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Jan 25 1963 (SC)

Kishan Chander Vs. State of Madhya Pradesh

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jan-25-1963

Reported in : AIR1965SC307; 1965CriLJ347; 1963MhLJ624(SC); [1964]1SCR765

hidayatullah, j.1. this is an appeal by special leave against an order of the madhya pradesh high court (gwalior bench), by which a criminal revision filed by the three appellants was dismissed. the three appellants with five others were tried for offences under s. 4 of 'the united state of gwalior, indore and malwa (madhya bharat), gambling act, samvat 2006', (madhya bharat act no. 51 of 1949) (samvat 2006). krishnachandra, the first appellant, was also tried under s. 3 of the act. all the original accused except one were convicted under s. 4 of the act and sentenced to one months' simple imprisonment. krishnachandra was convicted in addition under s. 3 of the act and sentenced to one months' simple imprisonment. the sentences in krishnachandra's case were ordered to run concurrently. 2. all these persons appealed unsuccessfully to the court of session. the three appellants then filed a petition for revision in the high court. the high court also issued a notice under s. 439 of the code of criminal procedure to these appellants to show cause why the sentences passed on them should not be enhanced. the high court by its order dated december 14, 1960, dismissed the revision petition filed by the appellants and in addition to the sentence of imprisonment imposed a fine of rs. 200 on each count or counts for which they were originally convicated. the appellants asked for a certificate to appeal to this court but it was refused by the high court. the appellants, however, obtained .....

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Aug 14 1963 (SC)

Lachman Utamchand Kirpalani Vs. Meena Alias Mota

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Aug-14-1963

Reported in : AIR1964SC40; (1964)66BOMLR297; [1964]4SCR331

..... the father making the said attempts to bring about re- conciliation between the couple. there is no reason to reject his evidence in this regard. i shall assume that no mediators were sent by the respondent's father to, bring about a rapprochement between the couple. even so, after the letter dated april 2, 1955 the husband, who knew that the ..... thereafter, with him, to foreign countries for a short time to enable her to recoup her health. with that object, the father approached the appellant's family cautiously and through mediators to at their permission. he says, in his evidence, that after he came to india he met the respondent at her husband's place of residence and observed that she ..... ." the appellant not having received this letter (if it was written) and not having received any reply to his cable dated july 24, 1954, asking the respondent to return im- mediately to india, was, according to him, hearing stones that she was moving from place to place. he thereupon' sent her a cablegram on february 24, 1955, and addressed it to .....

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Mar 04 1963 (FN)

Locomotive Engineers Vs. Baltimore and O. R. Co.

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Mar-04-1963

..... of the national mediation board and for national bargaining conferences between the parties immediately following the report of the commission. finally, it provided that the agreement was not to be construed as a ..... supra. the 1960 agreement establishing the presidential commission was "approved" by secretary of labor mitchell. it provided that the parties accepted its proceedings ". . . as in lieu of the mediation and emergency board procedures provided by section[s] 5 and 10 of the railway labor act." in addition, the agreement somewhat inconsistently made provision for the invocation of the services ..... provision could effectively forestall either party from resorting to the procedures of 5 of the act is a question which we need not decide, because the services of the national mediation board were in fact specifically invoked by the organizations, and the board's procedures were exhausted. similarly, although arbitration page 372 u. s. 291 pursuant to 7 [ footnote 5 ..... and the carriers under the auspices of the chairman of that board, but no agreement was reached. the organizations having refused to submit the dispute to arbitration, the national mediation board, on july 16, terminated its services under the provisions of the railway labor act. on the following day, the carriers served notice on the organizations that, as of .....

