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Mar 28 2006 (SC)

Ewanlangki-e-rymbai and Elaka Jowai Secular Movement Vs. Jaintia Hills ...

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Mar-28-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC1589; JT2006(4)SC139; 2006(3)SCALE562; (2006)4SCC748

b.p. singh, j.1. these appeals by special leave are directed against the common judgment and order of the gauhati high court dated 21st july, 2003 in writ petition (c) no. 6541 of 2001 [wp (c) no. 221(sh)/2002] and writ petition (c) no. 6542 of 2001 [wp (c) no. 222(sh)/2002] whereby the high court dismissed the writ petitions filed by the appellants herein.2. appellant ewanlangki-e rymbai, a christian by faith is a member of the jaintia scheduled tribe. the other appellant, namely - elaka jowai secular movement is represented by its vice chairman and executive member. in both the writ petitions the constitutional validity of section 3 of the united khasi jaintia hills autonomous district (appointment and succession of chiefs and headmen) act, 1959 (hereinafter referred to as 'the act of 1959') has been challenged. the writ petitions also challenged the notice dated august 28, 2001 issued by the jaintia hills autonomous district council, jowai declaring the programme for the election of dolloi in the elaka jowai and also the notice dated september 4, 2001 issued by the secretary, executive committee, jaintia hills autonomous district council, jowai.3. section 3 of the act of 1959 provides that subject to the provisions of the act and the rules made thereunder all elections and appointments of chiefs and headmen shall be in accordance with the existing customs prevailing in the elaka concerned. the notice dated september 4, 2001 announced the programme for the conduct of .....

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Jul 20 2006 (SC)

Indian Oil Corporation Vs. Nepc India Ltd. and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jul-20-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC2780; 2006(4)CTC60; JT2006(6)SC474; 2006(II)OLR(SC)659; RLW2006(4)SC3380; 2006(7)SCALE286; (2006)6SCC736

r.v. raveendran, j.1. these appeals are filed against the common order dated 29.3.2001 passed by the madras high court allowing crl.o.p. nos. 2418 of 1999 and 1563 of 2000. the said two petitions were filed by the respondents herein under section 482 of criminal procedure code ('code' for short) for quashing the complaints filed by the appellant against them in c.c. no. 299 of 1999 on the file of judicial magistrate no. 6, coimbatore and c.c. no. 286 of 1998 on the file of judicial magistrate, alandur (chennai).2. the appellant (indian oil corporation, for short 'ioc') entered into two contracts, one with the first respondent' (nepc india ltd.) and the other with its sister company skyline nepc limited ('skyline' for short) agreeing to supply to them aviation turbine fuel and aviation lubricants (together referred to as 'aircraft fuel'). according to the appellant, in respect of the aircraft fuel supplied under the said contracts, the first respondent became due in a sum of rs. 5,28,23,501.90 and skyline became due in a sum of rs. 13,12,76,421.25 as on 29.4.1997.3. the first respondent hypothecated its two fokker f27-500 aircrafts, bearing registration no. vt-nej (12684) and vt-nek (10687) to the appellant under deed of hypothecation dated 1.5.1997, to secure the outstanding amounts. clause (2) of the said deed provided that the two aircrafts with all parts and accessories stood hypothecated to ioc by way of charge and as security for payment of the amounts due, with effect .....

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Apr 04 2006 (SC)

Hari Shankar Singhania and ors. Vs. Gaur Hari Singhania and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Apr-04-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC2488; 2006(2)ARBLR1(SC); 2006(3)BomCR10; 2006(2)CTC597; JT2006(4)SC251; (2006)3MLJ243(SC); 2006(4)SCALE74; (2006)4SCC658; 2006(1)LC423(SC)

..... me.44. it is thus seen that the above facts would clearly go to show that the contesting respondent nos. 1-9 are not at all interested in any conciliation, mediation or arbitration but only interested in enjoying the bulk of the immovable properties of the firm and refusing to carry out their obligations under and pursuant to the said deed .....

