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Aug 01 2001 (SC)

V. Pechimuthu Vs. Gowrammal

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Aug-01-2001

Reported in : AIR2001SC2446; 2001(5)ALT1(SC); JT2001(6)SC162; (2002)1MLJ1(SC); 2001(4)SCALE650; (2001)7SCC617

..... property and has been in possession of the property since then. it is the appellant's case that after 5 years, the appellant made repeated demands in person and through mediators calling upon the respondent to execute the sale deed at the appellant's expense after receiving the entire amount of rs. 19,990. the respondent refused to do so. ultimately ..... the agreement ever since the date stipulated for re-conveyance of the property, namely, 3.5.1978 and had been making repeated demands on the respondent in person and through mediators to execute the sale deed at the expense of the appellant after receiving the entire amount of rs. 19,990/-. the claim set up by the respondent in the respondent .....

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Dec 07 2001 (SC)

Ram Bilas Yadav and ors. Vs. State of Bihar

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Dec-07-2001

Reported in : AIR2002SC530; 2002(1)ALD(Cri)82; 2002CriLJ978; 2002(1)Crimes225(SC); JT2001(Suppl2)SC31; 2001(8)SCALE389; (2002)2SCC131

..... ridge when it had been decided to have a settlement in the panchayat. the appellant ram bilas yadav asked pw3 subodh yadav as to how he had become a big mediator in the matter and exhorted other appellants to beat pw3 subodh yadav and others. the first appellant ram bilas yadav cut pw3 subodh yadav with gandasa and his nose was .....

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Apr 03 2001 (SC)

Vishnu Prakash and anr. Etc. Vs. Smt. Sheela Devi and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Apr-03-2001

Reported in : AIR2001SC1862; JT2001(4)SC396; (2001)3MLJ18(SC); 2001(3)SCALE193; (2001)4SCC729

shivaraj v. patil, j.1. these appeals are by the defendants. the facts, in brief, leading to filing them are the following.2. sheela devi filed five suits - os nos. 55 of 1965, 56 of 1965, 57 of 1965, 58 of 1965 and 59 of 1965 - against the defendants for ejectment and possession of the suit properties from tenants or licensees or trespassers as the case may be. plaintiff claimed to be the widow of late chaudhari suraj prasad. she had married him according to arya samaj rites on 8.7.1951. chaudhari suraj prasad died on 11.1.1953. after his death she filed application for mutation in respect of agricultural property, the land and zamindari inside the district of orai; mutation was made in her name; the zamindari compensation was also paid to her. kalavati as sister and gopal das as collateral of chaudheri suraj prasad claimed the suit properties.3. all the five suits were dismissed by the trial court and the first appeals filed by the plaintiff against the common judgment and decrees of the trial court were dismissed. the second appeals, filed by her, were allowed by the impugned common judgment of the high court. the said second appeals were contested only by the heirs of gopal das, who had expired. kalavati or the other tenants and occupants of the properties did not contest them having not put any appearance.4. in all the suits one of the defences that sheela devi was not legally wedded wife of chaudhari suraj prasad was common. gopal das and kalavati were impleaded in the .....

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Feb 06 2001 (SC)

Ram Bharose Sharma Vs. Mahant Ram Swaroop and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-06-2001

Reported in : 2001VIIIAD(SC)393; 2001(7)SCALE44; (2001)9SCC471

order1. these two appeals arise from two judgments and orders of the division bench of the high court of rajasthan at jaipur. civil appeal no. 1616 of 1994 is from the judgment and order of the said high court in d.b.cwp no. 2150 of 1992 dated september 1, 1992 and civil appeal no. 1634 of 1994 is from the judgment of the division bench in d.b.civil special appeal (writ) no.44 of 1992 dated september 1, 1992. the subject-matter and the contesting respondent are common in these appeals. 2. to comprehend the controversy in these appeals, it will be useful to refer to the facts giving rise to them. the appellants in these appeals are the tenants of the first respondent in different portions of the jagir property. they have suffered orders of eviction and are up in arms against him. they have lodged two prongs attack on his title to the jagir property which will be referred to presently. 3. in samvat 1893, on the request of one swami ram ballabh, land of an extent of 6 bighas and 4 biswas situated in town sawai jaipur, outside kishanpole, was granted as 'udak jagir' (referred to in this judgment as 'the jagir property') by the seventh maji bhattiyaniji of jaipur, during the period of minority of the ruler, in favour of swami ram ballabh, a chela of swami ram dasji ram sanehi. the first respondent claims that the said grant was a personal grant in favour of ram ballabh and not in favour of any institution. the appellants contest that claim and plead that it was a grant to a .....

