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Feb 13 1990 (SC)

Hiralal Chawla and anr. Vs. State of U.P. and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-13-1990

Reported in : JT1990(1)SC194; 1990(1)SCALE161; (1990)2SCC149; [1990]1SCR325; (1990)1UPLBEC724

..... are agreed that the dispute in regard to payment of interest and the eligibility for allotment of plots may be decided by shri d.a. desai, chairman, law commission, as mediator and not as arbitrator. the parties agree that whatever decision is given by shri d.a. desai will be accepted by them as binding and there will be no question .....

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Sep 13 1990 (SC)

G.B. Mahajan and Others Vs. the Jalgaon Municipal Council and Others

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Sep-13-1990

Reported in : AIR1991SC1153; JT1991(1)SC605; 1991(1)SCALE378; (1991)3SCC91; [1990]Supp3SCR20

..... of the scheme particularly as to the mode of its finances, were tailored with respondent 6 in mind and were intended to, and did, confer on respondent 6 a pre-mediated largesse, in flagrant violation of financial disciplines and morality. it was also urged that the project gave enormous pecuniary advantage to respondent 6 wholly disproportionate to its outlay of funds .....

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May 04 1990 (SC)

The Oil and Natural Gas Commission and Another Vs. the Association of ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : May-04-1990

Reported in : AIR1990SC1851; (1990)2CompLJ89(SC); JT1990(2)SC516; 1990(1)SCALE900; 1990Supp(1)SCC397; [1990]3SCR157

..... principal alternate fuel is fuel oil. it is possible that this is one alternative that may be available and it was open to the petitioners to have had discuss and mediations with the ongc for alteration of the prices on that footing. the ongc has fixed prices on the basis of the thermal equivalence of furnace oil which, by an large .....

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Nov 09 1990 (SC)

P.Orr and Sons (P) Ltd. Vs. Associated Publishers (Madras) Limited[Ove ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Nov-09-1990

Reported in : JT1990(4)SC374; 1990(2)SCALE960; (1991)1SCC301; [1990]Supp2SCR615

..... might have denoted instant demolition. what section 14(1)(b) says is 'immediate purpose of demolishing'. the legislative intent is that the purpose should be immediate or direct and not mediate or remote or indirect or secondary. the condition of the building need not be such as to warrant instant demolition, but it must be grave enough to need timely action .....

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Oct 30 1990 (SC)

Zilla Singh and Another Vs. Chandgi and Others

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Oct-30-1990

Reported in : AIR1991SC263; 1991Supp(2)SCC430

1. this appeal is directed against the judgment and order of the punjab and haryana high court dated march 20, 1974 whereby regular second appeal no. 1432 of 1968 preferred by the appellant herein before the high court was dismissed as having abated.2. the facts are straight and simple. rikhi and nanu were two brothers, nanu had a son by the name of nagar and rikki had three sons - matu, chandan and pahlada. zilla singh the appellant herein is the son of chandan. on the death of nagar his agricultural estate was mutated in the revenue papers in the name of his widow sarupi. she also succeeded to his house. zilla singh appellant claiming himself to be an adopted son of nagar filed a suit for possession in the court of sub-judge, ist class, panipat alleging (1) that nagar left no widow at all much less by the name of sarupi and (2) of being the adopted son was nagar was entitled to succeed to the estate. the trial court partially decreed the suit holding that sarupi was the widow of nagar and zilla singh appellant his adopted son, directing delivery of half share of the property to zilla singh appellant. on sarupi's appeal, the additional district judge, karnal dismissed the suit taking the view that nagar had not validly adopted zilla singh in accordance with the provisions of the hindu adoptions and maintenance act, 1976 as the adoptee being 16/17 years of age on the date of adoption, and no custom or usage had been established as required by law permitting adoption of a .....

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Apr 23 1990 (SC)

Shanti Devi L. Singh Vs. Tax Recovery Officer and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Apr-23-1990

Reported in : AIR1991SC1880; [1990]183ITR481(SC); (1990)3SCC605

s. ranganathan, j.1. after hearing counsel for all parties, we grant special leave in these two petitions and proceed to dispose of the appeals finally by this common order as the point involved is a common one. we are dealing with the matter at some length as it raises certain important aspects of the stamp act, 1899 and the registration act, 1908 which are likely to come up for consideration frequently. 2. smt. shanti devi, the petitioner in slp no. 15093 of 1989, was the highest bidder at an auction sale of house property bearing no. a-205, defence colony, new delhi conducted on 29-2-88 by the tax recovery officer (t.r.o.) for realising the income-tax dues of its owner. her bid was accepted and the sate confirmed on 13-4-1988. on 14-4-1988 a certificate of sale was issued by the t.r.o. to the petitioner. under the relevant rules, a copy of the certificate of sale should have been endorsed to the sub-registrar but it was actually sent to the sub-registrar on 12-5-88. the petitioner in slp no. 138 of 1990 purchased property bearing no. 112-113, gautam nagar, delhi at an auction conducted by the income-tax department. a certificate of sale in their favour was issued on 23-5-1988. a copy of the sale certificate was forwarded by the t.r.o. to the sub-registrar. 3. the purchasers thereafter attempted to get the property registered by the sub-registrar in their names. the sub-registrar and the collector of stamps did not accede to this request apparently on the ground that this .....

