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Nov 22 1972 (HC)

Jwala Prasad Vs. State of Rajasthan and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Nov-22-1972

Reported in : AIR1973Raj187; 1972()WLN1052

..... , (ii) even in the special meeting of the corporation held on 28th february, 1972 no definite decision to tackle with the situation was taken. (iii) despite the reported failure of mediation efforts made by the labour commissioner and submission of the report of the sub-committee for rationalisation of the pay scales, the chairman did not show any readiness to convene .....

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Oct 27 1972 (HC)

Maharana Bhupal Electric Supply Co. Ltd. Vs. the State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Oct-27-1972

Reported in : AIR1973Raj132; 1972()WLN803

..... fact and in spirit and that too expeditiously and the signatures by the government in this behalf take away all the force from the argument that the government was merely mediating. 11. the important issue is no. 7 on which emphasis was laid by the learned deputy government advocate. it may be recalled that with effect from 1-4-1951 the ..... period of limitation being 6 years under the said article and the suit having been instituted on 11-7-1956 it was clearly within time, only stepped in as a mediator in the interests of peace and order and therefore is not bound by it 4. are rs. 1,16,056/- due from the defendant on account of the differences of .....

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Mar 14 1972 (HC)

ishwar Singh and ors. Vs. State of Rajasthan and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Mar-14-1972

Reported in : 1973CriLJ811; 1972()WLN269

c.m. lodha, j.1. motti the above appeals are directed against the judgment of the additional sessions judge. merta dated 29.5.1971 by which the learned judge convicted the accused ishwar singh. kalyansingh. prabhu. arjun and mewa ram of the following offences and sentenced them to various terms of imprisonment as mentioned against each offence:1. under section 302 read with 149. i.p.c. --- sentenced to life imprisonment and a fine of rs. 100/-; in default of payment of fine two months' rigorous imprisonment.2. under section 325 read with- 149. i.p.c. -- sentenced to three years' rigorous imprisonment and a fine of rs. 100/-; in default of payment of fine two months' rigorous imprisonment. 3. under section 322 read with 149. i.p.c. --- sentenced to one year's rigorous imprisonment.4. under section 447. i.p.c. --- sentenced to three months' rigorous imprisonment.5. under section 147. i. p. c. --- sentenced to two years' rigorous imprisonment.all the substantive sentences have been ordered to run concurrently.2. all the aforesaid five accused have filed a joint appeal to this court from their conviction and sentences and the same has been registered as criminal appeal no. 530 of 1971.3. accused ajeet singh. bhagirath singh, and smt. mohni. wife of mewaram were also jointly tried along with the aforesaid accused for the same of fences, but they were acquitted. consequently, the state has also filed an appeal to this court from their acquittal and this appeal was registered as .....

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Apr 11 1972 (HC)

Rooda Ram and ors. Vs. Rattu Ram and anr.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Apr-11-1972

Reported in : 1972WLN323

kan singh, j.1. this is a defendants' second appeal. the subject matter of litigation is a field khasra no. 35 measuring 43 bighas and 14 biswas situated in village gudawadi. tehsil sujangarh, district churu the field originally belonged to one kashiram. ghisaram defendant was his son and ratturam his grand-son from another son phusaram. phusaram sold this field to rooda ram, gidha ram and nathuram defendant-appellants. rattu ram was a minor at the time. consequently a suit was brought on his behalf by his grand mother smt. mohari as his next friend for cancellation of the sale deed executed by ghashi ram in favour of the defendant appellants. it was averred that ghasiram had do right to sell the field. the defendant-appellants contested the suit. they alleged that kashi ram had two sons ghisa ram and phusa ram, but after phusa ram's death his wife performed nata with one rekharam resident of pipli and rattu ram was born of that union. in other words, according to the defendant-appellants, rattu ram was not the son of phusa ram. they took the stand that ghisa ram being the sole owner of the field had sold it to them and had thus passed on a complete title. the learned civil judge, ratangarh, in whose court the suit was filed, framed a number of issues. as the defendant had inter alia taken the plea that the suit was not triable by the civil court, the learned trial judge framed issue no. 5 regarding the same. i need not advert to the other issues on account of the conclusion .....