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Feb 27 2001 (SC)

Land Acquisition Officer and Mandal Revenue Officer Vs. V. Narasaiah

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-27-2001

Reported in : AIR2001SC1117; 2001(3)ALLMR(SC)517; JT2001(3)SC157; 2001(1)KLT885(SC); 2001(2)SCALE257; (2001)3SCC530; [2001]2SCR141; 2001(2)LC997(SC); (2001)2UPLBEC1530

orderthomas, j.1. leave granted. 2. in a land acquisition case a division bench of the high court of andhra pradesh enhanced land value to rupees seventy five thousand and odd per acre over and above the market value fixed by the reference court. for making the aforesaid enhancement the division bench of the high court took into consideration two sale-deeds the copy of which were marked without examining anybody connected with the transaction recorded in the instruments. appellant is actually the state of andhra pradesh though in the cause-title it is shown as the land acquisition officer concerned of the state. appellant contended that the high court should not have taken into account the sale price shown in the above mentioned two sale-deeds as the claimant did not examine the vendee or the vendor or anybody else connected with the sale. there are two decisions of this court which propounded a legal position consistent with the above stand of the appellant state. they are inder singh vs . uoi : [1993]3scr371 and p.ram reddy vs . land acquisition officer, hyderabad : [1995]1scr584 . 3. as the said decisions were rendered by two judges bench a plea was made before us by sri vidya sagar, learned counsel arguing for the respondent that the aforesaid legal position may be reconsidered. learned counsel submitted that section 51a has been incorporated in the land acquisition act 1894 (for short the 'the la act') specifically for obviating the insistence for examination of anyone .....

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Jan 10 2001 (SC)

State of Punjab Vs. Balwant Singh Others

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jan-10-2001

orderk. jagannatha shetty, j.1. these are defendants' appeal and special leave petition arising out of a suit for possession brought by balwant singh -- the plaintiff. in the special leave petition, we condone the delay and grant leave. the suit was dismissed by the court of first instance and the dismissal was affirmed by the appellate court but decreed by the high court in the second appeal.2. the issue raised in the appeal is of considerable importance and it relates to the construction of section 15 of the hindu succession act, 1956 ('the act'). one smt. mahan kaur, wife of jaimal singh inherited from her husband certain agricultural land measuring 110 kanals 12 marlas situate in village hamhal, jakhe pal in sangrur district. some of the lands were under mortgage and are in possession of defendants 2 to 6. after coming into force of the act, mahan kaur died intestate. on being informed that there was no heir entitled to succeed to her property, the revenue assistant collector sanctioned mutation in favour of the state. balwant singh claiming to be a legal heir of mahan kaur brought the suit out of which the present appeal arises. the suit was for possession of the property of the deceased and also for a declaration decree that he was entitled to redeem the mortgaged properly from defendants 2 to 6. the suit was resisted by the state on the ground that the intestate has left behind no heir to succeed and the mutation effected in favour of the state was valid. defendants 2 .....

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Oct 09 2001 (SC)

Jamil Ahmad and ors. Vs. 5th Addl. Distt. Judge, Moradabad and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Oct-09-2001

Reported in : AIR2001SC3067; JT2001(8)SC444; 2001(7)SCALE143; (2001)8SCC599

order1. this appeal is from the order of the high court of judicature at allahabad dated november 24, 1978 disposing of the writ petition no. 1054/78 filed by the appellants in terms of the order in passed on the same date. by virtue of the said order, the writ petition filed by the appellants stood dismissed.2. to comprehend the controversy, it will be necessary to refer briefly to the facts giving rise to this appeal. one wali mohammed held certain agricultural lands. he had transferred an extent of 25 = 79 acres of land in favour of his blind unmarried daughter (moti begum) in 1359 fasli - long before coming into force of the act. in accordance with the provisions of the u.p. imposition of ceiling on land holdings act. 1960 (for short 'the act'), his ceiling area, under section 5 of the act. was determined. on december 15, 1974 he executed a will bequeathing an extent of 25.32 acres out of his land in favour of the appellants herein. he died on june 16, 1975 leaving behind him a son, gulam mohammed and a daughter, the said moti begum.3. on the basis of the said will the appellants approached the tehsildar, billari (u.p.) to have their names mutated in the revenue records. the tehsildar, after issuing a public notice and after examining witnesses produced by the appellants held, by his order dated august 28, 1975, that the will was proved and ordered that their names be mutated in the revenue records as legatees of wali mohammed in respect of an extent of 25. .....