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Jan 16 2006 (SC)

C.T. Radhakrishnan Vs. C.T. Viswanathan Nair and anr.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jan-16-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC910; (SCSuppl)2006(2)CHN40; JT2006(1)SC318; 2006(1)KLT459(SC); 2006(1)SCALE258; (2006)1SCC794

..... of kunhimalu amma and her four children who were in joint possession with viswanathan nair, the son of ammini amma was fixed at rs. 2,500/- at the instance of mediators and kunhimalu amma and her children had decided to release their rights for that consideration in favour of viswanathan nair and they were doing so under the transaction, on receipt .....

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Aug 24 2006 (SC)

Surendra and anr. Vs. State of Maharashtra

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Aug-24-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC3063; JT2006(8)SC445; 2006(8)SCALE469; (2006)11SCC434

..... that mina had gone to police station prior to him. 6. in the first information report, pw-2 categorically stated:my father and sister went there to act as a mediator, so my brother dilip ran awayhe also stated:it is true that mina was not present when the accused assaulted my father.he admitted that there was a dispute as .....

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Oct 13 2006 (SC)

Hansa Industries Pvt. Ltd. and ors. Vs. Kidarsons Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Oct-13-2006

Reported in : AIR2007SC18; (SCSuppl)2007(1)CHN78; [2006]134CompCas1(SC); JT2006(9)SC100; 2006(10)SCALE170; (2006)8SCC531; [2006]72SCL117(SC)

..... compensatory equalization payment to the company. parties by consent can, however, agree to a larger amount. 6. that shri p.n khanna, retired judge is at present acting as a mediator. he will act as a commissioner, to separate 30.14% of the assets of the company to be given to shri narendra nath nanda group as set out hereinbefore. 10 .....

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Sep 22 2006 (SC)

Surendra Singh Gaur Vs. State of M.P. and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Sep-22-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC3328; [2006(111)FLR433]; JT2006(12)SC502; 2006(9)SCALE454; (2006)10SCC214; 2007(2)SLJ191(SC)

dalveer bhandari, j.1. this appeal is directed against the judgment of the madhya pradesh administrative tribunal, bhopal bench at bhopal, m.p. in transfer application no. 333 of 1988 dated 7.5.1996.2. brief facts which are necessary to dispose of this appeal are as under:the appellant was appointed on 18.10.1967 vide order no. 6857/8432/14-1 on the post of assistant agriculture engineer in the department of agriculture in the state of madhya pradesh. he on his own volition on 2.7.1975 requested to be transferred and absorbed in the department of irrigation. the appellant made the request for transfer because there were limited chances of promotion in the department of agriculture and there were greater opportunities of promotion in the irrigation department. 3. according to the stand of the respondents, the department of irrigation is a separate department from the agriculture department and both the departments maintain their separate seniority lists. both the departments were under the control of the state of madhya pradesh, but the service conditions of the employees in both the departments are governed by their respective rules and guidelines. in both the departments, the seniority is computed from the date of appointment in the department. therefore, according to rules, the seniority of the appellant in the irrigation department is computed from the date of his taking charge in the irrigation department. this position is clear and consistent in the government that when .....

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Jan 04 2006 (SC)

Kallu @ Masih and ors. Vs. State of Madhya Pradesh

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jan-04-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC831; 2006CriLJ799; JT2006(2)SC631; RLW2006(2)SC1146; 2006(1)SCALE100; (2006)10SCC313

r.v. raveendran, j.1. this appeal is by the four convicted accused against the judgment dated 13.12.2004 of the high court of madhya pradesh allowing in part, criminal appeal no. 874 of 1995 filed by the state.2. the case of the prosecution is that on 5.7.1993, at about 6 p.m., an unlawful assembly of 27 persons, including kallu, safi, madaniya and bhuria (appellant nos. 1 to 4 herein) and one anwar, came to the house of sadruddin (pw-4), armed with swords, ballams, lathis, hockey sticks, farsas and dharias, shouting 'kill/cut sadruddin'. kallu dealt a blow on the head of sadruddin with a sword. madaniya also dealt a blow with a sword on his hand. shafi gave a blow of sword injuring his forehead, nose and jaw. bhuria gave a blow with a spear injuring his thigh and calf. on seeing sadruddin being attacked, sabdar bano (pw-6), noorbano (pw-7), baby (pw-9) and annobai (pw-10) rushed to the rescue of sadruddin. they were also beaten up by the appellants and their associates. sabdarbano received injuries on her head and body. annobai received injuries on the head. baby and noorbano received injuries on their hands. by then, a police van came near the spot. on seeing it, the appellants and others took to their heels. kanizbano (pw-3) who was sitting outside her house and who witnessed the entire incident, along with some others, took the injured persons to the hospital. kanizbano also lodged an fir (ex. p-28) within half an hour of the incident in police station, dhar, naming all .....

