the appellant on the ground .....

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May 13 1992 (HC)

Leather India and ors. Vs. Union of India (Uoi) and ors.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : May-13-1992

Reported in : 1992(40)ECC117

orderbakthavatsalam, j.1. both the writ petitions raise a common question with regard to the validity of export trade control order no. e(c)/0.88/am(91) dated 5-8-1991. 2. w.p. no. 15560 of 1991 is filed by the manufacturers of leather who manufacture the same for thepurpose of export to foreign countries. w.p. no. 1312 of 1992 is filed by an association comprisingof members in the business of leather as leather tanners, manufacturers and exporters. insofar as thefacts are common in both these writ petitions and the question raised in both the writ petitions isalso based purely on the point of law, i think suffice it to refer to the pleadings in the writ petitionno. 15560 of 1991. 3. the petitioners are the manufacturers of leather for the purpose of export to foreign countriesand they are manufacturers of leather in small scale and are also tanners. they export finishedleather to foreign countries, particularly to united states of america, united kingdom, and certainother european countries. it is stated in the affidavit that guidelines have been laid down fromtime to time for the purpose of helping the customs authorities and that the first of such guidelinesfor identification of finished leather were made in the year 1960. it is also stated that subsequentlyguidelines were streamlined based on report of a committee headed by one dr. seetharamiah in theyear 1972, and that it was necessitated because of a great demand for leather in foreign countriesresulting [in] great .....

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Mar 11 1992 (HC)

M. Chettyappan and ors. Vs. State Bank of India, Nungambakkam Branch

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Mar-11-1992

Reported in : (1993)1MLJ74

mishra, j.1. defendants 2 to 4 (third defendant has been substituted by his legal representatives) have appealed. it is not in dispute that the plaintiff-bank entered into a contract of cash credit loan as well as medium term loan on the hypothecation of the schedule of properties with the principal debtor messrs. discon foods (p) ltd., (first defendant), a company incorporated under the indian companies act and carrying on business in processing and exporting sea foods. the cash credit limit was rs. 3,00,000 and medium term loan limit was rs. 75,000. defendants 2 and 3, who were at the relevant time, directors of the first defendant-company, stood surety for the cash credit loan to the first defendant-company and defendants 3 and 4 stood surety for the medium term loan. this was, however, in april, 1974, and continued until, it is said, the second defendant resigned from the directorship of the first defendant company on 19.7.1974 and the third defendant resigned from the directorship with effect from 27.10.1975. it appears that one m.c. agarwal and mrs. pushpa agarwa entered as new directors and passed a letter dated 22.11.1975 to defendants 2 and 3 with regard to the discharge of the loan due to the plaintiff.2. according to the defendants, when the agarwals took over, they entered into some sort of arrangement with the creditor bank and thus they stood discharged as sureties. the creditor bank found that the principal debtor had not cleared the cash credit loan amounting .....

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Aug 03 1992 (HC)

Rajammal and Others Etc. Vs. State by D.S.P. Cb. C.i.D., Madras and Ot ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Aug-03-1992

Reported in : 1993CriLJ3029; II(1994)DMC503

1. while the first accused rajammal and the third accused murugesan in s.c. no. 2 of 1986 ion the file of the district judge, chengalapattu are the appellants in c.a. 729 of 1986, the public prosecutor has preferred c.a. no. 800 of 1989 to set aside the order of acquired of second accused balasubramaniam and forth accused asokan and convict them for the offences with which they were charged. crl.r.c. no. 246 of 1987 is by p.w. 1 panneer selvam against the judgment of the trail court acquitting the accused 2 and 4. 2. fourth accused asokan is the husband of deceased uma porkodi. their marriage took place on 24-3-1985. third accused murugesan and first accused rajammal are the parents of the fourth accused asokan. second accused balasubramaniam is the younger brother of the fourth accused. they were charged before the trail court under four heads. the first charge against accused 1 to 3 under s. 302 read with s. 34, i.p.c. was that on 18-6-1986 at about 10.00 a.m. in furtherance of their common intention they committed the murder of uma porkodi by manual strangulation. the second charge against the accused 1 and 3 under s. 4 of the dowry prohibitions act, 1961 was that on 18-6-1985 in the ordered of the same transaction from the date of marriage proposal they demanded directly or indirectly from p.w. 1 panneer selvam and p.w. 7 dharmar, the guardians of the bride, 50 sovereigns of jewels and cash of rs. 10,000/- as dowry at the time of marriage as consideration for the same .....

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Feb 07 1992 (HC)

Thirumuruga Kirupananda Variyar Thavathiru Sundaraswamigal Medical Edu ...

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Feb-07-1992

Reported in : (1993)1MLJ307

orderk.s. bakthavastsalam, j.1. the above writ petition is preferred by the petitioner trust challenging the order of medical university (in short as 'the university') dated 16.8.1991 by which the application of the petitioner seeking affiliation to start the proposed vinayaka mission kirupananda variyar medical college at salem for the acadamic year 1991-92 has been rejected.2. on an earlier occasion, govindasamy, j. in w.m.p. no. 20146 of 1991 in this writ petition by order dated 22.10.1991 directed the first respondent university to grant provisional affiliation subject to the petitioner fulfilling all the requirements in a period of two years and pending further orders. against the said order a writ appeal was filed in w.a. no. 1377 of 1991 and a division bench of this court consisting of the acting chief justice and somasundaram, j. by order dated 26.11.1991 allowed the writ appeal setting aside the order of govindasamy, j. in the above mentioned w.m.p. no. 20146 of 1991, dated 22.10.1991 and further directed that the main writ petition itself be listed for hearing. that is how they petition is before me.3. w.m.p. no. 24518 of 1991 has been filed by the state praying to implead itself as a party in the writ petition and by order dated 17.12.1991 it has been impleaded as the second respondent in the writ petition.4. the facts leading to the filing of the writ petition are:the petitioner is a charitable trust which has been imparting education in the fields of medicine and .....

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Apr 20 1992 (HC)

Haran Jahveri Vs. Collector of Customs and ors.

Court : Chennai

Decided on : Apr-20-1992

Reported in : 1992(40)ECC43

orderbakthavatsalam, j.1. the writ petition is for the issue of the writ of mandamus directing the 2nd respondent to immediately allow clearance of the goods on recovering normal rate of customs duty to the petitioner as declared consequently and to on issue a detention certificate. 2. the petitioner, who is an importer of dyes and chemicals, and is holding rep licence to import diverse quantity and quality of disperse dyes, entered negotiations with m/s. s.i. group of hong kong, for the sale and supply of one metric ton of disperse dyes blue and one metric ton of disperse dyes red, manufactured and controlled by china. accordingly the said suppliers by their invoices dated 15-8-91 and 4-9-1991 supplied the said goods and shipped through the vessel s.s. acx lily and vessel tokyo beg v. 10/556 from hongkong to madras under bill of lading nos. niks 3480117209 and 79987113 respectively. according to the petitioner, before the said goods could be examined, the officers of the 2nd respondent seized the said goods and took away all the documents, on the landing of the goods at madras port suspecting under-invoicing of the goods. it is further alleged in the affidavit filed in support of this petition that though the said goods were seized by the 2nd respondent as early as september, 1991, no summon has been issued to the petitioner and on an oral enquiry, the petitioner came to know that the petitioner had to obtain a manufacturer's invoices. i.e., sale documents as the goods in .....

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