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Feb 22 1968 (HC)

Bhopal Singh and ors. Vs. State of Rajasthan and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Feb-22-1968

Reported in : AIR1968Raj305; 1968CriLJ1572

..... the accused bhanwarsingh and the deceased bhoorsingh bv his intervention inderstngh, second son of bhoorsingh, was asked by chhatusingh to bring bhoorsingh from the post office so that he may mediate between the parties and bring abuut a compromise between bhoorsinghand bhanwarsingh. meanwhile chhatu-singh sat down in the kotari of bhanwar singh. the prosecution case is that at that time ..... of section 149. indian penal is true that all the accused reside in the same gowadi and the possibility of their coming to the spot to witness the mediation by chhatu singh or to see what had actually happened cannot be ruled out. i have looked into the statements of the eye witnesses p w 4 san-watsingh, p .....

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Jul 29 1968 (HC)

Dholpur Glass Works Ltd. Vs. Commissioner of Income Tax, Delhi and Raj ...

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jul-29-1968

Reported in : AIR1969Raj142

..... . 191 h. l. (palkhiwala's income tax 5th edition, vo. i, p. 390). 'a sum of money expended, not of necessity and with a view to a direct and im-mediate benefit to the trade, but voluntarily and on the grounds of commercial expediency and in order indirectly to facilitate the carrying on of the business, may yet be expended wholly .....

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Nov 11 1968 (HC)

Sardar Manmohansingh Nagpal Vs. Manakchand Kothari and anr.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Nov-11-1968

Reported in : 1968WLN174

c.b. bhargava, j.1. the point for determination in this revision by the defendant is whether a party who has not examined himself as a first witness and has not obtained permission of the court to appear as his own witness at a later stage as required by order 18, rule 2(4) as amended by rajasthan high court, can be examined as a witness or not.2. sub-rule (4) made by the rajasthan high court, is as follows:where a party wishes to appear as a witness he shall so appear before any other witness on his behalf has been examined; provided that the court may on an application made in this behalf and for reasons to be recorded, permit him to appear as his own witness at a later stage.3. plaintiffs-non-petitioners filed a suit for ejectment, rent and damages against the petitioner on 3rd january, 1962 in the court of the additional munsif, no. 2 jaipur city. after the written statement had been filed, issues were framed on 26th july, 1962, and the case was adjourned for plaintiffs' evidence to 6th november, 1962. the plaintiffs were directed to file a list of witnesses which they did within the prescribed period and also included their names there in. on 6th november, 1962, plaintiffs and their witnesses were present, but as the court was pre-occupied in hearing arguments in another case, the case was ordered to be adjourned to 7th january, 1963. but before the order was signed, statement of suraj narain witness an employee of the municipal council, jaipur, was recorded. the order .....

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Mar 22 1968 (HC)

State Vs. Hari Singh

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Mar-22-1968

Reported in : AIR1969Raj86; 1969CriLJ445

l.s. mehta, j. 1. in the city of jodhpur towards the west there is a highway known as umaid hospital road. this road is fed by traffic from the south-eastern feeder roads, namely, chopasani road, 5th road sardarpura, and pal road. on its northern side, traffic emerges from siwanchi gate. on september 5, 1965, at about 1-15 p. m., accused hari singh, aged about 60 years, was driving bus no. rjq 2694. he arrived on umaid hospital road from the side of pal. at that time kumari indu, a girl of about 16 years, also came on the said road on a bicycle from the side of siwanchi gate. she suddenly collided against the said bus somewhere near point marked o in the site plan ex. p-9. she was run over by the rear right-wheel of the bus, as a result of which she sustained fatal injuries and died instantaneously on the spot. after this accident hari singh stopped the bus after plying the same upto a distance of about 7 ft. first information report of this mishap was lodged that very day by the accused hari singh himself at the police station, sardarpura, at about 1.35 p. m. on receipt of the report ex. p-8, a case was registered under section 304a i. p. c., and investigation followed. the police prepared a site plan ex. p-9. autopsy of the dead body of kumari indu was conducted by dr. har govind, p. w. 9, medico-jurist, mahatma gandhi hospital jodhpur, on the date of the accident at 5.20 p. m. following injuries were found on her person:-- (1) crush injury on skull, bones fractured brain .....

