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May 19 2006 (SC)

Narender Malav Vs. State of Gujarat and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : May-19-2006

Reported in : (2006)IILLJ1119SC; 2006(6)SCALE218; 2006(1)LC785(SC)

ar. lakshmanan, j.1. heard mr. sanjeev kumar choudhary, learned counsel appearing on behalf of the petitioner and ms. hemantika wahi, learned counsel appearing on behalf of the respondent-state and the counsel for union of india. this writ petition was sent by narender malav by post to this court expressing some grievances in regard to the working conditions of salt workers in kachchh district, gujarat. the letter sent by mr. narender malav was considered and numbered as a writ petition by this court. the matter is pending in this court from 2001. several orders were passed issuing several directions to the state of gujarat and other functionaries. several reports have also been filed. finally, an order was passed by this court on 20.04.2005 issuing certain directions. by the said order, the education department was directed to look into the issue of education of children of salt pan workers at the work place, where currently no educational facility is made available. the matter was adjourned to facilitate the respondent-state department to file further status report in regard to what is stated in paragraph 12 of the affidavit. a further direction was also issued directing the department of education along with department of labour, state of gujarat to give particulars of number of children of school going age who are actually attending school and also who are not attending school in this area where educational facilities are available. this court also requested the two ngos, .....

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May 18 2006 (SC)

P.S.E.B. and anr. Vs. Som Nath and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : May-18-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC2123; 2006(6)SCALE123; (2006)9SCC574; 2006(1)LC788(SC)

r.v. raveendran, j.1. these appeals are filed against the judgments of the punjab & haryana high court in the following cases:s. no civil appeal no. case no. before high date ofcourt judgment ofhigh court i) 7567/2002 cwp 12606/1995 14.5.1998 ii) 7569/2002 rsa 2990/1996 22.1.1999 iii) 7600-01/2002 cwp 12810/1995 14.5.1998 iv) 7607/2002 rsa 3237/1996 22.1.1999 v) 7606/2002 cwp 12830/1995 14.5.1998 vi) 2323/2004 cwp 3752/2002 3.11.2003 vii) 2987/2004 cwp 4903/2002 3.11.2003 these appeals involve a common question, as to protection of higher house rent allowance drawn upto 31.8.1988 by the employees of punjab state electricity board, after the revision of such allowance with effect from 1.9.1988. 2. the appellant is the punjab state electricity board (hereinafter referred to as 'the board'). the respondents are/were the employees of the board. at the relevant point of time, the respondents were posted at ajnala, ramdas, patti, khem karan in the district of amritsar and at ferozepur, in places within a radius of 16 kms from the international border. as employees posted in the border areas within a radius of 16 km from the international border, they were paid hra applicable to i class or a class cities in punjab, by taking note of the special problems relating to border areas. thus all the respondents were getting the higher rate of hra applicable to i class/'a' class cities. 3. the state government revised the rates of hra vide circular dated 30.8.1988, implementing the .....

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May 25 2006 (SC)

Midnapore Peoples' Co-op. Bank Ltd. and Ors. Vs. Chunilal Nanda and Or ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : May-25-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC2190; 2006(4)ALD53(SC); (2006)3CALLT53(SC); 102(2006)CLT452(SC); 2006CriLJ2903; [2007(1)JCR209(SC)]; (2007)1MLJ804(SC); 2006(6)SCALE308; (2006)5SCC399; 2007(1)SLJ1