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Sep 29 2006 (SC)

Ritesh Chakarvarti Vs. State of Madhya Pradesh

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Sep-29-2006

Reported in : JT2006(12)SC416; 2006(9)SCALE644; 2007(2)LC1290(SC)

s.b. sinha, j.1. leave granted.2. this appeal is directed against a judgment and order dated 24.1.2006 passed by the high court of madhya pradesh at indore in criminal appeal no. 484 of 2001 affirming the judgment of conviction and sentence dated 3.4.2001 passed by the special judge, indore in special case no. 44 of 2000 under section 8 of the narcotics drugs and psychotropic substances act, 1985 (for short 'the ndps act').3. one sabiha khatun, an inspector in central bureau of narcotics (bureau) received an information from an informer on 2.8.2000 that a person would carry around 1.5 kg. of opium from indore to mhow. the informer allegedly disclosed that the person carrying the contraband would be boarding a bus for mhow at about 4.00 p.m. at shivaji vatika. the information was recorded in writing. s.k. bajpai, inspector and pw-5 girwar puri were witnesses thereto. shivaji vatika is almost on the other side of the bureau. there was a pan shop just in front of the bureau of which girish (pw-2) was the owner. a raiding team was constituted which included shri s.k. bajpai, inspector (who was then incharge of the office of the superintendent of police of the bureau). girwar puri (pw-5) was also member of the said team. appellant was allegedly seen proceeding to catch a bus for mhow. he was seen having a black rexene bag in his hand. girwar puri, sub-inspector of the bureau apprehended him. he was interrogated. he disclosed his name. he allegedly was given an option of search by .....

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Aug 18 2006 (SC)

Pulicherla Nagaraju @ Nagaraja Reddy Vs. State of Andhra Pradesh

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Aug-18-2006

Reported in : AIR2006SC3010; 2006CriLJ3899; RLW2007(1)SC419; 2006(8)SCALE133; (2006)11SCC444

r.v. raveendran, j.1. this appeal by special leave is against the judgment dated 28.8.2003 of the andhra pradesh high court in criminal appeal no.1211 of 2001 reversing the judgment of acquittal dated 7.2.2000 passed by the first addl. sessions judge, chittoor in s.c. no.361 of 1999.2. the prosecution case, in brief, is as under:2.1) p. narasimha reddy (pw-2) and p. govinda reddy (accused no.1) are brothers. p. dilli babu reddy (pw-1) and purushotham reddy (deceased) are the sons of narasimha reddy. ranamma (accused no.2) is the wife of govinda reddy. nagaraja reddy (accused no.3), balakrishna reddy @ 'balu' and chandrababu reddy @ 'babu' are the sons of govinda reddy and ranamma. (balu and babu were juveniles at the relevant time). both families were residents of bangareddipalli diguva indlu, a hamlet falling under the gangadhara nellore panchayat in chittoor district. the house of narasimha reddy and house of govinda reddy were separated by the land of chinnakka.2.2) narasimha reddy, after his marriage, having differences with his parents had shifted to his father-in-law's place and then to madras. ultimately, he came back to his native village. in the meanwhile, govinda reddy and two other brothers namely krishna reddy and venkateswarulu reddy had continued to live with their father bakki reddy. bakki reddy and venkateswarulu reddy had died and krishna reddy was residing in a different town. govinda reddy was in possession and enjoyment of the family properties. there were .....

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