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Apr 24 1972 (HC)

K.D. Ghouri Vs. Bhoio Motawani and anr.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Apr-24-1972

Reported in : 1972CriLJ1658; 1972()WLN319

order1. this is a reference by the sessions judge aimer recommending that the sentence of fine of rs. 50/- passed against the respondent no. 1. accused bhojo motwani. editor, 'matribhumi' aimer under sections 500 and 501 i. p. c be enhanced to a substantive sentence of imprisonment for a period of six months and a fine of rs. 200/-. mr. balkishan mohanani has appeared before us on behalf of the accused motwani. he has expressly stated that his client to whom notice has been given of showing cause why his sentence should not be enhanced does not wish to show cause against his conviction. he has, however urged that the sentence passed by the learned additional munsiff-magistrate first class. aimer city east cannot be said to be grossly inadequate and therefore the reference must be reiected. on the other hand mr. amrit kumar appearing for the complainant shri k. d. ghouri has hotly contested that the sentence of a fine of rs. 50/- only imposed by the learned trial court is grossly inadequate and therefore the reference must be allowed.2. since the conviction of the respondent motwani is not being challenged we may notice here only the relevant portion of the article which was published in the issue dated 11th may. 1965. of 'matribhumi' a daily newspaper published in sindhi language in the city of aimer. it is not disputed that motwani was the editor of this paper. the news-item in question marked ex. p-1 when translated into english reads as under:ajmer's former deputy .....

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Sep 22 1972 (HC)

Radhey Shyam Vs. Vijai Singh, District Magistrate and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Sep-22-1972

Reported in : 1972WLN772

v.p. tyagi, j.1. petitioner radhey shyam has filed this writ petition under article 226 of the constitution to challenge the vote of non-confidence passed by the municipal council of shri ganganagar on 18th of september, 1971, against the petitioner who was holding the office of the vice-chairman of the said council.2. the petitioner was the elected vice-chairman of the municipal council, sri ganganagar which was constituted after general elections held in, the month of october, 1970. it is alleged that there were two rival groups in the said council, one backed by the party in power and the other by shri sugan chand respondent no. 20 who had held the office of the chairman just before the present board was constituted. a motion of non-confidence was sponsored by a group opposing the petitioner's group and a notice thereof was given to the collector. it is said that notice contained the signatures of 17 persons, namely, non-petitioners nos. 4 to 20. the collector, sri ganganagar, in compliance with the requirements of section 72 of the rajasthan municipalities act, 1959 (hereinafter called the act) issued under sub-section (3) of that section notices to all the members of the council on 11th of september, 1971, informing each one of them that a meeting to consider the motion of non-confidence in the vice chairman shall be held on 18th of september, 1971. these notices were despatched from the collector's office on 11th of september and they were sent through the post office .....

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Mar 10 1972 (HC)

Radha Kishan Vs. State

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Mar-10-1972

Reported in : 1973CriLJ481; 1972()WLN309

l.s. mehta, j.1. the prosecution, story, in brief, is that somewhere in january 1970, one sohan save rs. 110/- to p.w. 10 moju to be handed over to mahadeo towards part payment of his debt of rs. 400/-. moju went to mahadeo's house, but he could, not be found there. when moju was returning home via rampal's house, radha kishan and rathoria (rama avtar) met him at about 8 p.m. radha kishan told moju as to why he was flashing torch light. moju denied to have done so. soon after rathoria caught hold of moju. radha kishan took out his dagger and inflicted certain blows therewith to moju 4 or 5 dagger blows were inflicted on his head. moju attempted to take to his heels to save himself. he first tried to enter a brahmin's house in the vicinity. both radha kishan and rathoria pursued him. they caught hold of him and dragged him. radha kishan wanted to inflict a dagger blow on his chest. but the same was averted as moju had placed his hands thereon. the dagger blows fell on his hands. moju raised brawl, but none came forward to his rescue. he was again beaten mercilessly. he was dragged upto mahabeer's house and then to a field where he was covered with a 'chaddar' and was left. next day one bhaguta mina arrived at the field. on his query he told him that radha kishan and rathoria had given beating to him. after sometime his brother madan p.w. 3 also reached the spot. moju informed him that rathoria and radha kishan had beaten him on the preceding day. first information report of .....