r.v. raveendran, j.1. this civil appeal by special leave is against the judgment dated 26.2.2001 in m.a.t. no. 4075 of 1998 passed by the high court of calcutta.2. the first respondent was working as secretary of the midnapore peoples' co-op. bank ltd. [appellant no. 1 herein, for short the 'bank']. appellants 2 and 3 are respectively the chairman and secretary-in-charge of the first appellant bank. the first respondent was kept under suspension pending initiation of disciplinary proceedings, in pursuance of a resolution of the board of directors of the bank dated 16.4.1994. the respondent filed a writ petition [c.o. no. 8789(w) of 1995] challenging the suspension, inter alia on the ground that charge-sheet had not been issued. on 27.6.1995, the said writ petition was disposed of recording the submission that the bank was issuing a charge-sheet. the bank was directed to deliver a copy of the charge-sheet and pay the arrears of subsistence allowance within one week. the first respondent was directed to file his written statement within 10 days. the enquiry officer was directed to conclude the enquiry within a period of three months from the date of communication of the order subject to first respondent rendering full cooperation for the conduct of the disciplinary proceedings.3. a charge-sheet dated 1.7.1995 was issued to the first respondent containing nine charges. the first respondent filed his written statement on 17.7.1995. the enquiry officer completed the enquiry and .....

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Sep 29 2006 (SC)

Sheela Devi and ors. Vs. Lal Chand and anr.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Sep-29-2006

Reported in : 2007(2)ALT52(SC); 2006(4)AWC3859(SC); (2006)206CTR(SC)149; [2007(1)JCR140(SC)]; JT2006(12)SC610; (2007)1MLJ797(SC); 2007MPLJ435(SC); 2006(10)SCALE75; (2006)8SCC581; 2007(2)

s.b. sinha, j.1. leave granted.2. interpretation of some of the provisions of the hindu succession act, 1956 (for short 'the act') and, in particular, sections 6 and 8 thereof arises for consideration in this appeal which arises out of a judgment and order dated 10th october, 2005 passed by the high court of punjab and haryana in rsa no. 1627 of 1994 dismissing an appeal from a judgment and order dated 23rd may, 1994 passed by the additional district judge, patiala affirming a judgment and decree dated 17th may, 1990 passed by the subordinate judge 1st class samana decreeing the suit filed by the plaintiffs-respondents herein.3. the relationship between the parties is not in dispute. tulsi ram was the owner of the property. he died in the year 1889 leaving behind five sons, viz., waliati, babu ram, charanji lal, hukam chand and uggar sain. the aforementioned five sons of tulsi ram were members of a mitakshara coparcenary. we are concerned with the estate of one of the sons of tulsi ram, viz., babu ram, whose children are parties before us. it is not in dispute that uggar sain died issueless in 1931. the names of all the brothers were mutated in the year 1927 in respect of the properties left by tulsi ram. babu ram died in the year 1989 leaving behind two sons, viz., lal chand and sohan lal (plaintiffs-respondents) and three daughters (appellants herein). lal chand was born in 1938 whereas sohan lal was born in 1956.4. a finding of fact has been arrived at that the parties are .....

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May 12 2006 (SC)

Bhogadi Kannababu and ors. Vs. Vuggina Pydamma and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : May-12-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC2403; 2006(3)AWC2652(SC); 2006(6)BomCR214; 102(2006)CLT301(SC); [2006(3)JCR101(SC)]; (2006)3MLJ105(SC); 2006(5)SCALE642; (2006)5SCC532; 2006(1)LC769(SC)

tarun chatterjee, j.1. one shri vuggina suryanarayana was the owner of the following lands in vommali village of madugula mandalam of vishakhapatnam district of andhra pradesh:0.64 acres in s. no. 77/11.46 acres in s. no. 116/12.31 acres in s. no. 117/13.06 acres in s. no. 117/22.25 acres in s. no. 117/51.13 acres in s. no. 117/61.16 acres in s. no. 117/91.19 acres in s. no. 117/9(hereinafter referred to as 'the properties in question').he died on 8th january 1972 leaving behind two widows, namely chilakamma and pydamma. admittedly, the second marriage between vuggina suryanarayana and pydamma had taken place during the subsistence of the first marriage of vuggina suryanarayana and chilakamma. out of the second marriage, two daughters, namely, nukaratnam and mahalakshmi were born. on 28th july 1973 the first wife of vuggina suryanarayana, chilakamma, died issueless. according to pydamma, on the death of suryanarayana and chilakamma the properties in question devolved on her and her two daughters, who are respondent nos. 2 and 3 herein. pydamma, had filed an application for eviction of the appellants under the andhra pradesh (andhra area) tenancy act 1956 (in short 'the a.p. tenancy act') before the district munsif cum special officer, madugula, a.p. on 18th september, 1990, which came to be registered as atc 3/90, without making her daughters, being the respondent nos.2 and 3 herein, as parties to the same. pydamma in her eviction petition claimed eviction, inter-alia, on the .....