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May 17 1968 (HC)

Shyamesh Vs. Public Prosecutor, Pali

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : May-17-1968

Reported in : AIR1969Raj61; 1969CriLJ314

orderc.m. lodha, j. 1. these are two connected revisions arising out of the orders of thelearned sessions judge, jodhpur dated 14th december, 1967 in criminal original cases no. 5 of 1964 and no. 6 of 1965.2. in view of the short point involved in these cases it is not necessary to set out the facts in detail. suffice it to say that the petitioner shyamesh who is an editor and publisher of a weekly newspaper 'karwat' published an alleged defamatory article against shri gumansingh, the then superintendent of police, at pali. after obtaining the previous sanction of the government of rajasthan in this behalf, the public prosecutor, pali filed a complaint under sections 500, 501 and 502, indian penal code on 6-7-1964 in the court of sessions judge. pali against the accused petitioner in accordance with the provisions of section 198-b, criminal procedure code.3. it appears that the accused petitioner moved an application before this court for transfer of the case to some other court for reasons which it is not necessary to relate here. this court eventually withdrew the case from the court of sessions judge, pali and transferred it to the court of sessions judge, jodhpur for trial. i am informed that an objection about misjoinder of charges was taken before the learned sessions judge on behalf of the accused as a result of which there were two cases registered in respect of this complaint, and they were numbered as criminal original cases no. 5 of 1964 and no. 6 of 1965. after .....

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Dec 06 1968 (HC)

Madan Lal Vs. Controller of Estate Duty

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Dec-06-1968

Reported in : [1969]74ITR84(Raj)

bhandari, j. 1. this is a reference by the central board of revenue under section 64(1) of the estate duty act, 1953, hereinafter called the act. the statement of the case submitted by the central board of revenue discloses the following facts which have given rise to this reference: daudas, son of sukhdeo, submitted a statement of account under section 53(1) of the act to the assistant controller of estate duty, jaipur, giving the details of various properties belonging to a hindu undivided family consisting of his father, sukhdeo, who died on february 24, 1957, and his sons and grandsons. on the death of daudas on 3rd may, 1957, his son, mukandas, pursued the proceedings before the said officer. the properties of the deceased, sukhdeo, comprised of several items, such as mortgage deeds executed in favour of sukhdeo and his four sons, house property and money-lending business. the statement further shows that sukhdeo, after having served a jagirdar, started tobacco business under the name and style of messrs. sukhdeo gopikishen at the ripe age of 49 years. at that time, he had four sons. gopikishen was the eldest son. some time after, he started money lending business in the name of sukhdeo daudas. daudas was his second son. various immovable properties were acquired in the joint names of the deceased and his sons out of the profits of these two businesses. on 10th of january, 1941, he executed a deed of partition which is annexure 'c'. it purports to record the partition of .....

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Mar 12 1968 (HC)

Mohammad Abdul Baqi Khan Vs. Rajasthan Board of Muslim Wakfs, Jaipur a ...

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Mar-12-1968

Reported in : AIR1969Raj1

kan singh, j. 1. this is a writ petition under article 226 of the constitution by one mohammad abdul baqi khan and by it he seeks to question the jurisdiction of the rajasthan board of muslim wakfs to take proceedings against him under section 27 of the wakf act, 1954 (no. 29 of 1954 hereinafter to be referred as the act). he also questions the appointment of certain members of the wakf board, respondents nos. 2 to 4, as members of the judicial committee of the board and he prays for quashing the various orders passed by the aforesaid judicial committee. 2. the relevant facts emerging from the writ petition are briefly these: the petitioner claims to be the ex-jagirdar ofjagar in the former jaipur state. according to him, besides the village jagar, his ancestors were granted two plots of land contiguous to each other in the city of jaipur. one plot measured 9 bighas and 14 biswas and this was said to be inam land. the other plot measured 11 bighas and 17 biswas and it was said to be a muafi land. sometime in the year 1942-43 the former jaipur state acquired some portions of these plots for the maharani gayatri devi girls public school and compensation was paid to the petitioner for the lands acquired. the remaining portion of the land together with buildings attached to it is known as jagar house. according to the petitioner, this property was a state grant and was in continuous possession of the petitioner's ancestors and the petitioner. this state grant is said to be .....