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Jul 20 1990 (SC)

Raj Kumar Rajinder Singh Vs. State of Himachal Pradesh and Others

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jul-20-1990

Reported in : AIR1990SC1833; JT1990(3)SC215; 1990(2)SCALE95; (1990)4SCC320; [1990]3SCR469

order1. this appeal by special leave is directed against the judgment of the division bench of the high court of himachal pradesh in regular first appeal no. 7 of 1970 arising out of suit no. 11 of 1987. the appellant-original plaintiff-is the second son of late raja padam singh, the ex-ruler of bushahr state. he filed a suit on 18th november, 1964 principally against the union of india and the government of the union territory of himachal pradesh for a declaration of his proprietary rights in about 1720 acres of forest land situate in khatas nos. 1 & 2, khataunis nos. 1 to 25 comprising 106 plots, both measured and unmeasured, bearing khasra nos. 1, 2, 6, 23, 30, 34, 44, 108,218,222, 309, 341, 409,479, 606, 433,241,732/280, 736/394 and 728/402 of chak addu, tehsil rampur, in the present district of mahasu in himachal pradesh. he traced his title to the said lands to a patta executed by his father on 14th maghar 1999, bikrami, i.e. 28th november 1942 a.d., and to the order no. 5158 of even date directing corresponding mutation changes. in the said suit choudhary gopal singh & co., a forest contractor, was added as proforma defendant no. 3 but no relief was claimed against the said party. the said suit was filed on 18th november, 1964 in the court of the senior sub-judge, mahasu, but on the upward revision of the suit valuation for the purposes of court fees and jurisdiction the plaint was presented to the high court of delhi, himachal bench, shimla, and was renumbered as suit .....

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Groves Vs. Ring Screw Works

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Jan-01-1990

..... resolution of disputes over the application or meaning of the collective bargaining agreement. [ footnote 11 ] of course, the parties may expressly agree to resort to economic warfare rather than to mediation, arbitration, or judicial review, but the statute surely does not favor such an agreement. for in most situations, a strike or a lockout, though it may be a method of ..... agreed upon a different method for the adjustment page 498 u. s. 174 of their disputes. [ footnote 10 ] the company argues that the union has agreed that, if the voluntary mediation process is unsuccessful, then the exclusive remedy that remains is either a strike or a lockout, depending on which party asserts the breach of contract. according to this view, the ..... of their disputes, congress, in passing the lmra, envisaged peaceful methods of dispute resolution. thus, the statute does not favor an agreement to resort to economic warfare rather than to mediation, arbitration, or judicial review. a contract provision reserving the union's right to resort to economic weapons cannot be construed as an agreement to divest the courts of jurisdiction to .....

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May 29 1990 (FN)

Burnham Vs. Superior Court

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : May-29-1990

burnham v. superior court - 495 u.s. 604 (1990) u.s. supreme court burnham v. superior court, 495 u.s. 604 (1990) burnham v. superior court of california, county of marin no. 89-44 argued feb. 28, 1990 decided may 29, 1990 495 u.s. 604 certiorari to the court of appeals of california, first appellate district syllabus during a trip to california to conduct business and visit his children, petitioner burnham, a new jersey resident, was served with a california court summons and his estranged wife's divorce petition. the california superior court denied his motion to quash the service of process, and the state court of appeal denied mandamus relief, rejecting his contention that the due process clause of the fourteenth amendment prohibited california courts from asserting jurisdiction over him because he lacked "minimum contacts" with the state. the latter court held it to be a valid predicate for in personam jurisdiction that he was personally served while present in the forum state. held: the judgment is affirmed. justice scalia, joined by the chief justice, justice white, and justice kennedy, concluded in parts ii-a, ii-b, and ii-c that the due process clause does not deny a state's courts jurisdiction over a nonresident, who was personally served with process while temporarily in that state, in a suit unrelated to his activities in the state. pp. 495 u. s. 2 -12. (a) to determine whether the assertion of personal jurisdiction is consistent with due process, this court has .....

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Apr 18 1990 (FN)

Osborne Vs. Ohio

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Apr-18-1990

osborne v. ohio - 495 u.s. 103 (1990) u.s. supreme court osborne v. ohio, 495 u.s. 103 (1990) osborne v. ohio no. 88-5986 argued dec. 5, 1989 decided april 18, 1990 495 u.s. 103 appeal from the supreme court of ohio syllabus after ohio police found photographs in petitioner osborne's home, each of which depicted a nude male adolescent posed in sexually explicit position, he was convicted of violating a state statute prohibiting any person from possessing or viewing any material or performance showing a minor who is not his child or ward in a state of nudity unless (a) the material or performance is presented for a bona fide purpose by or to a person having a proper interest therein, or (b) the possessor knows that the minor's parents or guardian has consented in writing to such photographing or use of the minor. an intermediate appellate court and the state supreme court affirmed the conviction. the latter court rejected osborne's contention that the first amendment prohibits the states from proscribing the private possession of child pornography. the court also found that the statute is not unconstitutionally overbroad, since, in light of its specific exceptions, it must be read as only applying to depictions of nudity involving a lewd exhibition or graphic focus on the minor's genitals, and since scienter is an essential element of the offense. in rejecting osborne's contention that the trial court erred in not requiring the government to prove lewd exhibition and scienter .....

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