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Apr 27 1979 (HC)

Mahendra Mathur Vs. University of Udaipur and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Apr-27-1979

Reported in : 1979WLN(UC)196

..... -cause against the proposed punishment.14. in the context of action being taken against student using unfair means at the examination, the supreme court, in board of high school & inter-mediate education up. allahabad v. ghanshyamdas gupta and ors. : air1962sc1110 , has observed:it is true that there is no lis in the present case, in the sense that there are not .....

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Jan 10 1979 (HC)

Smt. Geeta Devi and ors. Vs. State of Rajasthan and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Jan-10-1979

Reported in : 1979WLN(UC)19

s.c. agrawal, j.1. in this writ petition filed under articles 226 and 227 of the constitution, the petitioners have prayed for the issue of a writ of certiorari to quash the order dated, 19th december, 1975 passed by the sub-divisional officer, pali in ceiling case no. 334 of 1975 and the order dated 31st march, 1976, passed by the addl. collector, pali in ceiling appeal, no. 46 of 1976: the facts related to the filing of the writ petition are briefly, as under:2. the petitioners are the daughters of the rama kishan and respondents nos. 4 and 5 are the sons of the said rama kishan, whereas respondent no. 6 is the wife of rama kishan, rama kishan died on 18th september, 1959. at the time of his death 36 bighas and- 19 biswas of land in khasra no. 85 was entered in the revenue records in the name of rama kishan and 550 bighas of land in khasara nos. 74,81, 86 87 add 89 were entered in the names of his sons. pukhraj and anandraj, respondents nos. 4 and 5. the case of the petitioners is that all the aforesaid1 land belonged to rarma kishan and that 'bapi patta' in the said land had been issued in favour of rama kishan in smt 2008 and on coming into force of the rajasthan tenancy act, 1955, rama kishan became a khatedar tenant in respect of all these lands under section 15 of the said act. after the death of rama' kishan, proceedings were initiated for determination of the surplus and under the rajasthan imposition. of ceiling on agricultural holdings act,1973 (hereinafter .....

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Dec 14 1979 (HC)

Natha Ram and ors. Vs. Bhika and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Dec-14-1979

Reported in : 1979WLN(UC)468

m.c. jain, j.1. the petitioners by this writ petition seek to challenge the validity of the judgment of the board of revenue dated 18-1-1977, whereby it dismissed the second appeal and affirmed the judgment and decree dated 18-11-1972 passed by the revenue: appellate authority. jodhpur, which in turn affirmed the judgment and decree of the assistant collector, banner, dated 30-8-1971, dismissing the petitioners* suit under sections 88 and 188 of the rajasthan tenancy act (hereinafter referred to as 'the act').2. the facts leading to the present writ petition may be briefly noticed ramlal (since deceased) and his son natharam instituted a suit (no.59 of 1970) against bhika and punja under section 88 and 188 of the act in the court of assistant collector, barmer. it was averred by the plaintiff-petitioners that they had been in cultivatory possession of the field known as 'doliwaal' comprised in 'khasara' no. 426 measuring 136 'bighas' and 1 'biswa' situated in village dokha since generations, but the defendant no. 1 bhika wanted to forcibly dispossess them from the field in dispute. it was stated that in the year 1956 settlement 'parcha' was issued in favour of ramlal, plaintiff no. 1, but mst. parwati got the 'parcha' revised on 26-12-1956 without notice to them, whereby two third share in the field was recorded in her name in the 'parcha'. however, in the revenue record ramlal continued to be recorded as 'khatedar' of the whole field till st. 2020. in st. 2021 the defendant .....

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Feb 20 1979 (HC)

Suratram Vs. the Addl. District Development Officer, Ajmer and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Feb-20-1979

Reported in : AIR1979Raj186

orderg.m. lodha, j. 1. this writ petition provides a typical example of attempt of an undemocratic sarpanch to flout majority verdict on the heels of legal technicalities. 2. before i proceed to give the facts of this case, it would be useful to mention in brief the historical concept of panchayat institution. 3. the age old concept of 'panch parmeshawara' panch is god, which was prevalent in ancient india, disappeared completely during british rule in india. the institution of panchayat raj or village panchayat has been an institution existing from times immemorial in this country but during british rule this institution collapsed. 4. the indian independence of 1947 and its constitution again revised the 'panchayat' concept by placing it in the directive principles of state policy. the framers of the indian constitution, enacted article 40 as follows:-- 'the state shall take steps to organise village panchayats and endow them with such powers and authority as may be necessary to enable them to function as units of self government.' 5. the community development programme was initiated in the country in 1952. in 1957, a committee on plan projects was appointed by the national development council which in turn further appointed a study team under the chairmanship of late shri balwant rai mehta which recommended a three tier pattern of panchayati raj institutions in the country based on the philosophy of 'democratic decentralisation'. this recommendation was accepted by the .....

