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Jul 11 2006 (SC)

Pappu Vs. State of Madhya Pradesh

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jul-11-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC2659; 2006CriLJ3640; JT2006(6)SC308; 2006(7)SCALE24; (2006)7SCC391

..... of offence punishable under section 302 read with section 34 ipc. before the high court it was pleaded that the incident had occurred all of a sudden without any pre-mediation over a very trivial issue and some misunderstanding of the appellant, other accused persons and the complainant madhu singh and his father mal singh. during the course of verbal altercation ..... for the appellant submitted that the background facts projected by the prosecution clearly show that the assault was given in the course of a sudden quarrel. there was no pre-mediation and the accused did not take advantage and had also not acted in a cruel manner. only one blow by lathi was allegedly given by picking up a lathi. prior .....

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Aug 29 2006 (SC)

Ramdev Food Products Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Arvindbhai Rambhai Patel and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Aug-29-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC3304; 2006(6)ALD36(SC); 2007(1)ALLMR(SC)402; (2007)1GLR594; JT2006(8)SC393; 2006(33)PTC281(SC); 2006(8)SCALE631; (2006)8SCC726

..... and property held by them so as to enable them to be in peace, harmony and understanding in the family. the said settlement was arrived at through the mechanism of mediation of the well- wishers of the family. mou was, thus, entered into for the purpose of distribution of the properties and business and the same was given effect to on .....

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Apr 04 2006 (SC)

Hari Shankar Singhania and ors. Vs. Gaur Hari Singhania and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Apr-04-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC2488; 2006(2)ARBLR1(SC); 2006(3)BomCR10; 2006(2)CTC597; JT2006(4)SC251; (2006)3MLJ243(SC); 2006(4)SCALE74; (2006)4SCC658; 2006(1)LC423(SC)

..... me.44. it is thus seen that the above facts would clearly go to show that the contesting respondent nos. 1-9 are not at all interested in any conciliation, mediation or arbitration but only interested in enjoying the bulk of the immovable properties of the firm and refusing to carry out their obligations under and pursuant to the said deed .....

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Nov 16 2006 (SC)

Bapu Vs. State of Maharashtra

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Nov-16-2006

Reported in : 2007CriLJ310; I(2007)DMC67SC; JT2006(10)SC197; 2006(11)SCALE561; 2006AIRSCW5911; (2007)2SCC(Cri)545; (2007)1Crimes1(SC).

..... , maternal cousin of the deceased, pw5 govind pardeshi, executive magistrate at bhadgaon, pw6 yanushka, head constable at p.s. bhadgaon, dr. damodar pw7, latabai pw8, adhikar shamrao patil pw10, the mediator in the settlement of the marriage of deceased shobhabai with the appellant and dinkar ingale pw11. 5. pw1 is a witness on the scene of the offence and the recoveries ..... and the mediator also persuaded the accused person that they should not trouble shobhabai and their demands will be satisfied within a short period. however, within a period of 2-3 days thereafter ..... with an understanding that unless she brings rs. 10,000/- by way of 'mul', she will not return to her matrimonial home. however, the parents and brother as also the mediator of the marriage of shobhabai with the appellant, somehow or the other, convinced her and brought her back to the house of the appellant. the brother of the deceased shobhabai .....

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Oct 19 2006 (SC)

Yuvaraj Ambar Mohite Vs. State of Maharashtra

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Oct-19-2006

Reported in : 2006(10)SCALE369; 2006(3)ShimLC319

..... -2 were autorickshaw drivers. appellant was a teacher of judo karate and was teaching in school no. 9 situated at dhule. he was well acquainted with the deceased who was mediating in the dispute between him and pw-2. on 2.9.1988, appellant came to the hotel near s.t. stand where the deceased and pw-2 had been taking ..... code. he pleaded not guilty thereto. the prosecution in support of its case examined ten witnesses. pw-2 was the complainant in the case against appellant wherein the deceased was mediating. pw-5 is the first informant who had examined the deceased and declared her dead. dr. prakash patil (pw-9) who conducted the autopsy opined that the death was homicidal ..... commission of an offence under section 326 of the indian penal code for causing hurt to another autorickshaw driver machindra baburao thombare (pw-2). the deceased was called upon to mediate in the said dispute. pw-2 with a view to settle the dispute between himself and appellant herein met each other in the morning of 3.9.1988. appellant thereafter .....