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Apr 15 1963 (FN)

Machinists Vs. Central Airlines

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Apr-15-1963

..... co., 320 u. s. 323 , where congress intended no judicial review and its denial impaired no federal rights. [ footnote 14 ] see also switchmen's union v. national mediation board, 320 u. s. 297 ; general committee v. m.k.t. r. co., 320 u. s. 323 ; general committee v. southern pac. co., 320 u ..... pay, rules, or working conditions." 3, 45 u.s.c. 153, first (i). in the event of deadlocks in a division, the national mediation board was required to name a neutral referee to sit with the appropriate division of the board to determine the case. 3, first (l). it was ..... c. 185, that the creation of a national air transport board would page 372 u. s. 686 be postponed until, "in the judgment of the national mediation board, it shall be necessary to have a permanent national board of adjustment. . . ." until the establishment of the national board for the airlines industry, ..... northern district of texas for enforcement of the award. the complaint recited the certification of the union as the collective bargaining agent by the national mediation board pursuant to an election held under the railway labor act, disclosed the execution of a collective bargaining contract with the company, and attached ..... 577, as amended, 45 u.s.c. 151-188. the four-man board of adjustment deadlocked, a neutral referee was appointed by the national mediation board, and an award was then rendered ordering the individual petitioners reinstated without loss of seniority and with back pay. central refused to comply, and .....

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Jun 10 1963 (FN)

Bus Employees Vs. Missouri

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Jun-10-1963

..... other, in writing, of the specific changes desired to be made therein and shall also file a copy of such demands with the state board of mediation at least sixty days before the original termination date or sixty days before the end of any yearly renewal period, or sixty days before any termination ..... or equitable remedies any provision of this chapter or any rule or regulation prescribed by the governor hereunder." [ footnote 3 ] see state ex rel. state board of mediation v. pigg, 362 mo. 798, 244 s.w.2d 75; rider v. julian, 365 mo. 313, 282 s.w.2d 484; state v. local no ..... company, and there was no change of any kind in the conduct of the company's business. as summed up by the chairman of the state mediation board: "so far as i know, the company is operating now just as it was two weeks ago before the strike." secondly, the wisconsin ..... determinative of the unconstitutionality of the missouri statute here in issue. the court held that the provisions of the king-thompson act dealing with the mediation board and public hearing panels were severable from the remainder of the statute, and refused to pass on any but those provisions which authorize the ..... imposes requirements in connection with the duration and renewal of collective bargaining agreements, [ footnote 5 ] page 374 u. s. 79 and creates a state board of mediation and public hearing panels whose services are to be invoked whenever the parties cannot themselves agree upon the terms to be included in a new agreement. [ footnote 6 .....

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Feb 12 1963 (SC)

Arjan Singh and ors. Vs. NaraIn Singh and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-12-1963

Reported in : [1964]2SCR19

shah, j.1. these appeals arise out of two suits relating to certain agricultural lands situate in village umri ana, tehsil zira, district ferozepore in the punjab. the dispute relates to the right to inherit the estate of one harnam singh who was the last male holder. the disputing parties are descended from sahib singh as disclosed by the following genealogy :- sahib singh|-------------------------------------| |hamir singh wazir singh| |------------------------------------------- attar singh| | | |chuhar singh ghuda singh kahan singh mangal singh| | | |daughter ------------------- | -----------mst. bishno | | | | |(married ramji singh dasaundha | tehl arjan| singh | singh singh| | | (defdt. 2) (defdt. 1)| nariman singh || (pltff.) || |--------------------------- || | | |bakhshish ajaib mukhtar |singh singh singh |(pltff.) (pltff.) (pltff.) ||-------------------------| |roor singh bhola singh|harnam singh|---------------------------| |mst. tejo mst. gejo(died without issue) (died without issue) 2. harnam singh grandson of kahan singh died leaving him surviving two daughters mst. tejo and mst. gejo and no male lineal descendant. the property of harnam singh devolved upon his two daughters in equal shares. on the death of mst. tejo without issue the entire estate was entered in the name of mst. gejo by the revenue authorities. mst. gejo also died in 1942 without leaving any issue surviving her. by order dated september 6, 1945 the assistant collector directed that the entire .....