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Mar 28 1979 (HC)

Tolaram and Two ors. Vs. State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Mar-28-1979

Reported in : 1979WLN384

c.m. lodha, c.j.1. this is an unfortunate case in which the appellants tolaram and dana ram are alleged to have murdered their father nyolaram and brother noranglal, with the assistance of a third person-tejaram, brother of tolaram's wife. the motive behind the murders is alleged to be strained relations between tolaram and danaram on the one hand and the deceased nyolaram and noranglal on the other.2. nyolaram had five sons, viz. tolaram, danaram, noranglal (deceased), banna ram and dungar ram. except dungar ram the other four brothers lived in village nuvan. nyola ram was residing with tolaram but his relations with tolaram were not happy. danaram used to side with tolaram. on november 19, 1973 tolaram and danaram gave beating to nyolaram. the next day the deceased nyolaram went to ratangarh with noranglal for treatment. the prosecution case is that when froth the deceased were returning in a bullock cart in the evening from ratangarh to their village nuvan, situated at a distance of seven miles from ratangarh, they were way-laid at about 8.30 p.m. by the three accused viz. tolaram, dana ram and tejaram brother-in-law of tolaram. tejaram and tolaram were armed with 'lathis', and the accused danaram was armed with a 'chosangi', i.e. an iron pronged lathi. all the three accused inflicted multiple injuries on noranglal and nyolaram. the victims raised a hue and cry which attracted the attention of pw 6 jeewan singh, who came to the spot, but did not stay there out of fear and .....

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May 01 1979 (HC)

Roop Singh Vs. the State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : May-01-1979

Reported in : 1979WLN324

k.d. sharma, j.1. this is an appeal filed by roopsingh against the judgment of the learned sessions judge, balotra dated 23-9-74 by which, the appellant was convicted under section 302, ipc and sentenced to undergo imprisonment for life and to pay a fine of rs. 100/-, in default of payment of fine, to further suffer rigorous imprisonment for one month.2. the prosecution case against the appellant was as follows: roop singh appellants is grazing his she-goast neasr the boundary wall of his field on 30-5-1973 at about 5.30 p.m. on the boundary wall of his field, there was a tree of arana. when the appellant was trying to cut branches of this tree, bhuribai deceased came there having an iron pan in her hand on seeing the appellant cutting the branches of arana tree, she asked the former why he was cutting the branches of a tree which was standing in her field. the appellant replied that the tree was standing in his field and so he was cutting its branches. there upon, mst. bhuribai deceased caught hold of the shirt of the appellant and pulled it as a result of which, the shirt was torn. this led to exchange of pushes and grappling between the two. the appellant there, upon struck a violent blow with his axe on the neck of mst. bhuribai and immediately thereafter, inflicted another blow on her head with the same axe. the result of these two injuries was that mst. bhuribai fell down and he injuries began to blood profusely. the appellant also received stains of blood on his shirt, .....

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Mar 21 1979 (HC)

Madanlal and Anand Prakash Vs. the State of Rajasthan and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Mar-21-1979

Reported in : 1979WLN(UC)212

mahendra bhushan, j.1. a criminal case no. 543/77 against shivcharan lal, madan lal and anand prakash is pending in the court of munsif and judicial magistrate 1st class, beawar. the accused- petitioners have come to this court with a prayer that the criminal proceedings pending before the learned magistrate be quashed. these two petitions arise out of the same case and, therefore, can be conveniently disposed of by a single order. to dispose of these petitions, some facts need be stated, which are as follows.2. shivcharan lal accused-petitioner along with two other gopal prasad son of madanlal and hari prasad son of kishorilal constituted a partnership firm m/s. srigopal dal mills at 142-a, mahant building, rampura, delhi. the partnership came into existence on 181-1973. a complaint was filed against the accused-petitioners and one gopal on february 23, 1974 by ratanlal, a partner of m/s chattar & co., beawar under sections 420, 406 and 120b ipc with the allegations that shivcharan and anand prakash came to beawar on or near about december 15,1973 and assured the complainant that they have a big dal mill at delhi and wanted to purchase pulses at beawar from the firm of the complainant. they represented at beawar that the goods should be sent through trucks along with the munim of the complainant and the price of the goods shall be paid to the munim. believing the representation of the accused- petitioners bhivcharan and anand prakash chattar & co., beawar despatched a .....

