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Jul 16 2004 (HC)

Tata Sons Limited Vs. Ghassan Yacoub and ors.

Court : Delhi

Reported in : 2004(29)PTC522(Del)

..... notice to defendant no. 3. the plaintiff has contented that trade mark 'tata' has been upheld in a number of judgments by this court as well as the arbitration and mediation centre at world intellectual property organization.6. a declaration was filed pursuant to the order of this court dated 3rd august, 1999 and the registrant of the domain name tatagroup .....

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Dec 23 1958 (HC)

Pappan Narayanan Vs. Kerala State

Court : Kerala

Reported in : AIR1959Ker354; 1959CriLJ1324

..... , he replied that he wished to say nothing there and would reserve his statement tor the court of session. at the trial, he pleaded alibi and said that, after the mediation on the 28 november had failed, he went away, and that from about 8 p. m. till the morning he was engaged in baling water and carrying stones near the .....

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Sep 03 2004 (HC)

Parmar Karsanbhai Raghubhai Vs. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

Court : Gujarat

Reported in : [2005(106)FLR767]; (2005)2GLR946

..... , a step in social justice direction.2. the learned advocates appearing for the parties in this group of petitions, upon long drawn, inter-se, as well as, in the court, mediation, negotiation has fruitfully culminated into a common and agreed formula, which is, evidently, reflected in the form of additional affidavit filed on behalf of the respondent no.1ahmedabad municipal corporation ..... . the affidavit in reply on behalf of the respondent is filed, which is in the form of additional affidavit, which upon inter-se, as well as, during court's proceedings mediations and negotiations is articulated and transcribed in it. the said additional affidavit shall form part of it.3. it is noticed from the said additional affidavit that the deponent has .....

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Aug 11 1997 (HC)

Manjula Vs. Mani and Others

Court : Chennai

Reported in : 1998CriLJ1476

..... after the marriage that took place on 9-9-1984. the 1st accused was neglecting and avoiding the company of the appellant/complainant. the efforts of the appellant/complainant for mediation also failed. the appellant/complainant learnt from the witnesses viz., rajagopal, poongavanam and nataraja gounder that the 1st accused married the 2nd accused on 22-9-1985 at sakthi koil .....

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Jan 28 2009 (HC)

A. Narayana Rao Vs. the Government of India, Ministry of Labour, Rep. ...

Court : Chennai

Reported in : [2009(121)FLR702]

..... . notice was issued to the second respondent. the second respondent filed its reply to which, the petitioner had filed a rejoinder. since the conciliation officer could not bring about any mediation, he sent his failure report to the central government vide his report dated 17.8.1999.3. on receipt of the said report sent under section 12(4) of i .....

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Mar 29 1912 (PC)

Venkata Ragavulu Reddiar and anr. Vs. Baggiammal and ors.

Court : Chennai

Reported in : 14Ind.Cas.550

..... of 1905, that the testator was reluctantly persuaded to modify that will and to give her a village yielding a monthly income of 100 rupees for her life through the mediation of friends like plaintiffs' 1st witness and plaintiffs' 2nd witness, that subba naidu knew the terms of the disputed will exhibit a, that he went to the tahsildar, plaintiffs' 2nd .....

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Mar 20 1975 (HC)

Chinnaperumal Naicker Vs. Mariyayee Ammal

Court : Chennai

Reported in : AIR1976Mad179; (1976)1MLJ85

..... keeping a concubine by name angammal in that house and at her instigation and on account of her influence he refused to take her back (the respondent) in spite of mediation by certain persons and in february, 1963, the appellant repaid to her a sum of rs. 200 which she had borrowed from third parties and lent to the appellant for .....

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Nov 01 2016 (HC)

Petitioner Vs. Respondent

Court : Chennai

..... of 2016, subject to the condition that the petitioner/ appellant/accused shall pay a sum of rs.3000/- (rupees three thousand only) to the tamil nadu mediation and conciliation centre, high court, madras, within a period of two weeks from day, failing which, it is made clear that the petition shall stand dismissed automatically without any further .....

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Sep 02 2016 (HC)

G. Rameshkannan and Others Vs. The Inspector of Police, All Women Poli ...

Court : Chennai Madurai

..... permission to compound cannot be considered at all. 5.2. so far as this case is concerned, the defacto complainant has stated that they have settled their dispute before the mediation centre and she has received rs.5 lakhs as compensation and both the defacto complainant and her husband have decided to file a petition for divorce by mutual consent and .....

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Nov 22 1943 (FN)

Switchmen's Union Vs. National Mediation Board

Court : US Supreme Court

..... provided that "employees shall have the right to organize and bargain collectively through representatives" chosen by the majority of each "craft or class." the special competence of the national mediation board lies in the field of labor relations, rather than in that of statutory construction. of course, the judiciary does not make the administrative determination. "the functions of ..... dissenting. this is an action by the petitioners, the switchmen's union of north america (hereinafter referred to as the switchmen) and some of its members against the national mediation board, its members, the brotherhood of railroad trainmen (hereafter referred to as the brotherhood), and the new york central railroad company and the michigan central railroad company, carrier ..... machinery more freely in the settlement of disputes. but large areas of the field still remain in the realm of conciliation, mediation, and arbitration. on only a few phases of this controversial subject has congress utilized administrative or judicial machinery and invoked the compulsions of the law. we need not ..... has been quite recent. until the 1926 act, the legal sanctions of the various acts had been few. the emphasis of the legislation had been on conciliation and mediation; the sanctions were publicity and public opinion. since 1926, there has been an increasing number of legally enforceable commands incorporated into the act. and congress has utilized administrative .....

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