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Jun 27 2014 (HC)

Gaurav Gupta Vs. Radhika Gupta

Court : Mumbai Goa

..... that divorce proceedings will be filed jointly, provided the above mentioned terms are met in advance by mr. gaurav. the above terms of settlement were signed by all the above mediators as well as by gaurav and radhika. 35. in the case of ??moti ram (dead) through lrs ? (supra), relied upon by the learned counsel for gaurav, the hon'ble supreme ..... returns as well as the certificate of chartered accountant based on such income tax returns cannot be wholly relied upon to determine the income of gaurav. 33. admittedly, there was mediation meeting held at the residence of mrs. rachita velho and mr. verner velho, on 14/10/2008 in which settlement terms were drawn and it was resolved in the presence ..... application of gaurav for appointment of chartered accountant as commissioner to determine the financial capacity of the parties. she pointed out that the settlement terms signed by gaurav emanated from mediation initiated by the cousins of gaurav and the agreement was signed by the parties without any coercion. counsel urged that the picture which emerges from this settlement is certainly the ..... submitted that these terms of settlement never ended in a concluded contract and were never acted upon. he urged that the said settlement terms were out of informal mediation. he urged that an unsuccessful mediation would not amount to a concluded contract. learned counsel further urged that gaurav might have promised anything but the question is whether he was capable of payment .....

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Mar 05 2019 (SC)

M. R. Krishna Murthi Vs. The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.

Court : Supreme Court of India

..... of its own advantages. 2632) notwithstanding, the aforesaid adr methods, adjudicatory process before the macts is indispensable. there cannot be a guarantee that 100% cases would be settled through mediation or lok adalat. therefore, there is a dire need for deciding these cases without delays and within reasonable period. the delhi high court has given few judgments providing for mechanism ..... make a provision for the accident investigator to compulsorily send a copy of report to mamc or email to national road safety council. forwarding the copy to mamc shall facilitate mediation, on the other hand giving information to national road safety council would help the council to take measures for preventing such accidents in future. (b) fast tracking disposal of ..... is made by the parliament, national legal services authority (nalsa) should take up this work as a project. a complete report/module be made about the functioning of motor accident mediation cell (mamc). this exercise be completed within a period of two months. thereafter, this project can be shared with all state legal services authorities (slsa) so that state legal ..... introduced in few statutes as well. examples are the companies act, insolvency and bankruptcy code, commercial courts act etc. in these enactments provisions are made even for pre-litigation mediation by making this process mandatory. there is, in any case, umbrella provisions in the form of section 89 of the code of civil procedure which, inter alia, provides for .....

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Feb 08 2019 (HC)

Rosey Sailo Damodaran vs.nitin Damodaran

Court : Delhi

..... allowed to be withdrawn with liberty to the respondent herein to revive the proceedings in case the petitioner herein does not abide by the terms and conditions of the mediation settlement. the satisfaction stipulated in rule 25 is a judicial satisfaction and could be reached at only after verifying from both the parties, their objective, willingness and satisfaction ..... guidelines set forth in rajat gupta (supra) are mandatory inasmuch as it says that settlement agreement "must" incorporate guidelines (i) to (vii) as reproduced above. the mediator failed to draw the mediation agreement in accordance with the said guidelines by not recording :-"(i) a declaration of both the parties in unequivocal and unambiguous terms that they have agreed on each ..... the arbitration and conciliation act (in case of a settlement through conciliation) and/or section 21 of the legal services authorities act, 1987. (in respect of a settlement by a mediator or a lok adalat) [refer: afcons infrastructure ltd. (supra)]. settlement (12) are agreement/undertaking/consent breached by one party, then, at the instance of the aggrieved party, ..... se disputes and differences, and arrive at a settlement, whether of their own accord, or with the aid and assistance of the court or on exercising the adr processes (mediation/conciliation/lok adalat), or otherwise, the settlement agreement that may be drawn up, must incorporate the following:-"i) record in clear, specific and unambiguous language, the terms/stipulations .....

