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Feb 11 1975 (SC)

Ch. Razik Ram Vs. Ch. Jaswant Singh Chouhan and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-11-1975

Reported in : AIR1975SC667; (1975)4SCC769

..... bam sop of hira ... compounded with the injured mange ram and his sons and daughters and agreed to pay his survivors rs. 10,000/- in the presence and through the mediation of sarvshri babu randhir singh, amir singh alias mir lamberdar ... and lakhu bairagi of village mandaura and paid rs. 7.000/- at the the verification, it is stated .....

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Sep 03 1975 (SC)

The Amalgamated Electricity Company Ltd. Vs. the Jalgaon Borough Munic ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Sep-03-1975

Reported in : AIR1975SC2235; (1975)2SCC508; [1976]1SCR636; 1975(7)LC794(SC)

s. murtaza fazal ali. j.1. this appeal by special leave against the judgment dated february 14, 1967, of the high court of bombay turns upon the interpretation of clause 3 of the agreement ext. 30 executed between the parties containing the terms and conditions for which the plaintiff/appellant was to supply electricity to the defendant the jalgaon borough municipality.2. what appears to us to have been a short and simple case has been rendered cumbersome and complicated by somewhat complex and involved process of reasoning adopted by the high court in interpreting the various clauses of the agreement ext. 39. the plaintiff/appellant's case was based mainly on clause 3 of the agreement but the high court instead of concentrating its attention on the interpretation of the scope and ambit of this particular clause appears to have entered upon a roving inquiry and a detailed determination of the history of the case, the various clauses of the agreement executed, the licence taken by the appellant, and so on which, in our opinion, were not at all germane for the decision of the simple issue which arose in this appeal.3. the facts of the case lie within a very narrow compass. the plaintiff/appellant entered into an agreement to supply electrical energy to the jalgaon borough municipality as far back as 1944. the energy was to be supplied on the basis of the agreement executed between the parties in the year 1944. this agreement expired towards the end of january 1951, and a fresh .....

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Nov 07 1975 (SC)

Smt. Indira Nehru Gandhi Vs. Shri Raj NaraIn and anr.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Nov-07-1975

Reported in : AIR1975SC2299; 1975(Supp)SCC1; [1976]2SCR347

..... , and at all time; no human laws are of any validity if contrary to this, and such of them as are valid derive all their force and all their authority, mediately or immediately, from this original.(see : dicey-law of the constitution p. 62).549. it is a matter of legal and constitutional history that english judges finally rejected claims based .....

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May 02 1975 (SC)

Chemicals and Fibres of India Ltd. Vs. D.G. Bhoir and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : May-02-1975

Reported in : AIR1975SC1660; [1975(31)FLR24]; 1975LabIC1199; (1975)IILLJ168SC; 1975MhLJ720(SC); (1975)4SCC332; [1975]SuppSCR415; 1975(7)LC485(SC)

..... committee to promote measures for securing and preserving amity and good relations between the employer and workmen. section 4 provides for appointment of conciliation officers charged with the duty of mediating in and promoting the settlement of industrial disputes (the definition of 'industrial dispute' in section 2(k) may be here kept in mind). section 5 provides for the constitution of .....

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Mar 19 1975 (SC)

Dr. N.G. Dastane Vs. Mrs. S. Dastane

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Mar-19-1975

Reported in : AIR1975SC1534; (1975)2SCC326; [1975]3SCR967

..... to december 15, 1960 the marital relations were subjected to a stress and strain which ultimately wrecked the marriage. in about september, 1960 the appellant's father probably offered to mediate and asked the appellant and the respondent to submit to him their respective complaints in writing. the appellant's bill of complaints is at ex. 426 dated october 23, 1960 .....

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Apr 25 1975 (SC)

Puran Singh and ors. Vs. the State of Punjab

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Apr-25-1975

Reported in : AIR1975SC1674; (1975)4SCC518; [1975]SuppSCR299

s. murtaza fazal ali, j.1. the appellants puran singh, piara singh, bakshish singh, bohar singh and balkar singh have been convicted under section 302/149. i.p.c. and sentenced to life imprisonment and a fine of rs. 200 each and in default six months rigorous imprisonment and under sections 326/149 i.p.c. to one year rigorous imprisonment and under section 148 i.p.c. to one year simple imprisonment. the learned sessions judge who tried the present case has also convicted one pargat singh the brother of bakshish singh and son of charan singh but this accused has been acquitted by the high court of punjab and haryanahereinafter referred to as 'the high court'. the high court, has, however, affirmed the conviction and sentences of the five appellants and dismissed the appeal filed by the appellants before it-hence this appeal to this court by special leave.2. it is not necessary for us to detail the facts of this case, because the decision of the matter, lies within a very narrow compass. mr. r. k. garg appearing for the appellants has raised a few questions of law and according to his submissions the appeal should succeed on the question of law on the basis of the findings given by the high court. the unfortunate incident in the present case which led to the loss of two valuable lives appears to be the result of chronic land dispute between the parties and a competitive race for taking possession of the land by the prosecution or the accused. the story opens with a usufructuary .....