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Sep 14 1972 (HC)

K.D. Ghouri Vs. Nanik Ram K. Israni

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Sep-14-1972

Reported in : 1972WLN780

c.m. lodha, j.1. the facts giving rise to this appeal by the complainant k.d. ghouri have been stated in our order dated 24-1-1972 whereby we had overruled the complainant's contention that the case ought to be remanded to the trial court for fresh decision on account of non-compliance with the provisions of section 526(8) cr. p.c.2. we have stated the facts in greater detail in our judgment dated 24-4-3972: d:b. criminal reference no. 285/68' k.d. ghouri v. bhojo motwani, whereby we partially allowed the reference and while maintaining the sentence of fine under section 501 i.p.c. awarded to the co-accused motwani, we enhanced the amount of fine from rs. 50/-to rsection 1000'-. suffice it to say that in the daily paper 'matra bhumi' dated 11-5-1965 a defamatory article was published against the complainant. the english translation of this article, we have reproduced in extenso in pur order dated 24-4-1972, and there is no denying the fact that this article is grossly defamatory. we may further state that the accused respondent nanakram israni was admittedly the chief editor, printer and publisher of this paper and the other accused bhojo motwani was its editor. the learned magistrate absolved shri nanakram israni of the liability for the publication of this article on the ground that shri israni had succeeded in showing that he was absent at the time the impugned article was published, and his presumptive liability under section 7 of the press and registration of books act. .....

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Jan 14 1972 (HC)

Madan Gopal Gupta Vs. Dr. Leelaram and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jan-14-1972

Reported in : AIR1972Raj177; 1972()WLN3

b.p. beri, j. 1. by his order dated the 9th of march, 1971, the learned civil judge, ajmer, has rejected the municipal election petition of madan gopal gupta because it was not presented to the district judge himself but to the munsarim of that court. madan gopal gupta, the petitioner, appeals. 2. the facts, which it is necessary to notice for the disposal of this appeal, briefly stated are these: dr. leela ram, respondent no. 1, was elected as a member from ward no. 17 to the ajmer municipal council and the petitioner and the respondents nos. 2, 3, 4 and 5 were defeated. the election took place on 25-10-70 and the counting was made on 26-10-70 and on the same day the result was declared. a petition challenging the election was submitted on 25-11-70 before the munsarim of the district judge, aimer. by his order dated 19-1-1971 the petition was transferred to the civil judge, aimer, an application was made by the respondent no. 1 on january 2, 1971, in which the respondent no. 1 raised the grounds that the election petition was neither presented by the proper person nor before the appropriate authority as required by section 36 of the rajasthan municipalities act, 1959 (hereinafter called 'the act'). the learned civil judge thought it fit to decide the preliminary points and held that while the presentation of the petition by shri b. l. samdaria, advocate, who was along with the petitioner was proper but held that the presentation having been made to the munsarim of the .....

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May 10 1972 (HC)

The State of Rajasthan Vs. Mohammad Habib

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : May-10-1972

Reported in : 1973CriLJ703; 1972()WLN350

c.m. lodha, j.1. this is an appeal by the state from the judgment of shri mohammad yaqub. special judge. banswara dated 29.11.1968 by which the learned judge acquitted the respondent mohammed habib for offences under section 161, i.p.c. and section 5(1)(d) read with section 5 sub-section (2) of the prevention of corruption act. 1947 (which will hereinafter be called 'the act').2. the respondent was a head constable in the police department. at the relevant point of time he was posted at check post. nathupura. district banswara. on 29.1.1965 he recovered opium from p.w. 2 noorgul khan and arrested him under the opium act. noorgul khan was prosecuted under section 4 read with section 9 of the opium act in the court of sub-divisional magistrate. banswara. the prosecution case is that the respondent demanded illegal gratification from noorsul khan on the representation that he would set him acquitted. the amount of bribe was settled at rs. 50/- out of which rs. 15/-were paid on 21.6.1965 and rs. 20/- were agreed to be paid on 23.6.1965. noorgul khan, however, wanted to bring the respondent to book for demanding illegal gratification from him and with this end in view he submitted an application ex. p. 4 to the dy. superintendent of police. anti corruption. shri santosh kumar (p.w. 7). noorgul khan also produced two notes of rs. 10/- each before the dy. s.p., who put his initials on them. the dy. s.p. then arranged a trap, and asked the complainant noorgul khan to hand over the .....

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