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Jan 20 2009 (SC)

R. Manjula Vs. V. Raja

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jan-20-2009

Reported in : 2009(2)AWC1622(SC); 2009(2)BomCR51; 2009(1)SCALE626; (2009)2SCC511:2009AIRSCW2495.

..... advised by honourable committee members. sufficient time was granted to think and decide the issue. after consultation of our elders and as per benevolent advice of mediation centre we are whole heartedly willing to live together along with our children at our native village, arcot, vellore district in tamil nadu.3. in view of the aforesaid happy ..... court legal services committee.2. learned counsel for the parties has also filed a joint compromise memo which reads as follows:we both appeared before vellore district mediation centre, vellore (tamil nadu state) for five dates (i.e.) on 17.10.2008, 31.10.2008, 7.11.2008 14.11.2008 and 28.11.2008. we both were ..... compromise memo. joint compromise memo recorded. the mediation centre has successfully conducted enquiry as per the directions of honourable supreme court legal services committee. parties are now living together after compromise efforts.this information submitted to honourable supreme ..... , tamil nadu. during the pendency of the matter, a bench of this court directed the parties to appear before the district mediation centre, vellore to explore the possibility of setting the disputes. by report dated 4.11.2008 the mediation centre has reported as follows:the parties have appeared and advises given. parties given time to think and decide. parties filed joint .....

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Feb 27 2009 (SC)

Alok Mishra Vs. Garima Mishra

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-27-2009

Reported in : 2009(3)SCALE332; (2009)12SCC270; .2009AIRSCW6620

..... further claims or demands against each other and all the disputes and differences in this regard have been amicably settled by the parties hereto through the process of conciliation/mediation.9. that the parties undertake to the hon'ble court to abide by the terms and conditions set out in the agreement and not to dispute the same hereinafter ..... filing of transfer petition (civil) no. 870/2007 and transfer petition (civil) no. 445/2008 before the hon'ble supreme court of india.2. the matter was referred to mediation and conciliation centre delhi high court for exploring the possibilities of settlement between the parties.3. the parties agreed that ms. kamlesh mahajan and mr. inderbir singh alag, advocates would ..... arijit pasayat, j.1. these transfer petitions were listed in the supreme court lok adalat held on 7th february, 2009. with the efforts of the mediators of the delhi high court mediation and conciliation centre, the parties had arrived at a settlement which reads as follows:this settlement agreement is entered into on 6th day of february, 2009 between:shri alok ..... act as their conciliators/mediators in the matter of mediation and conciliation proceedings.4. the parties pursuant to discussions, deliberations and negotiations held with the assistance and help of the mediators have resolved their disputes/differences and have agreed to dissolve their marriage on the following terms and conditions .....

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Aug 04 2009 (SC)

Narinder Kumar Malik Vs. Surinder Kumar Malik

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Aug-04-2009

Reported in : 2009(6)ALT1(SC); 2010(2)MhLJ15(SC); 2009(1)SCALE388; (2009)8SCC743; 2009AIRSCW6561

..... must be arrived at. thus, on 24th january 2008 a statement was made that mediation talks have failed. the matter, then came up for hearing again before another division bench of the high court on 24th july 2008, but learned ..... given an opportunity to iron out the differences between them. but despite the best efforts made by the learned judges of the high court, the mediator and the senior advocate appointed in this behalf they were not able to convince the parties that it is a fit case where an amicable settlement ..... documents of ownership are to be executed.11. on 12th may 2005 despite having arrived at a settlement, high court directed them to approach the learned mediator for resolving their points of differences, if any, but, instead of resolving the same, their differences continued to rise.12. a registered notice dated 22nd ..... .l. mehta, addl. district judge, delhi who was requested to be a mediator. on 17th march 2005 it was noted by the high court that parties have entered into a settlement as mou was already entered into between the parties ..... also on account of the strong belief of the division bench of the high court that the parties being real brothers should settle the matter among themselves through mediation. accordingly, on 17 th december 2004 an order was passed, with the consent of the parties, that both the brothers would appear before mr. m .....

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Jul 27 2009 (SC)

Bhaskar Lal Sharma and anr. Vs. Monica

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jul-27-2009

Reported in : 2009(5)LHSC3175; JT2009(10)SC109; 2009(10)SCALE744; (2009)10SCC604

..... also an application under section 9 of the hindu marriage act, 1955 for the purpose of harassing her in-laws but at the same time she had been asking for mediation of their matrimonial dispute.33. mrs. vinay malhotra, the mother of the respondent, on the other hand, urged that:i. the appellants had been harassing and torturing the respondent in ..... mediator and the mediation processes were resorted to on day to day basis. indisputably however, the said negotiation failed. the matter was listed before this court on 11.6.2008. the parties were given ..... in transfer petition (criminal) no. 258/2007 and this court by an order dated 9.5.2008 directed the complainant and vikas to report to the senior coordinator of the mediation cell at tis hazari courts, delhi to explore the possibilities of resolving/settlement of their matrimonial discord. pursuant thereto the parties appeared before the learned senior .....

