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Aug 10 2004 (SC)

DhaIn Singh and anr. Vs. State of Punjab

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Aug-10-2004

Reported in : 2004(2)ALD(Cri)859; II(2004)DMC464SC; JT2004(7)SC212; 2004(7)SCALE304; (2004)7SCC759

..... other reason for her to commit suicide. the evidence shows that the first appellant had demanded dowry and he had sent her away from his house and only after the mediation she was taken back to appellant's house and death happened within a period of two months thereafter. these facts clearly show that the suicide was the result of the .....

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Jan 20 2004 (SC)

Sardar Khan Vs. State of Karnataka

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jan-20-2004

Reported in : AIR2004SC1695; 2004CriLJ910; I(2004)DMC171SC; JT2003(1)SC556; 2004(1)SCALE606; (2004)2SCC442

..... deceased was kicked on her stomach when she was pregnant as a result whereof an abortion took place whereafter her father brought her to his own house. however, allegedly on mediation by elderly persons including pw 5, syed arif, the deceased was sent back to her matrimonial home. despite the same, the deceased allegedly used to complain to her parents about ..... 1) and saleem khan (pw 2) as also smt. asmathunnisa (pw 6), the mother of the deceased but also stands corroborated by the evidence of syed arif (pw 5) who mediated between the appellant and the deceased. it has also been proved that the jewelleries belonging to the deceased were pawned to one goutham chand (pw 10) by the appellant. the .....

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Apr 08 2004 (SC)

Dalbir Singh Vs. State of U.P.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Apr-08-2004

Reported in : AIR2004SC1990; 2004(2)ALD(Cri)21; 2004CriLJ2025; I(2004)DMC680SC; JT2004(4)SC455; 2004(4)SCALE238; (2004)5SCC334

..... accused also examined 6 witnesses in his defence.4. pw 11 rd chetwal who is the father of deceased vimla, has deposed that the marriage had been arranged through the mediation of a distant relation piarey lal who had informed that the accused no doubt came from a poor family but he was well qualified. he had given 9-10 tolas .....

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Mar 31 2004 (SC)

State of Andhra Pradesh Vs. C. Uma Maheswara Rao and anr.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Mar-31-2004

Reported in : AIR2004SC2042; 2004CriLJ2040; JT2004(4)SC167; 2004(4)SCALE106; (2004)4SCC399

..... .45 was found with him. it is unbelievable that somebody would go to buy sweets with 45 paise in pocket. there was no variation and discrepancy in the evidence. the mediator report and the evidence of the witnesses clearly establish the accusations.6. the high court has observed that the accused persons being only members of the tender committee possibility of ..... . specific stand of the prosecution was that the complaint was made on 30.12.1991 as per exts. p-3 and p-3a, pw-2 who was one of the mediators did not support the prosecution version completely. it was not possible to accept that high ranked officers would take and accept money in the presence of an unknown party. there ..... credible evidence to show not only demand, acceptance but also recovery of the money. pw-3 was at the relevant time working as preventive officer, customs and worked as the mediator, pw-5 was the investigating officer who the complaint, and monitored the trap operation. in appeal, before the high court the stand taken by the accused persons was that there .....

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Jan 12 2004 (SC)

T. Shankar Prasad Vs. State of Andhra Pradesh

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jan-12-2004

Reported in : 2004CriLJ884; 2004(164)ELT143(SC); JT2004(1)SC188; 2004(1)SCALE318; (2004)3SCC753

..... has been rightly discarded being contrary to official records. evidence of pw-2 with regard to proceedings on 28.4.1992 has been clearly established. evidence of pw-4 the mediator is corroborated by the evidence of pws 1, 3, 7 and 8. his report was marked as ext p.13. the same along with the other evidence clearly establish the ..... on demand. he was asked to give signal after bribe amount was accepted, by waving a handkerchief. pw-4 was an assistant director of veterinary hospital who acted as a mediator. he also described in detail about the trap operations. pw-5 was a senior assistant in the commercial tax office who deposed about part of the transaction relating to issuance ..... again the mediators and the members of the trap party arranged the trap and accordingly the complainant approached the accused t. shankar prasad who directed him to pay the amount to other accused ..... to pay the bribe, he reported the matter to the anti corruption bureau officials on 28.4.1992. the case was registered by the officials on the said date and mediators were secured and trap was arranged. since on that day accused t. shankar prasad was not available in the office, the trap could not be laid. on the next date .....

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Feb 04 2004 (SC)

State of Andhra Pradesh Vs. T. Venkateswara Rao

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-04-2004

Reported in : AIR2004SC1728; 2004CriLJ1412; 2004(1)JKJ29[SC]; JT2004(2)SC154; 2004(2)SCALE227

..... for laying a trap. he also made necessary arrangements for requisitioning officers working in the office of the superintending engineer, nizamabad to act as mediators. pw-4 was one such person who was chosen to be the mediator. prosecution then alleges that on 24.4.1987 pw-5 accompanied by his staff and others including pws. 1 and 2 came to sanga .....

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Feb 17 2004 (SC)

Pensioners' Assc., Ex-Assam Oil Officers and Ors. Vs. Union of India ( ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-17-2004

Reported in : [2004(101)FLR566]; JT2004(2)SC455; (2004)IILLJ807SC; 2004(2)SCALE559; (2004)3SCC265; 2004(2)SLJ451(SC); (2004)2UPLBEC1620

..... pensionary benefit was an arrangement between the employee and the lic, may not be correct. the erstwhile employer, namely the assam oil company ltd. did not act merely as a mediator in facilitating purchase of annuity for the employees. the scheme provided the manner in which the pensionary fund was to be raised and the manner in which it was to .....

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May 05 2004 (SC)

Geo Miller and Co. Pvt. Ltd. and ors. Vs. State of M.P. and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : May-05-2004

Reported in : AIR2004SC3552; 2004(5)SCALE747; (2004)5SCC209; [2004]136STC241(SC)

..... and intercourse fall within the prohibition imposed by article 301. this court did not accept the argument that all taxes whether or not their impact on trade is immediate or mediate, direct or remote should be governed by article 301. this view was further upheld in the automobile transport case and in state of kerala v. a.b. abdul kadir and .....

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Sep 03 2004 (SC)

State of A.P. Vs. K. Punardana Rao

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Sep-03-2004

Reported in : AIR2004SC4194; 2004CriLJ4191; JT2004(7)SC501; 2004(7)SCALE362; (2004)10SCC500

..... chemical test his fingers were found to be positive only as he had shaken hands with pw-1 and his pyjama pockets were also contaminated with chemical substance as a mediator of the trap party had searched his pockets for the tainted money.3. the learned single judge held that there were certain discrepancies in the evidence of pw 1. it .....

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Nov 03 2004 (SC)

Deelip Singh @ Dilip Kumar Vs. State of Bihar

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Nov-03-2004

Reported in : AIR2005SC203; 2005(1)ALD(Cri)65; 2004(3)BLJR2373; 2005(2)MhLj147; 2005(I)OLR(SC)181; RLW2005(2)SC165; 2004(9)SCALE278; (2005)1SCC88; 2005(1)LC179(SC)

..... following:'...consent supposes three things--a physical power, a mental power and a free and serious use of them. hence it is that if consent be obtained by intimidation, force, mediated imposition, circumvention, surprise or undue influence, it is to be treated as a delusion, and not as a deliberate and free act of the mind.'23. in words & phrases--permanent .....

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