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Oct 31 2014 (HC)

Bhavana Ramaprasad Vs. Yadunandan Parthasarathy

Court : Karnataka

..... the disputes amongst the litigants by having recourse to alternative dispute resolution processes, more particularly the matrimonial dispute(s), by referring them to mediation centre(s). in view of the foregoing, family court having committed the breach, the impugned order being illegal, is quashed. the family court shall refer ..... law.25. the number of litigations being on rise, for small and trivial matters, people approach the courts. the judicial system is overburdened, causing delay in adjudication of the disputes. mediation centres, arbitration and conciliation centres, were opened, by keeping in view s.89 of cpc, to ease the burden of the courts. earnest efforts have to be made to resolve ..... particularly s.9, which casts a duty to assist and persuade the parties to arrive at a settlement by referring them to alternative dispute resolution processes of conciliation and / or mediation. the family court judge has not shown a human approach which he is expected to have while dealing with the matrimonial dispute, since, the marriage is an 23 institution of ..... court should be to restore peace amongst the parties. 19 to achieve the said object, the court should encourage and persuade the parties to reconcile, by referring them to conciliation / mediation. instead, the observations made in the impugned order, extracted in para 2 supra, would push the parties further into conflict and litigate in the matter. in matrimonial cases, only as .....

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Feb 17 2017 (HC)

Smriti Madan Kansagra vs.perry Kansagra

Court : Delhi

..... relied upon by the court of original jurisdiction, with the appellate court frowning upon the same, on the reasoning that if this was permitted confidentiality which was the essence of mediation would be severely damaged and in future parties would be hesitant to volunteer information.16. section 12 of the family courts act, 1984 reads as under:-" 12. assistance of medical ..... which was also taken on record.12. on august 11, 2006 when this was done, no protest from either side was made to take on record the report of the mediator or the counselor.13. the report of the child counselor is to the effect that the child was normal and in spite of being happy with his mother he seem ..... obtain a fresh kenyan passport for the child and when the same is issued it shall be handed over to the guardianship court. the division bench referred the parties to mediation.7. technically speaking, the appeal became infructuous for the reason the direction in the impugned order for the child to be produced in the court on may 07, 2016 effectively ..... unless and until the parties reach to an agreement signed by them, it will not amount to any concluded contract. if the happenings in the mediation proceedings are disclosed, it will destroy the confidentiality of the mediation process. 15. learned senior counsel refers to judgments of the courts in america where report of a psychologist concerning information passing between the parties before .....

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Jul 14 2004 (HC)

Chanda Engineers (India) Ltd. and anr. Vs. U.C.O. Bank

Court : Kolkata

Reported in : AIR2005Cal28,[2005]125CompCas708(Cal)

..... the principles as laid down in the judgment, reported in : air2003sc189 (salem advocate bar association, t. n. v. union of india with other matter). but when the court of mediation itself is formed for resolving the banking disputes, strict principle of civil procedure code cannot be applied therein. it has to follow the principle of natural justice and own procedure. here it ..... formation of connecting link between them. such power cannot be equated grammatically with the words 'compromise', settlement1 or 'consensus*. in the case of mediation two parties are not only involved for the purpose of meeting at a point. in this case, involvement of two parties is to agree principally whether they require 'compromise' or ..... giving effect of the memorandum of understanding (mou) arrived at by the parties during the pendency of a suit. however, the word 'consensus is different from the word 'mediation'. grammatically it means connection between the parties not directly but through some other person or thing. in other words, it is intervention for the purpose of reconciling them or for ..... and rules. the scheme of the act is to regulate its own procedure inclusive of their sittings. therefore, it is not simpliciter civil court. it is a court of mediation itself. the very introduction of the act is to recover the debt without following technicalities of the civil procedure code applicable to civil court at the earliest. narasimhan committee with the chairmanship .....

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Dec 14 2018 (HC)

Nutan Batra vs.m/s Buniyaad Associates

Court : Delhi

..... terms of a possible settlement and refer the same for- (a) arbitration (b) conciliation (c) judicial settlement including settlement through lok adalat; or (d) mediation (2) where a dispute has been referred- (a) for arbitration or conciliation, the provisions of the arbitration and conciliation act, 1996 (26 of 1996) shall ..... to make it obligatory for the court to refer the dispute after the issues are framed for settlement either by way of arbitration, conciliation, mediation, judicial settlement or through lok adalat. it is only after the parties fail to get their disputes settled through any one of the alternate ..... sufficient if the court merely describes the nature of dispute (in a sentence or two) and makes the reference. secondly, the definitions of judicial settlement and mediation in clauses (c) and (d) of section 89(2) shall have to be interchanged to correct the draftsman?s error. clauses (c) and (d ..... in the intervening period, this position has undergone a change once again, and parliament has intervened to encourage adr including inter alia arbitration and mediation.11. on a literal reading of section 16, a plaintiff would be entitled to the refund of the court fees on a mere reference ..... been incorporated in a compromise decree. this court has framed rules under part x and section 89 (2)(d) of the cpc, entitled the mediation and conciliation rules, 2004. rules 24 and 25 of the said rules require an agreement between the parties to be reduced into writing and signed .....