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Apr 24 2009 (SC)

Mitali Vs. Dababrata

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Apr-24-2009

Reported in : 2009(5)ALT46(SC); 2009(3)AWC2727(SC)

..... day hours. it is also agreed between the parties that in case of any dispute between the parties regarding visitation of the child, they shall approach the delhi high court mediation and conciliation centre for an amicable solution.(e) that the husband debabrata admits and acknowledges the right of master tushar in the ancestral properties including e-235, ramesh nagar, new ..... given on 10.11.2008 the matter was listed at the supreme court lok adalat on 6th december, 2008. the parties were directed to appear before the delhi high court mediation center on 19.1.2009. the parties had agreed that ms. veena ralli and mr. mohit gupta, advocates would act as amicus curiae in the matter of ..... mediation and conciliation proceedings. the petitioner had filed an application for maintenance under section 18 of the hindu adoption and maintenance act, 1959 and had obtained an ex parte decree of .....

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Apr 02 2009 (SC)

Rajesh @ Rajesh Kannan Vs. A.K. Murthy and ors.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Apr-02-2009

..... referring the matter to the tamil nadu mediation and conciliation centre.4. accordingly, the appeals are allowed, impugned order is set aside and the matter is remitted to the high court to dispose of the petition under section ..... the impugned order, the high court admitted the petition filed by respondent no. 1 and directed the parties to appear before the tamil nadu mediation and conciliation centre by observing that the dispute may be amicably settled through mediation. undisputedly, the offence under section 468 i.p.c. is not compoundable. this being the position, the high court was not justified in .....

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Feb 18 2009 (SC)

Aviral Bhatla Vs. Bhawna Bhatla

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-18-2009

Reported in : 2009AIRSCW6622; (2009)3GLR2135(SC); 2009(2)KLJ116; 2009(1)OLR(SC)764; 2009(3)SCALE120; (2009)3SCC448; 2009(2)JT600.

..... the transfer petitions were filed before this court, learned counsel for the parties made efforts to bring about a comprehensive settlement of the disputes relating to the matrimonial discord. the mediation centre of the delhi high court also played a vital role in arriving at a settlement. the details of the litigations between the parties are as follows:(i) the petitioner ..... settlement of all her claims. further more the petitioner agrees and undertakes to hand over all the household articles as mentioned in settlement agreement dated 14. 11.08 before ld. mediator of high court of delhi in the presence of both the parties, which are lying at house no. e-8/10, 3rd floor, malviya nagar, new delhi, within 7 days ..... of divorce by mutual consent be passed. all the proceedings referred to above which are pending shall stand quashed. we record our appreciation for the effective manner in which the mediation centre of delhi high court helped the parties to arrive at a settlement.3. the transfer petitions are accordingly disposed of.

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Feb 20 2009 (SC)

Munish BhasIn and ors. Vs. State (Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi) and anr.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Feb-20-2009

Reported in : JT2009(3)SC604; 2009(3)MPHT1(SC); 2009(II)OLR(SC)460; RLW2009(3)SC2666; 2009(3)SCALE259; (2009)4SCC45; ILR2009KAR1453

..... on 22.02.2007. the learned additional public prosecutor accepted notice and submitted that the matter was essentially a matrimonial dispute and therefore the parties should be referred to the mediation and conciliation cell of the delhi high court. the learned judge agreed with the suggestion made by the additional public prosecutor and directed the parties to appear before the ..... mediation and conciliation cell of the delhi high court on march 02, 2007. the case was ordered to be listed on 10.05.2007. the learned judge further directed that in .....

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Jan 16 2009 (SC)

Aparna Mehta Kapur and anr. Vs. State of U.P. and anr.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : Jan-16-2009

..... section 39, noida) shall stand quashed.10. before parting with the case, we wish to place on record our appreciation for the efforts made by ms. sadhana ramchandran, the learned mediator; ms. kamini jaiswal, the learned amicus curiae; mr. kirti uppal and mr. jatinder mohan sharma, learned counsel for the parties, without whose active and meaningful cooperation perhaps even the ..... is unnecessary to advert to the facts giving rise to the filing of the present petition. what needs to be noted is that with the untiring efforts of the learned mediator, the wife (petitioner no. 1) and the husband (respondent no. 2) have resolved their differences amicably and have filed a signed application praying that this court may be pleased ..... settlement agreement between the parties was filed with the report.5. on 7th january, 2009, when the matter came up for consideration of the final report submitted by the learned mediator, learned counsel for the parties stated that the terms of settlement, incorporated in the draft settlement agreement, dated december 28, 2008, were acceptable to their respective clients, and they ..... were yet to be addressed. nevertheless, as per the report, a draft settlement agreement had been circulated to the parties and their counsel for their consideration. ultimately, the learned mediator filed her final report on 5th january, 2009, reporting that even though a final settlement between the parties had been arrived at, but the parties had certain apprehensions on the .....

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May 14 2009 (SC)

Amita Vs. Uday Singh

Court : Supreme Court of India

Decided on : May-14-2009

order1. report has been received from the mediator appointed by the mediation centre at indore. the same is taken on record. as per the report, no compromise seems to be possible between the parties.2. leave granted.3. we have heard learned counsel for the parties at this stage itself.4. this appeal is directed against the order passed by the high court of judicature at madhya pradesh, indore bench dated 13th february, 2008, whereby the prayer of the appellant for transfer of case no. 194 of 2005 pending in the family court, indore to the court of district judge, guna has been turned down.5. having heard learned counsel for the parties, we are of the view that the relief claimed by the appellant deserves to be granted particularly bearing in mind the fact that three other cases between the parties are already being tried in different courts at guna.6. accordingly, the appeal is allowed; order dated 13th february, 2008 is set aside and it is directed that the afore-mentioned case shall stand transferred from the family court, indore to the court of district judge, guna, who may try the case himself or assign the same to a court of competent jurisdiction. no costs.

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