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May 10 1963 (SC)

Prativa Bose Vs. Kumar Rupendra Deb Raikat and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : May-10-1963

Reported in : AIR1965SC540; [1964]4SCR69

civil appellate jurisdiction : civil appeal no. 539 of 1960. appeal by special leave from the judgment and order dated june 6, 1956, of the calcutta high court in civil rule no. 499 of 1955. c. k. daphtary, solicitor-general of india, b. sen, s. n. mukherji and p. k. bose, for the appellant. k. b. bagchji and sukumar ghose, for the respondents. may 10, 1963. the judgment of m. hidayatullah, raghubar dayal and n. rajagopala ayyangar jj., was delivered by raghubar dayal j. the separate opinion of s. k. das and a. k. sarkar jj., was delivered by a. k. sarkar j. sarkar j. raja prosanna deb raikat, the proprietor of the baikundiapur raj estate, in the district of jalpaiguri in west bengal, died intestate on december 4, 1946. the raja left behind him a widow, rani asrumati debi, now deceased and the appellant prativa bose, the daughter by her. rani asrumati took possession of the estate on the raja's death. on august 7, 1947, the respondent rupendra instituted a suit in the court of the subordinate judge of jalpaiguri, against rani asrumati and certain other agnatic relations of the, raj for a declaration that as the raja is eldest son by another wife rani renchi, he was the sole lawful heir and entitled to the exclusive possession of the estate which was an impartible estate and governed by the rule of pri- mogeniture, and for possession and other consequential reliefs. rani renchi was a lady belonging to the lepcha tribe and the respondent rupendra alleged that the raja had .....

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Aug 23 1963 (SC)

Valia Peedikakkandi Kutheessa Umma and ors. Vs. Pathakkalan Naravanath ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Aug-23-1963

Reported in : AIR1964SC275; [1964]4SCR549

hidayatullah, j.1. this appeal by special leave by defendants nos. 1 to 3 raises animportant question under the muhammadan law, which may be stated thus : 'is a gift by a husband to his minor wife andaccepted on her behalf by her mother valid ?' 2. it has been held by the high court and the courts below that inmuhammadan law such a gift is invalid. the facts leading up to this questionmay now be stated. 3. one mammotty was married to seinaba and he made a gift of his propertiesincluding immovable property to seinaba on april 7, 1944 by a registered deed.mammotty died on may 3, 1946 without an issue. seinaba also died soonafterwards on february 25, 1947, without leaving an issue. at this time of thegift seinaba was 15 years 9 months old. it appears that mammotty was ill for along time and was in hospital and he was discharged uncurred a month before theexecution of the gift deed and remained in his mother-in-law's houseafterwards. there are conflicting versions about the nature of the disease anda plea was taken in the case that the gift was made in contemplation of deathand was voidable. this plea need not detain us because the trial judge and thefirst appellate judge did not accept it. 4. after the death of seinaba, the present suit was brought by kunhamu anelder brother of mammotty for partition and possession of a 6/16 share of theproperty which he claimed as an heir under the muhammadan law, challenging thegift as invalid. to the suit he joined his two sisters as .....

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May 13 1963 (FN)

Labor Board Vs. Erie Resistor Corp.

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : May-13-1963

..... strike, and that labor peace must be based on free collective bargaining. we have done nothing to outlaw strikes for basic wages, hours, and working conditions after proper opportunity for mediation." [ footnote 14 ] "we do not agree with respondent's contention that the union, in its strike settlement agreement of july 17, waived all rights for these employees. the settlement agreement .....

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Apr 29 1963 (FN)

Locomotive Engineers Vs. Louisville and N. R. Co.

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Apr-29-1963

..... to maintaining an equilibrium in its backlog by being able to dispose of almost as many cases as were docketed during the period. twenty-eighth annual report of the national mediation board for fiscal year ended june 30, 1962, pp. 59, 86.

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