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Jan 16 2006 (SC)

C.T. Radhakrishnan Vs. C.T. Viswanathan Nair and anr.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jan-16-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC910; (SCSuppl)2006(2)CHN40; JT2006(1)SC318; 2006(1)KLT459(SC); 2006(1)SCALE258; (2006)1SCC794

..... of kunhimalu amma and her four children who were in joint possession with viswanathan nair, the son of ammini amma was fixed at rs. 2,500/- at the instance of mediators and kunhimalu amma and her children had decided to release their rights for that consideration in favour of viswanathan nair and they were doing so under the transaction, on receipt .....

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Aug 24 2006 (SC)

Surendra and anr. Vs. State of Maharashtra

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Aug-24-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC3063; JT2006(8)SC445; 2006(8)SCALE469; (2006)11SCC434

..... that mina had gone to police station prior to him. 6. in the first information report, pw-2 categorically stated:my father and sister went there to act as a mediator, so my brother dilip ran awayhe also stated:it is true that mina was not present when the accused assaulted my father.he admitted that there was a dispute as .....

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Oct 13 2006 (SC)

Hansa Industries Pvt. Ltd. and ors. Vs. Kidarsons Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Oct-13-2006

Reported in : AIR2007SC18; (SCSuppl)2007(1)CHN78; [2006]134CompCas1(SC); JT2006(9)SC100; 2006(10)SCALE170; (2006)8SCC531; [2006]72SCL117(SC)

..... compensatory equalization payment to the company. parties by consent can, however, agree to a larger amount. 6. that shri p.n khanna, retired judge is at present acting as a mediator. he will act as a commissioner, to separate 30.14% of the assets of the company to be given to shri narendra nath nanda group as set out hereinbefore. 10 .....

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Feb 20 2006 (SC)

Begam Suraiya Rashid and ors. Vs. State of Madhya Pradesh and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-20-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC1283; JT2006(2)SC527; 2006(2)MPHT272; 2006(2)SCALE433; (2006)3SCC305

h.k. sema, j.1. leave granted2. the facts of this case revolves as to how the appellants clandestinely and by suppressing the facts tried to grasp the public land measuring 59.17 acres in khasra nos. 943, 960, 961, 962 of jahangirabad ( jail bag ) area of bhopal city under the guise of order dated 2.3.1954 passed by the jagir commissioner in respect of land in khasra nos. 72/1, 73, 74, 75, 76 in village dharampuri.3. the facts of this case are cumbersome and may be recited briefly and strictly for the purpose of disposal of this appeal. the present disputed land measuring 59.17 acres in khasra nos. 943, 960, 961 and 962 was recorded in the name of jail department and situated in the area of bhopal city near the arera hills in front of old jail premises since 1935. it appears that the area was developed as a garden having trees of mangoes, jamun, lemon etc. and the same was used to let out to different contractors and the property was managed from the income received from the fruits grown in the garden. no revenue was assessed on that income as the land belonged to the state government. it is not disputed that the said land was given on lease to one shri bhawani singh and shri jameel ahmed by the superintendent of jail for a consideration of rs. 375/- per annum. subsequently one shri rashiduzzafar khan, the predecessor of the appellants, obtained a deed of relinquishment in his favour from the lessees bhawani singh and jameel ahmed. this was done without the concurrence and .....

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Apr 18 2006 (SC)

Gurdev Kaur and ors. Vs. Kaki and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Apr-18-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC1975; 2007(2)ALD20(SC); 2006(3)AWC2373(SC); 2007(3)BomCR869; (SCSuppl)2006(4)CHN1; 2007(1)CTC334; JT2006(5)SC72; 2007MPLJ1(SC); RLW2007(1)SC636; 2006(4)SCALE436; (2007)1SCC546

dalveer bhandari, j.1. leave granted.2. judges must administer law according to the provisions of law. it is the bounden duty of judges to discern legislative intention in the process of adjudication. justice administered according to individual's whim, desire, inclination and notion of justice would lead to confusion, disorder and chaos. indiscriminate and frequent interference under section 100 c.p.c. in cases which are totally devoid of any substantial question of law is not only against the legislative intention but is also the main cause of huge pendency of second appeals in the high courts leading to colossal delay in the administration of justice in civil cases in our country.3. despite declaration of law in numerous judgments, it is evident that the scope and ambit of section 100 c.p.c. has not been properly appreciated and applied in a large number of cases. we are, once again making a serious endeavour to discern legislative intention, ambit and scope of interference under section 100 c.p.c. we plan to carry out this exercise by critically examining important judgments decided before and after 1976 amendment in the section 100 c.p.c. this effort is made with the hope that in future the high courts would decide according to the scope of section 100 c.p.c. and this court may not be compelled to interfere with the judgments delivered under section 100 c.p.c.brief factual background4. this appeal is directed against the judgment of the punjab & haryana high court dated .....

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