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Jun 05 2009 (HC)

Century Club Vs. Commissioner of Service Tax

Court : Karnataka

Reported in : 2010[17]STR337

..... thus :section 65(51): 'health and fitness service' means service for physical well being such as, sauna and steam bath, turkish bath, solarium, spas, reducing or slimming salons, gymnasium, yoga, mediation, massage (excluding therapeutic massage) or any other like service.section 65(52) : 'health club and fitness centre' means any establishment, including a hotel or a resort, providing health and fitness .....

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Oct 21 2005 (HC)

Uppu Govinda Lakshmi Vs. Uppu Narayana @ Narayana Rao

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Reported in : 2006(1)ALD24; I(2006)DMC622

..... not have been entertained. on receipt of summons, according to the petitioner, she contacted the respondent and his grand-mother, but they made a demand for additional dowry. when the mediation was failed, she contacted an advocate at tadepalligudem to pursue the matter, who promised to look after the matter, but as he had not shown any interest, the ex parte .....

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Oct 06 1998 (HC)

T. Raghunatha Reddy and ors. Vs. State of Andhra Pradesh

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Reported in : 1998(2)ALD(Cri)721; 1998(2)ALT(Cri)560; 1999CriLJ4857

..... these two witnesses acted as mediators at the time of the marriage, but from that, it cannot be said that they spoke all truth and nothing but truth. it is clear from the testimony that they ..... far away from rajampet and also the village of pwi. pw4 is a friend of pw1 and pw5 is brother of pw2. it is their evidence that they acted as mediators for the marriage between dl and al and at that time, rs.1,00,000/- cash and 20 tolas of gold was given as dowry. it might be true that ..... ,000/- cash and 30 tolas of gold and that the said fact was not mentioned in ex.p1. he also admitted that he did not mention inex.p1 that the mediators settled to give rs.1,00,000/- cash and 20 tolas of gold and that the accused demanded to pay half of the same at the betrothal. this is only ..... by any of the accused demanding additional dowry. if dl really had complained orally about any harassment, pws.l and 2 would have taken some action in that regard like mediation by elders or lodging a complaint with the police. the absence of any such thing on the part of pws.l and 2, throws genuine doubt about the truth of ..... (pw5) went to the house of a2 and saw a1. subsequently a week later, a1 to a3 came to their house to see d1. pws.4 and 5 acted as mediators. it is said that al to a3 demanded dowry of rs. 1,50,000/- and 30 tolas of gold, which was settled for rs. 1,00,000/- and 20 tolas .....

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Nov 25 2008 (HC)

Polavarapu Hanumantha Rao Vs. Polavarapu Siva Parvathi and ors.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Reported in : AIR2009AP98

..... place where she was carrying on rice business which the appellant refused and thereafter the mother-in-law did not send the first respondent to the appellant. several efforts of mediation among the parties failed and as such the appellant alleged that the first respondent has deserted him from december, 1979 for no fault of his. he gave a legal notice .....

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Dec 17 2002 (HC)

Perugu Varalakshmi Vs. State and ors.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Reported in : II(2004)DMC610

..... evidence needs to be examined with a note of caution. further, his evidence is so self-contradictory that it hardly needs any consideration at all. he is said to have mediated between p.w. 1 and a1. according to him, he went to the house of a1 on 14.8.1994 along with one g. subbaiah. the ..... mediation failed and the statement with regard to the whole affair was recorded by the police under section 161 on the next day itself. it is a matter of record that .....

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Aug 11 1936 (PC)

Bishan Dayal Vs. Kesho Prasad and anr.

Court : Allahabad

Reported in : 167Ind.Cas.683

..... of the matter by their lordships. we would feel it, our bounden duty to accept the ruling as conclusive and binding. as already noted, all the necessary facts were clearly mediation and as their lordships, were affirming the judgment of the judicial commissioner's court it was not thought necessary to deal with the matter at grater length, but it was .....

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Jul 29 2008 (HC)

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Vs. the State of Jharkhand and Nanda Dula ...

Court : Jharkhand

Reported in : 2008(57)BLJR49; [2008(4)JCR12(Jhr)]

..... decision of the permanent lok adalat is final and binding on parties. whereas on the one hand, keeping in view the parliamentary intent, settlement of all disputes through negotiation, conciliation, mediation, lok adalat and judicial settlement are required to be encouraged, it is equally well settled that where the jurisdiction of a court is sought to be taken away, the statutory .....

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Sep 24 1959 (SC)

The Punjab National Bank Ltd. Vs. Its Workmen

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : AIR1960SC160; [1961(2)FLR212]; (1959)IILLJ666SC; [1960]1SCR806

..... on february 19. when the men refused to submit a pitched battle ensued and the men successfully resisted the attempt by the sheriff to evict and arrest them. efforts at mediation failed. ultimately on february 26, the sheriff with an increased force of deputies made a further attempt and this time, after another battle, the men were ousted and placed under .....

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Jan 07 2009 (HC)

Ministry of Sound International Ltd. Vs. Indus Renaissance Partners En ...

Court : Delhi

Reported in : 156(2009)DLT406

..... dated 7th december, 2006 has been quoted above. the clause provides that in case of disputes, the parties will try and resolve the same in normal course and then through mediation/talks between their representatives and on their failure to resolve the matter within 10 business days, through their board of directors. however, in case the disputes are not resolved in .....

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May 09 1975 (HC)

Municipal Corporation of Delhi Vs. Fruit and Vegetable Merchants Union ...

Court : Delhi

Reported in : ILR1975Delhi429

..... and the fruit and vegetable merchants union'. it was strenuously contended that a counsel of the standing and status of shri radhey lal aggarwal could well distinguish between arbitration and mediation. the counsel having chosen to describe the proceedings before the lt. governor as arbitration proceedings was conclusive of the fact that the parties had participated in the proceedings taking them ..... parries (at page 49 of the arbitrator's file) it was submitted was a clincher that the matter was referred to the lt. governor as arbitrator and not as a mediator. the lt. governor in the aforesaid letter desired the parties that a note be prepared for his perusal to enable him to arbitrate in the dispute. in the circumstances, the .....

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