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Oct 06 1993 (SC)

Supreme Court Advocates-on-record Association and Another Vs. Union of ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Oct-06-1993

Reported in : AIR1994SC268; JT1993(5)SC497; (1993)4SCC441; [1993]Supp2SCR659

..... or screening process' even at the admission stage and by the policy of 'dejudicialization' -i.e. keeping issues out of the courts - whereby some disputes are settled through arbitration and mediation such as accident claim cases, and divorce matters etc. through lok adalats in which the legal aid committee takes active participation, the pendency of cases before courts is mounting and ..... adjudication before the apex-court. the executive - in one from the other - is the largest single-litigant before the courts. in this view of the matter the judiciary being the mediator -between the people and the executive - the framers of the constitution could not have left the final authority to appoint the judges of the supreme court and of the high .....

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Jul 30 1993 (SC)

M/S. Chahal Engineering and Construction Co. Vs. Irrigation Department ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jul-30-1993

Reported in : AIR1993SC2541; 1993(2)ARBLR436(SC); JT1993(4)SC434; 1993(3)SCALE331; (1993)4SCC186; [1993]Supp1SCR449

..... the subject-matter of the arbitration before shri avtar singh. those claims read as follows:[1] claim no.2 - reimbursement of extra costs due to increase in quantities in inter-mediate well - foundations; rs. 53, 69, 712.40[2] claim no. 3 - reimbursement ot costs of providing rocker roller and bearings under the super-structure and other extra works; rs. 78 .....

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Jan 04 1993 (SC)

Shri Raghunathrao Ganpatrao Vs. Union of India

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jan-04-1993

Reported in : AIR1993SC1267

..... . when cases come before the courts, purposes and concerns of timeless character require translation into practical rules that apply to their molt modern manifestations. in this role, courts perform a mediating function, harmonizing different strands into a coherent order. but the courts do not exercise an exclusive' authority in giving coherence to constitutional law. political leaders and political institutions have played .....

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Feb 04 1993 (SC)

Raghunathrao Ganpatrao Vs. Union of India (Uoi)

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-04-1993

Reported in : JT1993(1)SC374; 1993(1)SCALE363; 1994Supp(1)SCC191

..... . when cases come before the courts, purposes and concerns of timeless character require translation into practical rules that apply to their most modem manifestations. in this role, courts perform a mediating functiion, harmonizing different strands into a coherent order. but the courts do not exercise an exclusive authority in giving coherence to constitutional law. political leaders and political institutions have played .....

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Sep 22 1993 (SC)

Systopic Laboratiries (Pvt.) Ltd. Vs. Dr. Prem Gupta and Others

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Sep-22-1993

Reported in : AIR1994SC205; JT1993(5)SC391; 1993(3)SCALE834; 1994Supp(1)SCC160

..... of bronchial asthma as histamine is released from sensitized mast cells in very high concentration near the target cells and antihistaminics cannot block such effect quantitatively. besides many more chemical mediators arc released in scnsitized target cells not antagonised by antihistaminics. there is a lack of published evidence to prove the higher efficacy of such combination over corticosteroid alone. such combinations .....

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Oct 07 1993 (SC)

D. Devaji Vs. K. Sudarashana Rao

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Oct-07-1993

Reported in : JT1993(6)SC421; 1993(4)SCALE41; 1994Supp(1)SCC729; [1993]Supp3SCR14; 1994(1)LC49(SC)

..... court of facts and finding recorded in that behalf, shows that the respondent demanded enhancement of rent at rs. 500/- per months as stated by the appellant and corroborated by mediators rw-2 and 3. though the appellant had agreed to enhance the rent to a sum of rs. 300/-, the respondent did not agree and insisted to pay rs. 500 .....

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Apr 27 1993 (SC)

inder Singh and ors. Vs. Union of India (Uoi) and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Apr-27-1993

Reported in : JT1993(3)SC653; 1993(2)SCALE667; (1993)3SCC240; [1993]3SCR371

k. ramaswamy, j.1. leave granted in all s, by notification published in the haryana state gazettee on october 12, 1976, under section 4(1) of land acquisition act 1 of 1894 for short 'the act', the respondent union territory of chandigarh acquired a total extent of 70,09 acres of land situated in manimajra near chandigarh for a public purpose, namely, to set up brick kilns therein. the sands comprised in different khasra numbers within h.b. no. 375, out of which 63.09 acres are abi cultivated lands, the rest are barani (rainfed land) and, ghair munkin (waste land) trenches etc. by award dated january 11, 1977, the collector fixed a sum of rs. 23,600/ - as market value of abi, rs. 17,000/- per acre to barani and rs. 12,000/- to ghair munkin lands. on reference under section 18, the civil court enhanced compensation to rs. 33,600/-per acre to abi lands and no enhancement to other categories with solatium at 15 per cent and interest at 6 per cent per annum on the enhanced compensation from the date of taking possession till date of payment. on appeal the learned single judge in r.f. a. no. 2605 of 1980 etc. by judgment dated august 18, 1981 confirmed the same. thus these appeals by special leave. as common questions of law arise for decision, they are disposed of by common judgment.3. appellants' contention is that the acquired lands possessed of potential value for residential and commercial purposes and there is no justification for classification of the lands and all .....