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Sep 05 2006 (SC)

Rajasthan State Road Transport Corpn. Vs. Indag Rubber Ltd.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Sep-05-2006

Reported in : 2006(3)ARBLR567(SC); 2006(4)AWC3590(SC); JT2006(8)SC461; 2006(9)SCALE18; (2006)7SCC700

a.k. mathur, j.1. this appeal is directed against the order dated 22.12.2000 passed by learned single judge of the high court of judicature for rajasthan, jaipur bench, jaipur in s.b. civil misc. appeal no. 618 of 2000 whereby learned single judge set aside the order passed by the district judge, jaipur city in cma (arb.) no. 256 of 1997 confirming the award dated 4.4.1997 passed by the arbitrator and issuing a decree in terms of the award in favour of the rajasthan state road transport corporation (hereinafter to be referred to as the corporation).2. the facts giving rise to this appeal are that an agreement was executed between indag rubber limited (hereinafter to be referred to as the company) and the corporation on 24.7.1991 for purchase of cold processing retreading plant and retreading material. according to clause 3 of the agreement, in the cold processing plant of the company no other retreading material except of indag would be used during subsistence of the contract provided the company supplies retreading material regularly and uninterruptedly as per the need of the corporation. clause 4 contemplated that the corporation would purchase retreading material from the company at the prevailing rates against the rate contract of the association of state road transport undertaking. clause 5 deals with warranty for retreaded tyres, according to which the company was required to guarantee performance of 46000 kms average life or 95% of new tyres in each division in similar .....

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Nov 01 2006 (SC)

Regional Manager, Sbi Vs. Mahatma Mishra

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Nov-01-2006

Reported in : [2007(112)FLR338]; JT2006(10)SC179; 2006(11)SCALE258; 2006AIRSCW5957; 2007ILLJ424(SC)

judgmens.b. sinha, j.1. leave granted.2. respondent was appointed on a temporary basis in the year 1982 for a period of 88 days. his services were terminated. an industrial dispute was raised by him which was referred to for adjudication before the presiding officer, central government industrial tribunal - cum - labour court, kanpur by the state of uttar pradesh in the following terms:whether the action of the management of state bank of india, region iii, the mall kanpur, in relation to their jhanstongang branch, allahabad in terminating the services of shri mahatma mishra, ex-messenger with effect from 4.9.1982 and not considering him for further employment as provided under section 25h of the industrial disputes act, is justified. if not to what relief is the workman concerned entitled? 3. before the industrial court, the respondent inter alia relied upon a purported circular issued by the personnel department of the appellant - bank wherein direction was issued that temporary appointments were to be made for a maximum period of 90 days in the case of sub staff and 180 days in case of temporary staff upon obtaining suitable number of names from the concerned employment exchange(s). engagement of casual labour was directed to be resorted to for work of casual nature only and such casual employees were not to be engaged as members of subordinate staff. 4. inter alia on the premise that the respondent was engaged as temporary messenger which, according to the labour court, .....