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Sep 10 1968 (HC)

Dwarka Das and Sons and ors. Vs. Regional Transport Authority, Jaipur ...

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Sep-10-1968

Reported in : AIR1969Raj173

lodha, j. 1. these four special appeals filed under section 18(1) of the rajasthan high court ordinance no. 15 of 1949 are directed against the judgment of hon'ble kansingh j dated 11-7-68 by which the learned judge allowed the writ application filed bv m/s. martinhail ex-service-men cooperative transport society ltd., khetri (which is the only contesting respondent before us) and which will be referred to as 'society' hereinafter for the sake of brevity). the resolution of the regional transport authority, jaipur region, jaipur (item no. 2/109) dated 22/23rd december, 1967, has been setaside and the permits for stage carriage granted to the appellants in appeals nos. 33, 34 and 35 on jaipur-khetri route have been cancelled by the judgment under appeal, and the regional transport authority has been further directed 'to decide the application of the society, as also of other applicants like the society, if pending, along with the applications of the appellants and others like them. appeal no. 36 of 1968 has been preferred by the regional transport authority, but the parties, who are really aggrieved and who in fact are adversely affected by the judgment under appeal are the appellants in appeals nos. 33, 34 and 35 of 1963 and as such these parties to whom the permits have been granted will be referred to as 'appellants' in this judgment for the sake of brevity. 2. the society is an existing operator along with 19 others on jhunihunu-nim-ka-thana route, 64 miles in length. all .....

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Jan 13 1968 (HC)

Gordhan Das Vs. State and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jan-13-1968

Reported in : AIR1968Raj241

orderl.s. mehta, j. 1. this is a revision-petition directed against the judgment of learned additional sessions judge no. 2, jodhpur, dated november 30, 1966. tt is alleged by the prosecution that mst noii wife of bhinya ram, non-petitioner no. 3, owned a house in mohalla hanumanji-ki-bhakri, jodhpur she possessed a title deed in her own name she needed some money. consequently, she mortagaged the house in favour of the petitioner gordran das. oswal resident of udaimandir. jodhpur, and his brothers. the mortgage was alleged to be anomalous thereafter mst. noli executed a rent-note in favour of gordhan das and his brothers. subsequently, a suit was filed by gordhan das and others for eviction of the property and recovery of arrears of rent a decree for ejectment and arrears of rent was passed in favour of the plaintiffs. in execution of that decree, gordhan das and his brothers were put in possession of the property, excepting one room, on february 6, 1964, through the process of the court after some time possession over the said room was also given to the mortgagees. the mortgagees put their locks on the various apartments.on march 24, 1964, gordhan das and others kept sundry articles in the rooms. on april, 1964, shesh mal, brother of gordhan das went to the house and saw that non-petitioners nos. 2 to 6 were living therein, after breaking open the locks put by the mortgagees. the same day first information report was lodged at the police station, division b, jodhpur, about .....

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Aug 20 1968 (HC)

inderjit Singh Vs. Sunder Singh

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Aug-20-1968

Reported in : AIR1969Raj155

p.n. singhal, j. 1. these two appeals arise out of the judgment and decree of district judge, bhilwara, dated december 23, 1961, and will be disposed of together. 2. defendant sunder singh held a permit for plying a bus on the shahpura-bhilwara route, but he was apprehensive that the permit might be cancelled because he could not run the bus for some time. he thought it necessary to secure another bus for his permit and obtained a vehicle for that purpose from the new laxmi finance company ajmer, for rs. 21,000, on hire-purchase. the new laxmi finance company asked for security for the arrangement, and it was furnished by the plaintiffs father cyan singh at the instance of the plaintiff and the defendant. it was however realised that some more expenditure would have to be incurred in building the body, insuring thevehicle and meeting the registration and other charges which sunder singh was unable to finance. he therefore entered into agreement ex. 1 dated december 28, 1958 for a partnership with plaintiff inderjit singh. under that agreement, sunder singh retained a three-fourth share for himself in the vehicle and the permit and decided to give the remaining one-fourth share to inderjit singh, vehicle no. rjl 218 was accordingly run on the shahpura-bhilwara route from january, 1059 on the basis of that agreement. the plaintiff pleaded that he spent more than his share on the vehicle but that the defendant did not allow him to participate in the joint management after a .....

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