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Sep 04 1979 (HC)

Vaja Vs. State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Sep-04-1979

Reported in : 1979WLN(UC)291

m.c. jain, j.1. the appellant vaja stands convicted for the offences under sections 302 & 324 ipc and his been sentenced to imprisonment for life for the offence under section 302 and to rigorous imprisonment for one year for the offence under section 324 ipc by the learned additional sessions judge, udaipur, by his judgment dated 31st jan. 1976. 'the substantive sentences were ordered to ran concurrently.2. the prosecution case in brief is that there was a dispute with regard to the land between the accused and his uncle vala deceased. the villagers got the dispute settled about two days prior to the occurrence, the accused visited the house of the deceased vala and expressed that as dispute stands settled and he has visited their house, they should also visit his house. thereafter, the accused went away from the house of the deceased. it is said that on 6 6-75. vala. his son shanker pw 2, his daughter mst. hakri pw 3 and their one guest bhoma pw 5 went from their village dhanol to chhani. the same day in the evening, they returned from chhani. after covering some distance shanker was sent back by the deceased to fetch ten paise, which remained with the shop keeper at chhani it is said that near the river, the accused came from behind and he along with valaji and bhoma had a smoke. the prosecution case further is that the accused said to lake revenge as his brother chokla has been killed by vala (the deceased). after saying so, the accused inflicted blows with kulhari on the .....

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Nov 30 1979 (HC)

Hakim Ali Vs. the State of Rajasthan

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Nov-30-1979

Reported in : 1979WLN(UC)456

s.n. deedwania, j.1. petitioners hakimali, mohammed ali and asgar ali have preferred this revision petition against the judgment of the additional sessions judge, ganganagar, dated january 1, 1975 whereby conviction of petitioner hakimali under section 307 and 27 indian arms act was upheld and the conviction of mohammed ali and asgar ali was altered from section 307/114 and 307/109 ipc2. the fact according to the prosecution were these. maternal grandfather of gulam kadir dula had agricultural land in chak 20 ptp. dula died about one year before the incident. in connection with this land a dispute arose between mst. amira mother of gulam kadir and wife of injured wazir khan. on 30-9-1970 at about 6 p.m gulamkadir was returning from his field to his house. when he has reached near the mosque he saw the three appellants standing near the house of jalaluddin he heard appellants mohammed ali and asgar ali exhorting hakimali to open fire. he then heard a gun fire report gulamkadir reached his house and there his brother lakhan came running and informed him that wazirkhan has been shot dead. gulamkadir went to the site and found his father wazirkhan lying injured immediately thereafter gulamkadir left for police station sadulshahar and lodged the fir of the incident there at 8 p.m. the sho lal chand police station sadulshahar registered a case under section 307 and rushed to the scene of incident. the injured was removed to primary health centre, sadulshahar where he was medically .....

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Sep 13 1979 (HC)

Gendmal Vs. State Transport Appellate Tribunal and ors.

Court : Rajasthan

Decided on : Sep-13-1979

Reported in : AIR1980Raj107; 1979()WLN695

orders.k. mal lodha, j. 1. the petitioner is an existing operator on partabgarh-banswara via dhariawad route and holds one non-temporary stage carriage permit renewed up to september 27, 1981. non-petitioners nos. 4 and 5 are also operators of partabagrh-kesariaji route via dhariawad and non-petitioner no. 6 is the existing operator of dhariawad-banswara route. the case of the petitioner is that route of non-petitioners nos. 4 and 5 overlaps the petitioner's route from partabgarh to dhariawad (distance is of nearly 28 miles). three stage carriage permits are said to be in existence performing three return services for the same. each one of the three operators of partabgarh-kesariaji route avails one return service per day. the petitioner has stated that formerly, on partabgarh-kesariaji route, quota fixed was three stage carriages and one return service only. on september 21, 1978, the three operators of partabgarh-kesariaji route via dhariawad, dahudar, kalyanpura etc. submitted an application to the secretary, regional transport authority, udaipur (for short, 'the rta' hereafter) for fixing timings for the additional services. provisional timings were given on september 27, 1978 and according to these timings, non-petitioners nos. 4 and 5 started plying the additional services. the petitioner and other affected operators lodged objections with regard to the time-table fixed by the r. t. a. the objections were heard on october 18, 1978 and final timings were fixed in respect .....

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