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Jan 28 2015 (HC)

The Chief Officer Town Panchayath Vs. Gunasundarammanni and Others

Court : Karnataka

..... chief officer with the respondents in the petitions provides for illegal allotment founded upon ultra vires and illegal act of the chief officer. ?? 7. sequentially the compromise petition filed in mediation, following which o.s. 14/2009 was decreed in terms thereof, is perpetuating an illegality, hence the compromise decree being an illegal decree cannot be legalized. the chief officer, tmc ..... and the petitioner-town municipal counsel, arraigned as defendant, on terms and conditions mentioned therein. in that suit, parties having reduced the terms of compromise into -writing, placed it in mediation, which, when accepted the suit was allowed by judgment and decree dated 25.11.2011; b) thereafterwards, respondents 1 to 17 in w.p. 26755/2012 filed execution petition 15 .....

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Feb 27 1987 (HC)

Shailesh Prabhudas Mehta and Others Vs. Calico Dyeing and Printing Mil ...

Court : Mumbai

Reported in : [1990]67CompCas533(Bom)

..... the mediator declined to act any further. mr. kamdar submits that these reasons are no grounds for refusing transmission, however, i cannot agree with mr. kamdar on this. it is very clear ..... approached one b. m. kothari and had requested him to act as mediator and that the said mr. kothari had agreed to act as a mediator. however, it was the first petitioner who refused to co-operate, and therefore, mediation could not take place. in this regard, the report of the mediator was shown to me which clearly shows that it was the first ..... petitioner who had refused to permit the mediation to proceed and it was under those circumstances that .....

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Oct 11 1991 (HC)

Thatikonda China Rajaiah Vs. State of A.P.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Reported in : 1992(1)ALT19

..... , she told her that he was illtreating deceased and wants to marry another girl. next day morning p.w.2 and the mother of a-1 brought two elders for mediation and they chastised a-1. the evidence of p.w.2 is corroborated by the evidence of p.w.4. nothing has been elicited from the evidence of p.w ..... to have been stated by p.w.2. p.w.4 is closely related to a.1. when there was a quarrel with regard to proposed second marriage and some mediation took place, it is a strong circumstance for the wife to commit suicide and also for the person who wanted to marry again to do away with the wife. in .....

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Jan 28 1977 (SC)

Govind Prasad Chaturvedi Vs. Hari Dutt Shastri and anr.

Court : Supreme Court of India

Reported in : AIR1977SC1005; (1977)2SCC539; [1977]2SCR877

..... . rent and eviction act. the appellant resisted and the rent control and eviction officer rejected the petition holding that the respondents' requirement of the premises was not genuine. on the mediation of sri chand doneria, the parties entered into the suit agreement on 24th march, 1964. in pursuance of the agreement the appellant handed over rs. 4,000 as earnest money ..... you and us with respect to the kothi of bima nagar, of which you are a tenant on behalf of us. the said dispute has been decided today through the mediation of sri shri chand doneriya, on the terms and conditions given below which shall be fully binding on you as well as us. 1. that you are agreeable to purchase .....

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Feb 02 2009 (HC)

Mr. Ethan SteIn and anr. Vs. Mr. Balkrishna V. Doshi and anr.

Court : Delhi

Reported in : 157(2009)DLT180

..... the respondents in fact suggest this, relying on letters written by mr. vijay s.t. shankardass, wherein he has stated that he considers himself discharged from the responsibilities of assisting, mediating or carrying out conciliation in relation to various differences and disputes between the partners of the partnership firms. he also states that the disputes have been resolved by the lapse ..... s.t. shankardass wrote back to the petitioners, stating that he had made himself sufficiently clear in that he had discharged the responsibilities undertaken by him when he agreed to mediate in the matter and further ethan, really, there is not much that i can help with anymore now, as in my respectful view matters more or less ..... over the years as now being concluded, with matters resolved as best as they could under the circumstances be. i would therefore, consider myself discharged from my responsibilities of assisting, mediating and carrying out conciliation in relation thereto to the extent that i had undertaken them. however, if i can be of any further assistance to any of you individually or ..... erstwhile partners as envisaged in the aforesaid memorandum of understanding and minutes or as may have been subsequently raised by the various partners.consequently, i shall regard my task of mediation and resolution of various differences and disputes between the three erstwhile partners of the three entities, sdb, sdb(nd) and sdb(a) as envisaged under the aforesaid memorandum of .....

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Mar 13 1997 (HC)

Kamlapati Dubey Vs. Union of India

Court : Delhi

Reported in : 1997IIIAD(Delhi)1; 67(1997)DLT25; 1997(41)DRJ480

..... suffer for several years for a relatively small problem. some of these small problems can be sorted out by good offices and mediation of senior officials. the problem in this case perhaps could have been solved by proper counselling and mediation of senior officers. since the problem was not tackled immediately in proper perspective, it has led to disastrous consequences. the petitioner .....

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Nov 27 2003 (HC)

Mohd. Ibrahim Vs. Mehrunisa Begum

Court : Karnataka

Reported in : AIR2004Kant261

..... the same roof. the defendant husband claims that the plaintiff wife on her own abandoned the matrimonial home and stayed with her parents and in spite of repeated attempts for mediation and for settlement made by the khazi failed, therefore, the defendant on 22-5-2002 sent a written notice of talaq returnable divorce which was received by the plaintiff, but .....

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Dec 18 1996 (HC)

Dabbugottu Ithaiah and ors. Vs. State of Andhra Pradesh

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Reported in : 1997(1)ALT(Cri)447

..... daughter of p.w. 9 with rajaka people and the other side asked for performance of the marriage of daughter of a-5 and a-6 with mutharasa people. a mediation was held on 21-1-1991 which failed. on 22-1-1991 at about 10 a.m. in pursuance of their common object of taking revenge to kill the opposite .....

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Nov 19 1984 (HC)

B. Elizabath Vs. Standey

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Reported in : AIR1985AP238

..... petitioner came to her parent's house and informed her mother (p.w.3) about the matter. the petitioner also gave an application to the church authorities for mediation in the matter, but the mediated failed. the petitioner, therefore,filed this application for a decree of nullity of marriage under s. 19 of the act. 4. the respondent resisted the application. he .....

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Feb 24 2003 (HC)

Rajabathula Suryanarayana and ors. Vs. Yedukula Lakshmi and ors.

Court : Andhra Pradesh

Reported in : 2003(5)ALT367

..... 10 not to cause unlawful obstruction to the plaintiffs in taking water through s.m. channel as usual and not to cause unlawful loss to them. as the above said mediators advised the plaintiffs not to rush to court, the plaintiffs waited. as the plaintiffs are viswabrahmins who belong to minority community and as the defendants belong to telaga kapu community ..... which is a majority community, the plaintiffs wanted to settle the dispute amicably through mediators. the elders tried their best for a long time, but in vain. the defendants 1 to 10 did not heed the advise and did not allow the plaintiffs to take ..... these defendants. if the village s.m. bodi or channel is allowed, there will be no land to cultivate by these defendants. it was also pleaded that there was no mediation at all and there is no need or scope for the defendants to interfere in any with the plaintiffs' enjoyment of their land if they enjoy it with the existing .....

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