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Jan 17 1944 (FN)

Trainmen Vs. Toledo, P. and W. R. Co.

Court : US Supreme Court

..... been unsuccessful to have its case presented to a body of that character." (emphasis added.) [ footnote 23 ] cf. note 10 supra; note 24 infra. [ footnote 24 ] when the mediation board terminated its services, respondent first suggested submission to "some impartial factfinding commission," but for advisory action only. later it repeatedly urged appointment of an emergency board under section 10 ..... presumption that this governmental agency would be fair, just, and impartial in the conduct of the arbitration, and, with the experience which the respondent had had in the mediation, it could not be charged with bad faith in refusing to sign an arbitration agreement, where the arbitration proceedings were to be conducted under the same atmosphere." "respondent ..... . though it differed in substantial respects from the railway labor act of 1934, now in effect (48 stat. 1185), it contained provisions for the three procedures of negotiation, mediation, and arbitration which, for present purposes, were identical with or substantially similar to those of the later statute. the 1934 changes related principally to the machinery for making the ..... meaning, in effect, "one of the following reasonable efforts." a similar distortion is its apparent view that the phrase "with the aid of any available governmental machinery" qualifies only "mediation," and not "voluntary arbitration." cf. the further discussion in the text, infra at note 20 and if the section uses "or" only in the disjunctive, it would be .....

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Nov 30 2012 (HC)

Anshu Soni and ors. Vs. State and anr.

Court : Delhi

..... in vernacular. parties will appear before the court concerned on 28.09.2012 for making their respective statements and for necessary orders. (v.p.johri) mediator, mediation centre tis hazari courts, delhi 4. in terms of the settlement, engagement ring was returned to ms. kavita gera in presence of respondent no. 2 ..... and other relatives of wife despite opposition of the complainant-husband. in the said case also, husband and wife had settled their disputes before the mediation centre, tis hazari courts, delhi. the settlement was even acted upon by the parties, inasmuch as cases registered on the complaint of wife were ..... presented to the accused at the time of ring ceremony. the said ring is being returned to the complainant ms.kavita gera today itself in mediation centre against a proper receipt.3. the next date of hearing in present bail application is 28.09.2012. the complainant has agreed not ..... been referred from the court of sh.o.p.gupta, ld.district & sessions judge (west), delhi and has been assigned to the undersigned for mediation. there had been a hectic discussion over the subject matter in presence of both the worthy counsels and during the negotiations and discussions, it has ..... 506 of the indian penal code (ipc) registered at police station tilak nagar, in view of the settlement arrived at between the parties before the mediation centre, tis hazari courts, delhi.2. it emerges from the records that the fir was registered against the petitioner no1 and his relatives, that is .....

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Dec 19 2013 (HC)

G.Lakshmanan Vs. State Rep by Insp.of Police

Court : Chennai

..... 2011 on the file of dcb, perambalur, against the petitioner. for petitioner : mr.d.sreenivasan for respondent : mr.k.gandhikumar order this criminal original petition was referred for mediation to the tamil nadu mediation and conciliation centre, high court of madras, by the order of this court, dated 19.4.2013.2. a communication, dated 3.10.2013, of the tamil nadu ..... sent back to the hon'ble court.".3. as the parties have arrived at a settlement in terms of the mediation agreement, dated 6.9.2013, this petition is listed for passing orders in terms of the said mediation agreement.4. the mediation agreement, dated 6.9.2013, signed by the parties and the counsel appearing for the petitioner and the learned counsel ..... conciliation centre, high court of madras, this petition is disposed of, recording the terms of the mediation agreement, dated 6.9.2013. the terms of the mediation agreement, dated 6.9.2013 and the mediation report, dated 6.9.2013, of the mediation centre, shall form part of the order. 19.12.2013 index : yes/no internet : yes/no lan to:1. state rep ..... mediation and conciliation centre, high court of madras, enclosing a copy of its mediation report, dated 6.9.2013, has been received, and in the said mediation report, it is stated as follows:- ".both the parties appeared before the centre alone with their counsel. matter .....

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