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Sep 26 1975 (SC)

Prabhu Lal Vs. State of Rajasthan

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Sep-26-1975

Reported in : AIR1976SC826; 1976CriLJ634; (1976)1SCC665; 1975(7)LC863(SC)

p.n. bhagwati, j.1. this appeal, by special leave, is directed against an order passed by the high court of rajasthan reversing the acquittal of the appellant by the sub-divisional magistrate, chittorgarh.2. the prosecution case against the appellant, as unfolded in the evidence of the witness of the prosecution, was as follows: the appellant was connected with the firm of m/s. dhanalal shankarlal of jaura and acting on behalf of that firm, he applied on 7th june, 1965 to the collector, chittorgarh for a permit to transport sixty bags of rice from kenera to chittorgarh kenera is in the state of rajasthan near its border with the state of madhya pradesh and chittorgarh is also in the state of rajasthan, but for going from kenera to chittorgarh one has to pass through the territory of the state of madhya pradesh for a few miles. the application for a permit had to be made because it appears that there was a prohibition against transport of food grains from one part of rajasthan to another. the collector, chittorgarh granted the application and issued a permit to m/s. dhanalal shankarlal on 8th june, 1965 to transport sixty bags of rice from kenera to chittorgarh by rail/road within fifteen days from the day of the permit. the permit was marked in evidence as ex. p-2 and it has three counterparts which were received in evidence as ex. p-6, p-14 and p-15. it appears that at some stage the permit ex. p-2 was tampered with fraudulently and dishonestly and instead of 'rice', the .....

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Mar 04 1975 (SC)

Ramchandra Keshav Adke (Dead) by Lrs. and ors. Vs. Govind Joti Chavare ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Mar-04-1975

Reported in : AIR1975SC915; 1975MhLJ515(SC); (1975)1SCC559; [1975]3SCR839

1. these appeals by special leave are directed against the common judgment, dated 5.10.1967, of the high court of bombay dismissing two writ petitions filed by the appellants to impugn the orders of maharashtra revenue tribunal. the material facts are these :2. on september 8, 1953, the predecessor of appellants 1 and 2 (hereinafter called the landlords) made an application to the mamlatdar of miraj, that the tenant (respondent no. 1) was willing to surrender his tenancy in the agricultural land, bearing survey no. 102/2, admeasuring 8 acres and 22 gunthas, situated at village haripur taluka miraj, district sangh in the state of maharashtra. the landlord prayed that the surrender in his favour should be verified under s 5(3) of the bombay tenancy act 67 of 1948. to this application the landlord annexed a letter of surrender bearing the thumb-impression of the tenant. the mamlatdar did not verify the surrender, or pass any final order in the matter. the landlord's application however came up before shri bhokare, the then circle officer of miraj who after recording the statements of the tenant and the landlord, made this order on it.the applicant and the tenant are present. the tenant shri chaware states that the suit land viz. s. no. 102/1 measuring 8-22 and assessed at rs. 44-3-0 of haripur belongs to the applicant and that he is cultivating the same as a protected tenant. he further adds that he does not want to cultivate the same any longer and so he is surrendering the .....

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Jul 21 1975 (SC)

Gafoora and anr. Vs. Deputy Director of Consolidation, Meerut and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jul-21-1975

Reported in : AIR1975SC1716; (1975)2SCC568; 1975(7)LC551(SC)

p.k. goswami, j. 1. this order will govern all the above four appeals. 2. the above civil appeals are directed against the common judgment of the allahabad high court in writ petitions nos. 2143, 2144, 2145 and 2148 of 1971. one nathu masih was the recorded bhoomidar of the lands in dispute. the appellants claim to have purchased for valuable consideration the disputed lands by two registered sale deeds both of july 21, 1959, from nathu masih. the appellants, however, did not obtain mutation of their names in the record of rights. meanwhile consolidation proceedings were commenced under the u.p. consolidation of holdings act, 1953 (u.p. act no. v of 1954) (briefly the act). appropriate notifications in c.h. form 5 were issued under section 9 read with rule 25(c) of the u.p. consolidation of holdings rules, 1954, in november 1966 inviting objections to the issue of extracts from records and statements and publication of records under section 8a of the act. under section 9(2) objection may be lodged by any person to whom notice has been sent or by any other person interested within 21 days of receipt of the notice or of the notice under sub-section (1) of section 9. it is admitted that no objection was preferred under section 9(2) by the appellants within the prescribed time. however, an objection was lodged on 19th october, 1967. purporting to be one under section 12 of the act. when objection was raised by the respondents to this application under section 12 on september 12, .....

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Jun 02 1975 (FN)

Dunlop Vs. Bachowski

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Jun-02-1975

..... it deemed suited to that end. . . . all constitutional questions aside, it is for congress to determine how the rights which it creates shall be enforced." switchmen's union v. national mediation board, 320 u. s. 297 , 320 u. s. 301 (1943). the court recognizes the power of these arguments, if only by understatement, when it acknowledges that any argument for judicial .....

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