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Mar 21 2001 (FN)

Circuit City Stores, Inc. Vs. Adams

Court : US Supreme Court

Decided on : Mar-21-2001

..... , grievance procedures existed for railroad employees under federal law, see transportation act of 1920, 300-316, 41 stat. 456, and the passage of a more comprehensive statute providing for the mediation and arbitration of railroad labor disputes was imminent, see railway labor act of 1926, 44 stat. 577, 46 u. s. c. 651 (repealed). it is reasonable to assume that congress .....

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Nov 06 2001 (SC)

Bhagat Ram (D) by Lrs. Vs. Teja Singh (D) by Lrs.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Nov-06-2001

Reported in : AIR2002SC1; 2002(1)ALLMR(SC)270; 2002(1)AWC435(SC); (SCSuppl)2002(1)CHN77; [2001]252ITR324(SC); [2002(1)JCR400(SC)]; JT2001(10)SC270; RLW2002(1)SC64; 2001(8)SCALE93; (2002)

k.g. balakrishnan, j.i.a. no. 1 is allowed.1. this appeal was finally heard and allowed on 31.3.1999 by a bench consisting of one us (hon. u.c.banerjee, j.) and another learned judge of this court. that decision is reported in : [1999]237itr364(sc) bhagat [ram (dead) versus teja singh].2. the only respondent in the appeal was teja singh. he was served with the notice issued from this court but he did not choose to appear and defend the appeal. taja singh died on 1.12.1986. but no steps were taken to implead the legal heirs of teja singh. the original appellant bhagat ram also died and his legal heirs/representatives were brought on record on 20.11.1985. when the appeal was heard by this court on 31.3.1999, it was not brought to the notice of this court that teja singh had already passed away on 1.12.1986. after the appeal was disposed of, the legal heirs of teja singh filed an application to get themselves impleaded in this appeal for an opportunity of hearing.3. this court, however, though it expedient to offer an opportunity of hearing by reason of the factum of the original respondent being not heard at the time of the disposal of the appeal and it is no t his score that we permitted mr. jaspal singh, learned senior counsel appearing for the newly permitted mr.jaspal singh, learned senior counsel appearing for the newly added respondents to upto forth the submissions and address arguments before this court. we did also allow mr. rakesh dwivedi, the learned senior counsel .....

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Nov 23 2001 (SC)

N.S.S. Narayana Sarma and ors. Vs. Goldstone Exports (P) Ltd. and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Nov-23-2001

Reported in : AIR2002SC251; 2002(1)ALLMR(SC)634; 2002(1)ALT17(SC); [2002(1)JCR207(SC)]; JT2001(10)SC13; (2002)3PLR552; 2001(8)SCALE269; (2002)1SCC662

d.p. mohapatra, j.1. leave is granted in all the slps.2. the judgment rendered by a division bench of the andhra pradesh high court on 10th november, 1998 disposing of a batch of appeals filed under clause 15 of the letter patent, against the judgment of a single judge is under challenge in these appeals. since common questions of fact and law were raised by the parties in all the cases the high court disposed of the appeals by a common judgment. the dispute relates to a property extending over 196.20 guntas under survey no. 172 of hydernagar village. the contest is between two sets of transferees of the property, while the appellants claim to be transferees of holders of pattas issued in their favour by the pygah committee of nawab khurshed jah pygah, the respondents trace their title to transfers by some decree-holders in the suit. the objections filed by the appellants under order under order 21 rule 99 read with rule 101 of the civil procedure code (for short 'the cpc') having been dismissed by the high court as non-maintainable, the appellants are before this court assailing the judgment of the high court.3. the genesis of the proceedings leading to the present cases shorn of unnecessary details, may be stated thus: one dildar unnisa begum filed os no. 41/1955 in the city civil court, hyderabad against the defendants for a decree of partition of the suit properties which according to the plaintiff were matruka property of the late nawab khurshed jah pygah. the high court .....

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