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Aug 29 2006 (SC)

M. Meenakshi and ors. Vs. MetadIn Agarwal (D) by Lrs. and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Aug-29-2006

Reported in : 2006(6)ALD20(SC); 2006(8)SCALE566; (2006)7SCC470

s.b. sinha, j.1. the heirs and legal representatives of the original defendant in a suit for specific performance of contract and the subsequent purchaser are before us in these appeals which arise out of a judgment and order dated 10.09.2003 passed by a division bench of the andhra pradesh high court in letters patent appeal nos. 168 and 169 of 1996 whereby and whereunder the judgment and decree passed by a learned single judge dated 05.11.1996 affirming a judgment and decree dated 30.04.1990 passed by the additional chief judge-cum-spl. judge for spe & acb cases, city civil court, hyderabad, was set aside. 2. the defendant in the suit together with his other co-sharers were owners of survey no. 71, west marredpalli, secunderabad. a proceeding under the urban land (ceiling & regulation) act, 1976 (for short, 'the 1976 act') was initiated against them. in the said proceeding at the hands of the landholders, excess land was directed to be vested in the central government. the owners were allowed to retain 1000 sq. metres of land each. allegedly, on that premise a piece of vacant land bearing plot no. 2 in survey no. 71 measuring 1000 sq. metres which had been allotted to the defendant was allowed to be retained by him. on or about 27.06.1978 he (original owner) entered into an agreement with the plaintiff for sale in respect thereof on a consideration of rs. 50/- sq. yard . as on the said date, a proceeding under the 1976 act was pending, the agreement to sell was subject to .....

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Apr 25 2006 (SC)

State of Rajasthan and anr. Vs. Kulwant Kaur

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Apr-25-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC3712; JT2006(5)SC253; 2006(4)SCALE585; (2006)9SCC564; 2007(1)SLJ139(SC)

s.b. sinha, j. 1. the state of rajasthan enacted rajasthan panchayat samiti & zila parishad act, 1959 ('the act', for short). the respondent was appointed as a grade-iii teacher on 25.11.1983 by the panchayat samiti, padampur. the terms and conditions of her appointment were governed by rajasthan panchayat samitis & zila parishad service rules, 1959 ('the rules', for short). the schedule appended to the said rules lay down the conditions for appointment, including basic educational qualification, as also the eligibility criteria therefore which read as name of source of qualification promotion remarks the post recruitment tion and and pay with percentage experience scale _________ for direct _____________ recruitment direct by post qualification recruit- pro from cation/ ment motion which expe- promo- experience tion for will be promo- consition dered ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5. primary 100% - senior - - candidates who school secondary possessed secondary teacher with basis dary or hr. secondary stc ndary examina- course tion prior to 1990 shall also be eligible ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. the minimum qualification required for the post of primary school teacher was the matriculation and basic short training certificate (bstc) course. the .....

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Mar 24 2006 (SC)

Mohinder Singh and ors. Vs. State of Punjab

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Mar-24-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC1639; JT2006(4)SC96; 2006(3)SCALE507; (2006)10SCC418; 2006(1)LC696(SC)

p.p. naolekar, j.1. the accused-appellants belong to sakkanwali village, police station sadar muktsar, district muktsar, punjab. the deceased harbans singh was the neighbour of the appellants. there was a dispute on the demarcation of the shamlat land. some portion of this land is claimed by the accused-appellants and some of the land was being claimed by harbans singh, the deceased. the shamlat land has not been demarcated nor a particular portion of the land was in exclusive possession of either the appellants or the complainant party. as per the first information report lodged by harvinder kaur at 10.30 p.m. on 23rd february, 1996, the prosecution story unfolded is, that on 23rd february 1996 at about 5.30 p.m., the complainant harvinder kaur (pw-1) along with jasvinder kaur (pw-2), wife of jaspal singh, were making cow-dung cakes in the shalmat land. harbans singh after providing fodder to the cattle was talking to jaspal singh. in the meantime, mohinder singh (a-1) and nasib singh (a-3), armed with licensed 12 bore double barrel guns, naginder singh (a-6) armed with dang, sukhdev singh (a-5) armed with kassia, beant singh (a-2) armed with kirpan and nirbhai singh (a-4) armed with kassruli came to the spot. mohinder singh (a-1) raised lalkara that the complainant party be taught a lesson for grabbing and making addition of the land of the accused with that of the land of the complainant party. then mohinder singh fired shot from his licensed gun at harbans singh, which .....

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