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Oct 12 1993 (SC)

Mohd. Sayeed Vs. State of U.P. and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Oct-12-1993

Reported in : 1994Supp(2)SCC561

r.m. sahai and; a.s. anand, jj.1. the short question that arises for consideration in this appeal is if the high court committed any error of law in including the land in the holding of the appellant in respect of which a will had been executed by his father in 1956 in favour of his grand-daughter-in-law.2. when notices under section 10(2) of u.p. imposition of ceiling on land holdings act (in brief the act) as it stood before its amendment in 1973, were issued, the tenureholder filed objections, one of them being that the land bequeathed in favour of smt kalmunnisa, should not be included in his holding. it was accepted by the appellate authority mainly because a will was not transfer. in 1973, however, the law was amended retrospectively and the ceiling area of a tenureholder was reduced. section 38-b added by way of amendment further empowered the prescribed authority to redetermine the ceiling area of tenureholders. in exercise of this power the prescribed authority issued fresh notices and the appellant claimed that the land covered by the will should be excluded from his holding as it was bequeathed in favour of kalmunnisa by his father. this plea was not accepted by any of the authorities. the high court found that even though it was claimed that the will was executed in 1956 but it was not mutated in the revenue records till 1971. it further found that the land continued to be in possession of the appellant. for this reliance was placed on the oral evidence led on .....

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Oct 14 1993 (SC)

M/S. Printers House Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Mst. Saiyadan (Deceased) by L. Rs., ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Oct-14-1993

Reported in : AIR1994SC1160; JT1993(6)SC123; 1993(4)SCALE173; (1994)2SCC133; [1993]Supp3SCR296

orderm.n. venkatachala, j.1. these appeals arise a common judgment and separate decrees dated august 27, 1975 made by the high court of punjab and haryana, whereby r.f.a.'s nos. 76, 77 and 78 of 1965 filed by the claimants seeking enchanced compensation for their acquired lands were partly allowed, and r.f.a. nos. 68, 69 and 70 of 1965 of the state of haryana seeking reduction in the compensation awarded to the claimants for their acquired lands were dismissed.2. civil appeals nos. 369-371 of 1976 are not filed by the state of haryana but are filed by messrs printers house pvt. ltd. a company for whose benefit the lands were acquired and in them reduction in the amount of compensation awarded by the high court, is sought. civil appeals nos. 946-948 of 1977 are that of the claimants and in them further enhanced compensation for the acquired lands is sought from the state and the company for whose benefit the state acquired the lands.3. material facts which have given rise to these appeals lie in a narrow compass:(i) certain land situated in the village ranhera, tehsil bal-labhgarh, district gurgaon (haryana), abutting delhi-mathura road (g.t.road) were needed by messre printers house pvt. ltd., hereinafter referred to as 'the company', to set up its factory for the manufacture of printing machinery. a request was made by the company to the punjab government to acquire tht said lands, for its benefit. the punjab government, which conceded to the request of the company, by a .....

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May 12 1993 (SC)

Navalshankar Ishwarlal Dave and Another Vs. State of Gujarat and Other ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : May-12-1993

Reported in : AIR1994SC1496; 1994CriLJ2170; 1993(2)Crimes449(SC); JT1993(3)SC421; 1993(2)SCALE813; 1993Supp(3)SCC754; [1993]3SCR676

orderk. ramaswamy, j.1. since common questions of law arise from the same facts, the appeals j are disposed of by a common judgment.2. in exercise of the powers under section 3(1) of gujarat prevention of anti-social activities act, 16 of 1985, for short pasa and the notification of the govt. of gujarat under section 3(2) dated may 20, 1985, the district magistrate, rajkot by his proceedings dated september 22, 1992 ordered detention of the appellants on his finding that 'from the evidence produced : before me i am satisfied as per the definition of property grabber under section 2(h) of the pasa and considering the seriousness of your activities under section 2(i) for the unauthorised structures- it clearly appears that you are habitual to grab the govt. land by creating false partnership firm- people are feeling insecurity of their properties. the situation in this area is very tense and in such circumstances if any actions are taken according to law then there is great possibility of great blast and public order is likely to adversely affected. for creating such situation your illegal activities are solely liable- therefore, to prevent the other properties being grabbed in future by you and also to prevent the govt. lands being grabbed in future and for the exigencies which have arisen, it is necessary to detain you as per the provisions of the gujarat prevention of anti-social activities act, 1985 and an order has been passed therefor.' with detailed reasons running into .....

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